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The 33rd Annual Daytime Emmys!!!!

April 28, 2006




by Kathy

updated 5/2

My incredible trip of a lifetime started about two months or so before the actual trip. My friend Rachel (rangiebob) and her husband Bill run a business called 4-Wheeling America. Rachel had received a phone call from On3 Productions about the possibility of gift certificates for a 4-Wheeling adventure with Bill to place in the gift bags for the Independent Spirit Awards. That itself was pretty exciting, but after doing some research on the company, Rachel found that On3 Productions was also doing the gift bags for the Daytime Emmys! So she called them back and asked about it. Her contact then asked if she was a soap fan and interested in going to the show. Needless to say, Rachel said yes, so she was offered tickets to the show in exchange for more gift certificates from her company. Rachel then very sweetly called me with this most generous offer of taking me to the Emmys with her, and even threw in a plane ticket! How could I even think of saying no!

Well I did think of saying no. At the time all this was happening, a trip to Los Angeles didn't seem possible for me. My kitty Boris had been sick and wasn't doing well. He was back and forth to the vet and any extra money I had was quickly dissolving. $850 in vet bills later, my chances of actually going on this trip were looking bleak, but Boris was on the mend! Rachel very generously told me not to worry about a thing, but of course, I worry about everything so why should this be any different. What I didn't know was that the little scamps on my message board were plotting. I always thought nothing got by me on my own message boards, but I was wrong! They got to hear blow by blow, what was happening with Boris. Make no mistake, he was and is my number one priority through everything. I wanted him to be ok. We lost his sister Natasha almost two years ago and it was just impossible to think of losing him too. So plot they did! I found out after all was said and done, that Elaine (queenbee928) approached Sue (SueBee), one of my moderators, about doing a fundraiser to ensure that I go on this trip, have a wonderful time and not worry about anything. Sue loved the idea so she grilled me daily on what I was going to be doing that day (basically trying to find out when I'd be away from my computer so they could put their plan into motion). Sue would put up a post that explained what they were up to while I was away. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that they did this let alone the result! Their plot went on (off and on I should say) for about two weeks. And on April 14, I got the surprise of my life... a beautiful letter signed "The PVB Angels" with the names of all who contributed, a thank you card for creating and maintaining the PVB, and a money order in a mind boggling amount! Suffice it to say, there would be no worries about any expenses on this trip now! If you can imagine the array of emotions that went through me at that moment... confusion, shock, awe, gratitude, love, you name it! I felt it. I laughed, I cried, and I just sat down in disbelief. I am still overwhelmed, humbled and totally verklempt whenever I think of what everyone did for me. I will never, ever forget it.

So now, with a two huge worries (Boris and the means to go on the trip) taken care of, what could stop me? NOTHING! Rachel and I started to make plans and decided to fly into LA on Wednesday, April 26 and leave April 30. Rachel researched and found us a great hotel (The Magic Castle) near the Kodak Theatre, where the Emmys were to be held. I found an absolutely amazing dress online for a really bargain price. If you know me, you know my love of zebras. Well I found a gorgeous black and gold zebra striped gown! I bought and hoped and prayed it would be ok. When it arrived, I couldn't have been more pleased!! It was beautiful!! So... I have my gown, I have my plane ticket, we have a hotel, and I have money for all I need, thanks to the PVB Angels! Can this all really be happening? It is, and it gets better. Rachel finds out that not only will we be going to the Emmys, but we will also be walking the red carpet! But wait... that's not all, we're also going to the dinner/reception immediately following the show, catered by Wolfgang Puck! I think I'm going to pass out from all this excitement and I'm still in Ohio!!!

As time drew closer, even more transpired. One of Rachel and Bill's clients was able to get us VIP tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for Thursday, April 27. I got in touch with two friends who live in LA and was able to make plans to meet up with both. One, my friend Ivan, was someone I had talked to online for at least 10 years now and we had never met. The other, is my friend Eric who I had met several times on trips to NYC. Eric is an actor and can be seen on the Fox show Bones. And on the PVB message board, again things are buzzing, this time with my knowledge! A lurker named Helen emailed me and said she had been lurking for years, feels like she knows everyone and would love to have a dinner party at her home in Pasadena for any West Coast PVB posters who want to meet Rachel and I. So plans for that were set in motion. Wow, this is going to be a whirlwind of a trip!! We have Jay Leno, the Emmys, and several different meetings with people planned and we're only going to be in LA for four days!

