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Zach Slater


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born: Alexander Cambias, Jr.
AKA. Zachary Slater
Nickname: Zach
Mother: unknown
Father: Alexander Cambias Sr.

Siblings: Michael Cambias

Children:  Ethan Ramsey Cambias (mother - Hannah Nicols)

Occupation: Owner, The Seasons Hotel and Casino


Zach Slater was the inquisitive casino owner that knew something was strange about his new dancer, Desiree DuBois. Zach uncovered that the blonde bombshell was in the fact mourning cosmetics tycoon, Erica Kane. Bobby Warner had hid Erica at The Seasons after the death of her father. Zach befriended the vulnerable woman and ensured her safety and anonymity as long as she remained in Las Vegas. But, Erica’s alcoholism threatened to ruin his shows. He made her sit out of a performance, in which she went into a drunken fit. Zach put her in a hospital against her will. Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart came to hotel in search of Erica. He was unwilling to comply with their requests. All the while, he had set up cameras in Erica’s room and began to spy of Ryan and Kendall.

Zach arrived in Pine Valley to follow a piece of his past he had lost. Years ago, he knew Dr. Maria Grey while she was the amnesiac Maureen Gorman. He loved Maureen, and hoped that Maria remembered their romance. Maria told Zach she was happy in her marriage and did not want anything to do with Zach. Zach persisted, and revealed he had plans to relocate to Pine Valley when his new Casino was finished. Zach continued to cross paths with Maria. In public, she pretended to not know who he was, but in private, she begged him to leave her family alone.

Zach’s interest in Erica seemed to move to her daughters. He became a benefactor at Miranda Montgomery Clinic, to the chagrin of Ryan. Ryan knew something was wrong with Zach. As Zach opened his new casino, more and more pieces from his plot fell into place.

Zazh was planning a murder mystery game, with all the suspects in the Michael Cambias case reprising their roles. Zach's relationship to the Cambias' family came into play when the pretender to the throne, Ethan Ramsey, arrived on the scene. Ethan claimed to be the son of the late Alexander Cambias, Jr. But Zach had his suspicions, as he was the late Alexander. He assumed the role of Zach Slater years ago to get away from his father. His one intention upon arriving in Pine Valley was to make the murderer and the enemies of his brother, Michael, pay for their crime, with a focus on the Kane women and Cambias heir, Ryan. At the end of the game, Ryan was struck by a bullet, and Zach's secret remained safe.

However, the guilt from Michael's rape began to set in. Zach realized in a way he was to blame for the rape as he left Michael with his domineering father years ago when he faked his own death. Zach wanted to believe his brother to be an honorable man, but that assertion became less and less feasible as he spent more time with the kind Bianca.

Maria told Zach to leave her alone because Edmund knew about their past. As much as Zach wanted to pursue Maria, he still needed to solve the problem of Ethan. The reappearance of Miranda Montgomery confirmed that Ethan was in fact Zach's son. Zach pledged his allegiance to Miranda and the remainder of the Cambias family, but Ethan wanted nothing to do with his father. He even had his casino licence revoked on the basis that Zach was committing fraud when he created the "Zach Slater" alias.

Zach learned Edmund was faking his paralysis. On his way to tell Maria, Zach was struck down at the Wildwind barn. When he awoke, he found an unconscious Edmund and the barn on fire. Ethan arrived on the scene, and after some hesitation, saved both men. Edmund died in the hospital, and Ethan claimed Zach was his murderer. It was was the last draw that pushed Maria and Zach apart, even though Zach would be proven innocent.

Zach's new prerogative was to not let Ethan fall into the Cambias curse. He needed Ethan to relinquish his control of Cambias Industries, but Ethan was not going to budge. So, Zach attacked his weak point, his heart. Zach struck an unholy bargain with Kendall, Ethan's girlfriend, to get married to and use their union as a bargaining chip to get Ethan to give up control. But, the plan backfired when Ethan left Kendall.

The strongest reaction to Zach’s decision to marry Kendall came from Maria. Maria and Kendall never hid their feelings for each other. When Maria announced she was leaving Pine Valley to repair her relationship with her children, Zach made one last appeal. They shared one last kiss before Maria left Pine Valley for good.

But Zach’s love for Maria was left un-wavered when he found Julia Keefer stalking the halls of Wildwind. He filled her in on what had happened to its inhabitants in her absence. He agreed to help her find her husband, Noah Keefer’s, murderer and keep her safe in the interim. Kendall had followed him one day and at the spot of her rival, became possessive of her husband. Something was changing in their marriage of convenience.

Kendall announced she was going to be Greenlee and Ryan’s surrogate. To dissuade her, Zach planned a blackout at the fertility clinic to ruin the embroyes created by Ryan’s sample and Greenlee's harvested eggs. Instead, Kendall took matters in her own hands and impregnated herself with the sample. When the truth came out, everyone shunned Kendall; everyone that is, but Zach. Kendall needed to come to terms with being pregnant with Ryan’s child and divorced Zach.

Bianca returned to town and convinced Zach to admit his feelings to Kendall. She paired the divorcees together, and they decided to give it one more try. Erica was not happy with her daughter’s decision. Her public disdain for Zach came to heads when in a drugged haze, she stabbed Zach thinking he was Michael.

Kendall and Zach’s undoing came about when Ryan and Ethan got wind of Zach’s evil deed with the clinic. At the Mardi Gras Ball, Kendall broke-up with Zach again. As Ethan went to gloat his father's defeat, an explosion rocked the ballroom. The Cambiases