April 26, departure day. You look at a flight plan going from the East Coast to the West Coast and it looks so easy and breezy. My flight left at 12:10 pm had a stop in Memphis and arrived in LA at 4:30 pm. Doesn't sound bad at all, but everything is printed in local time, so I had a two hour flight to Memphis, about an hour and a half layover, then a four hour flight to LA. It's a long day of travel. But hey, I'm going to LA, suck it up! I got to baggage claim and Rachel was there waiting for me. Bill had arranged for a car to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. And I'm happy to report, my luggage arrived safe and sound! We were whisked off to our hotel, told of some landmarks as we passed them and arrived very pleased with our accommodations. That evening we went to Yamashiro restaurant and just relaxed from our very long days.

April 27 is Leno day! But first we headed out to breakfast at a little place Rachel found online called the Highland Grounds. It was a little over a mile from our hotel so off we walked. A little exercise, a little breakfast... it worked out perfectly. We took a stroll down Hollywood Blvd. and got to see Grauman's Chinese Theatre with all the hand and footprints of the stars. That was really cool to see. You hear about these things so much and see them on TV, and then suddenly there you are, standing in front of it! And of course, we're walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so I had to find Susan Lucci's star and I did! And off we walked. It was so worth it. What a great little place the Highland Grounds was! We had a fabulous breakfast and then it was time to walk back. I don't know if that sounds weird to people, that we walked... because it is true, nobody walks in LA! But I'm so glad we did. We walked a little more then headed back to our hotel. Our PVB friend Melanie (Melyrh) was picking us up soon to have lunch with another PVB friend Karen (IBGECKO) at a little Mexican place near NBC called Viva Fresh. Melanie's very nice friend Bernice tagged along too. After picking us up, Rachel wanted to go pick up our Emmy tickets at the box office and well, chaos ensued! Needless to say, stopping on Hollywood Blvd didn't work out that well and we ended up going around the block 3 or 4 times before we spotted Rachel. We met up with Karen, had a very nice lunch and then she dropped us off at NBC for Leno.

Ahhh the joys of the VIP ticket. We got inside and were immediately ushered into the theatre and our seats. We were told that Jay had decided to start the show a little earlier than the usual 5:00 pm start, so we didn't have long to wait. Jay came out himself to warm up the crowd. Rachel and I both thought that was pretty classy. And he was funny! The guests were Jennifer Love Hewitt, Merv Griffin and Damien Marley. Why he couldn't have had George Clooney that day, I don't know. Geez, didn't they realize I was coming to the show! ha It turned out to be very interesting anyway. Jennifer looked adorable with a short bob haircut and a gorgeous vintage looking dress. Merv was charming, and even though I'm not a reggae fan, Damien Marley was very enjoyable! Right after the show, my friend Ivan was picking us up at NBC. Everything fell into place and worked out perfectly. We had a great time with Ivan at his amazing home. He is a collector of many things and his house certainly reflects that eclectic taste. Then we went to dinner at a lovely place called Hugo's (which incidentally and quite accidentally is owned by the same people who own Highland Grounds, where we had breakfast!). Ivan ordered a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate ice creams for dessert and be still my he art... it was truly the best I've ever tasted! Both of them!

April 28, it's Emmy day!!! We decided to take advantage of the hotel's free continental breakfast and just lay low, chill out and take our time getting ready for the big day. Rachel had called On3 to make sure all was well with the gift bags and whatnot and we were invited to come early and take a walk through the gifting lounge that all the presenters go through to get their Emmy booty! How exciting! So we primped and preened and got ourselves ready, got a ride as close to the Kodak as we could get with all the road closings for the Emmys and made our way inside. Our hotel was close, but since I was wearing brand new heels, we thought any ride would be great, and less walking. I did try to find comfortable shoes! What confusion we both felt all day, where to go? Who to see? What are we even doing here! But somehow we managed to find where it was, get our passes and head over to the gift lounge. Unfortunately, when we got there all the stars had already gone through and Rachel's contact at On3 said that we had just missed the folks from Grey's Anatomy! Damn! I love that show and would have loved to meet them. Ahh well. I took this picture of the stuff in the gift bag, with Rachel and Bill's 4-Wheeling America prominently displayed right on top! The big is huge and is actually a bag and suitcase full of stuff for the stars. Wow. They had representatives there from some of the products to talk to the stars, touch up their make up and basically pitch their stuff. It's really amazing. There was a commemorative poster of the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmys commissioned and that poster was made into a throw blanket that was so great! I would have loved to have gotten my hands on one of those!

Well it was time now for us to take our walk down the Red Carpet. I still can't even believe it! Am I Red Carpet ready!? What am I doing here? This is totally surreal. Well like everything this day, we were lost. We didn't know where to go, we couldn't find the start of the Red Carpet. We were walking around to the front of the Kodak and past all the folks who were going to be in the Emmy Fan Zone. Wouldn't you know, someone called out my name. One of the gals who got to be in the Fan Zone, Barb, had emailed to say she wa going to be there and we described our dresses. She saw me and we got to meet! That was incredible. Truly with all the chaos and confusion, what are the odds?

As we made our way around to the front we saw the spot where Alexa Havins (Babe) would be conducting Red Carpet interviews for Soapnet and she was standing there with her mic in hand waiting for someone to interview. We stopped and talked to her for a minute and we told her how gorgeous her dress was. She told us it was a last minute replacement. Good choice! She was stunning!

The Red Carpet was swarming with people and we soon found out that there is the stars walk and place we were supposed to be was next to that. It's all the same red carpet, it's just that the stars are being interviewed and photographed. Now I say this with absolute love, good humor and a little teasing... Rachel is oblivious! As soon as we got the Red Carpet I started seeing stars! I saw Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin first. I'm not sure Rachel saw them. I continually pointed people out, and her reply was always, "Where!?" Inevitably the person would be standing right in front of us! lol Soon we were walking and talking along the way with stars. Our first AMC sighting was Alec Musser (Del). I believe he was waiting his turn to talk to Linda Dano. You can see ABC Daytime President Brian Frons with OLTL's Kassie DePaiva behind him on the left and Linda Dano talking to Michelle Stafford of Y&R behind him to the right.

Next up, we got to see Walt Willey (Jack) and Sydney Penny (Julia). As a long time Noah and Julia fan, this was an absolute thrill for me! I had never met Sydney before and had always wanted to. We introduced ourselves, I always mention the PVB and Rachel mentioned her and Bill's company and the gift bags. It's a nice opening to have. There I was, talking to one of my fave AMC stars who was looking gorgeous with her curly up do and gorgeous dress and what did she say to me? Well after giving me the up and down look she said (with flourish mind you lol), "I love this look head to toe!" Well that settles it, if Sydney loved my gown and ensemble, then I am SO ready for the Red Carpet! So onward we proceeded.

I spotted Finola Hughes (Anna) doing interviews, I assume for the Style Network, but I couldn't really tell. She was interviewing Chrishell Stause (Amanda). And when she was done I called out to her and OMG, this is one GORGEOUS girl! Everything was absolutely flawless... the hair, the make up, the dress. She looked so incredible.What we talked about, I couldn't tell you. It's all starting to blur. There are so many soap stars from so many shows all over place. I probably should have just been continually snapping pictures, but since AMC is my only soap, I really did concentrate on them... while also looking around for Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart and Ellen Degeneres (never saw any of them though, sad to report). Our Red Carpet time is really going far too fast. We have to keep moving and there is so much and so many to see! I don't want it to end!! But as we kept moving we got to see another AMC star and Emmy nominee... Bobbie Eakes (Krystal)!! Did I say good luck? I don't remember! I hope I did! She was an absolute vision in white!

Before I knew it, it was over and we at the end. But it was getting late and the show has to start promptly since it's live and they wanted everyone to move along into the theatre, so in we went. We were in the first mezzanine. We watched as some of the stars came in from above and then moved inside to our seats because OMG, my feet were KILLING me! I ignored it as much as I could through the excitement of the Red Carpet, but I had to sit. I thought of taking my shoes off during the three hour show, but then worried that I might not be able to get them back on, so I kept them on. Patrika Darbo (formerly of Days) was seated near us, and directly in front of me was Robert LaSardo (of General Hospital). I'm not sure why he wasn't with the rest of the cast. At any rate, it was a very long night for AMC fans. Not one win! But the show itself was enjoyable and seemed to move quickly. It opened with Rick Springfield, first outside then he came inside to finish his numbers. Kelly Monaco (GH) and Tom Bergeron were very good hosts of the show and kept things moving. During commercials, we got to see little snippets of different stars answering different questions. One of the times that I remember had Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Jeff Branson (Jonathan) and Cameron was discussing all the places in his house where he has his Emmys. Then he says... "oh yeah, I don't have any." It was really cute!

It was great seeing some AMC presenters... Justin Bruening (Jamie), Alexa Havins (Babe) and Jacob Young (JR) all presented together, for, I think, Best Younger Actor. Cady McClain (Dixie) was a presenter with Kassie DePaiva (OLTL) and Laura Wright (GH). And Alicia Minshew (Kendall) presented an award with Thorsten Kaye (Zach). My pictures from the seat didn't come out all that great. But I tried!

The musical number that was done by Kathy Brier, Renee Goldsberry and Kerry Butler, all of OLTL was really good. I loved Renee's voice. She was amazing. All in all, the awards were long and over before I knew it! It's an odd dynamic to actually be there. It's so different from watching it on television. I think they did a lot of things right this year. They completely geared the show to daytime fans and that is what it should be. Rick Springfield doing the opening was great, he's got the GH connection so daytime fans know him. Not like last year when Il Divo performed. Who are they? What do they have to do with daytime? Nothing. It made no sense. Rick Springfield makes sense. Having the stars of OLTL who have also done Broadway, made sense. Having the Fan Zone and Cameron hosting it made sense. It was a nice touch and I can only imagine how thrilled the people out there were to see so many stars come out and be there for them too, especially each winner! That is how you bring viewers to this show. I guess it probably could have been done in two hours, but I didn't find it excessively long or drawn out either. Not from a telecast standpoint, but yeah it was excessively long from an AMC fan standpoint! lol

As soon as the telecast was over, we made our way to the reception/dinner. THIS was absolutely the highlight of the whole night. But first, more chaos. My feet were screaming at me the moment I stood up, and when we got the ballroom, the doors were going to be closed for another 15 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore, they had to come off. Oh, the relief! Waiters and waitresses came by with hors d'oeuvres that were so delicious. I don't know what I had, but it was amazing... I think it was a slice of beef tenderloin on croustini with gorgonzola. There was also champagne and wine and a bar if you wanted something else. People were crowding around the doors waiting for them to open and when they did, we found that all the tables had numbers on them. We had no number. It wasn't on the ticket, we didn't know where to find it... it was, to use my word of the day, chaos. We wondered around a little, and then ran into Tanisha Lynn (Danielle). She was in as much confusion as we were and said she was just trying to find someone she knows. It was little consolation to her that we were doing the same thing and were happy when we found her because, well, we know her! lol But we eventually did find a waiter to ask where we find our table number. He said that we were to go down two floors and there was a table set up there where we get the table number. So off we went, down two floors to more, yes say it with me... chaos! We got in line to get to the tables of seat assignments and waited. But who should we run into while there, Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee) and her husband Bob Guiney!! It was so fast, that I didn't even have time to pull out my camera but she looked gorgeous!! I said hello and that we missed her. She thanked me, and wouldn't you know... Rachel missed the whole thing! I told you, oblivious! ;)

When it was our turn to get our table assignment, we got them and headed back to the ballroom. We found our table and the first course was already waiting for us. We were famished by this time so food was looking good and it was Wolfgang Puck food no less! It was a stack of alternating slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella with sauces of basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar around the plate. It was a work of art and so yummy! So now with a little something to drink and a little food, we could see who was sitting near us. We were right by the cast of the Young and the Restless. I saw Jeanne Cooper and Corbin Bernsin and well, heck...everyone! Everyone except one person who I totally forgot to look for... Amelia Heinle (formerly Mia on AMC, now on Y&R). The next course was brought out... pan roasted free range chicken breast with rosemary au jus, potato puree (that's how it was listed on the menu, but where I'm from we call them mashed potatoes!) and sauteed baby vegetables. The food was tremendous. Dessert came out next, and I have to say, for not being chocolate, this was one incredible dessert. Meyer lemon souffle tart with blackberry Merlot sauce and blackberry sorbet. To die for! The crust was so delicious, I think it had to have had almonds or some kind of nut in it. Just incredible.

We are now ready to mix and to mingle and find out just where the AMC people are all seated. We started to move around the ballroom and immediately ran into Jeff Branson (Jonathan). He heard me say his name and turned around and came over to chat with us. He was looking for the OLTL people, we were looking for AMC, so he told us where everyone was. Unfortunately we couldn't return the favor and tell him where the OLTL people were. I could tell him where Y&R was though! I asked him if Cameron was around, because I was really hoping to see him. But he didn't know where he was. He said everyone was looking for Cameron! We made our way to the place he told us, making an agreement not to bother anyone who was still eating. We found the spot and it was AMC heaven!! I immediately saw Susan Lucci and Rachel was dying to meet her so we made sure she and her husband Helmet were no longer eating and tried to get closer. We were stopped by a security guard. We explained we just wanted to meet and get a photo with Susan. She went and asked them, and Helmet waved us over. Susan was so gracious and so TINY. She looked stunning. She posed for pictures with both Rachel and I, and this is the first photos of the night, of what would turn out to be many, that did not come out. I had my digital camera and I'm not sure what happened, I think it was between settings, but you can see what I mean in the photo.

Now the order of who we talked to when, is a blur. We met so many and talked to so many! It was wonderful!!! We saw Vincent Irizzary (David), bad pic unfortunately. But he was great and as handsome as ever! I will say right now, I fell in love with Colin Egglesfield (Josh). He is absolutely the cutest thing and so sweet. My picture with him came out horrible, but I really loved talking to him. I was telling him about my website and he asked how to find it (I told him, so if you're reading this Colin, Hi!!!) and told him he should definitely check it out, and that I call him the Walking Talking Fetus. He totally cracked up! He loved it. You've got to love a guy who has a great sense of humor. It's one of my favorite things about people. Of course, he's not bad to look at either right? Chrishell was nearby and I asked if we could take a picture and she made sure I wanted to be in the photo with her, which was so cute! Another bad photo, unfortunately though. Connie Fletcher (Erin), who by the way, we spotted canoodling with MyColin, was such a doll. We talked to Alexa for a few minutes, and I asked her how she enjoyed doing interviews on the Red Carpet. She said she absolutely loved it! I took an adorable photo of Rachel with Alexa, but it was another casualty of the wrong setting on the camera. But when I got my picture with her, it was perfect... well she was, the camera was, I'm not so sure I was! So whatever I was doing wrong, I finally fixed. I only ever saw Justin in the distance and never once saw Jacob Young (JR) other than on the stage that night.

We passed by a table where David Canary (Adam/Stuart) was sitting and he raised a glass to us! Later we came by again and I got to chat with him a little. I told him I'm a hometown girl, from Akron, Ohio (he is from nearby Massillon, Ohio). He said he had been in Canton, Ohio last year to do a play, and I told him that I knew, and that I saw him in it. He was so surprised, and said, "Really? you saw Proof?" And I said yes, I had, and how much I enjoyed it. I found that the play really suited him, and told him so. He thanked me for that. It is a wonderful play and he was amazing in it. I know everyone says this, but David Canary, in person, is way more Stuart than Adam. He's a total class act.

We ran into Jeff Branson again and chatting him up for a few minutes. I'm not sure what we talked about, but when you talk to Jeff he is there with you. He is not trying to get away, he is not looking around. And I'm not saying that anyone else was like that because they weren't. But with Jeff, it feels like he is right there, in the moment with you. I think it's because he looks you in the eye and he genuinely seems interested in what you have to say. But what I will remember most about our time with Jeff is that my wrap fell off my shoulder and he stopped, picked it up and put it back around my shoulders. What a gentleman! Is that not the sweetest!?

We unfortunately never saw Alicia at the reception, but yes we did get to talk to Thorsten Kaye (Zach) for minute or two. As well as Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) who was so funny when she got up from her chair and the feather wrap she had fell to the floor. She called it a "dead chicken" lol! She is a beautiful woman! Rachel had met her before and was thrilled to meet her again and tell her that she and her husband should use that 4-Wheeling America gift certificate she got in the gift bag for being a nominee! Things were winding down at the reception and all the networks had their own parties at the stars wanted to get to, so we started to make our way out too. But before we left the room we got to see Michael B. Jordan (Reggie) and Tanisha. We told them both how much we wanted to see more of them on the show. Rachel mentioned how all Reggie does is babysit Lily and he was so glad to hear that someone knew what he was going through and urged us to write the show. (If you want to do that, click here for the addresses to write to)

We were excited to see Leven Rambin (Lily) outside the ballroom. I hadn't seen her all night and all I can I say is, I have never seen another 15 year old who looks like this girl. She is stunning and her dress was amazing! She is so statuesque and poised, and totally put together. Most people were leaving so we didn't keep her, just took a few quick pictures.

So we got to hobnob with quite a few of our AMC "friends." It was, like I said earlier, the absolute highlight of the evening. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't look for the two Amelia's (Heinle and Marshall), but wow... it's sensory overload! I'm glad I did as much as I did. This was the most amazing trip of a lifetime, one I'm sure I will never repeat, but I hope I can! I loved it from start to finish. I must thank everyone who made this possible (especially Rachel, Elaine, Sue). Thank you thank you thank you!!!! From the bottom of my heart, I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me to make this one of the most special nights of my life. xoxo to you all!

We were so close to the theatre that we decided to walk back. What a sight it must have been! Well then again, it's Hollywood... I'm sure it wasn't anything at all!! But I had to hold my dress up, and walked back to the hotel barefoot! I think Rachel and I both just glowed the rest of the evening, talking and reliving everything we had just experienced! And thank heaven for jetted tubs! My dogs were barking like there was someone at the door, so soaking them in that great tub was wonderful!!

Saturday morning we had made plans to meet Eric for breakfast, but the location was up in the air... we just knew Melrose, so we started walking. Before I knew it someone was beeping at us from a car and it was Eric! He had a place in mind so we got in the car and went. We had a really nice visit and a great breakfast! He took us back to the hotel and we decided to take a walk over to the Renaissance Hotel which is where all the stars stay. We hung out for a little while and saw some stars from other shows... Kimberly McCullough (GH), Elizabeth Hasselback (The View), Gina Tognoni (GL) and Tamara Tunie (ATWT) to name a few. But it was when we saw Alicia Minshew (Kendall) that we sprung into action! We talked to her for a few minutes and mentioned how we didn't see her at the reception the night before. She said she never found the AMC people so she sat with the OLTL folks! Apparently she didn't know about going to get a table number either! She was so sweet and adorable. We also saw Leven again and talked to her for a few minutes. We told her wonderful she was on The Book of Daniel and how sad we were that it got cancelled. She mentioned that Ivan Shaw (ex-Henry, who was also on The Book of Daniel and played her boyfriend) was at the ABC party the night before.

Later in the afternoon, Melanie came to pick us up to take us to Helen's in Pasadena for the PVB party. I can't say enough how amazing Helen was and all she did. We got to her house to find some lovely appetizers, cheese/crackers, veggies and dip, shrimp cocktail, etc. And as everyone slowly arrived, the party got started! From left to right, Rachel (rangiebob), me (KathyPVB), Melanie (Melyrh), Karen (IBGECKO), Lynn (martaluvsamc), Helen (helenann), Rosie (rosieee) and on kneeling (left to right) Kelly (kikid) and Tara (lilqtee). Helen had two lovely friends to help her out, Sharon and Dennis there too. Everyone was so nice and so much fun. Oh did we laugh and laugh and laugh!!! Tara had her photos from being at the Emmys too. She was a seat filler, but ended up mostly in the Fan Zone. We were having such a great time and then all of a sudden, trays of food were brought in! Pasta, chicken kebobs, salad, foccacia bread! Amazing. We talked and laughed for hours. It's like we've all known each other for years and in the big scheme, we have, we just didn't technically meet in person until that night. AMC brought us together, for that reason alone, this show will always be near and dear to my heart. Girls, I had an absolute blast with you all and I hope we can see each other again!! Helen, a million thanks!! xo to all.



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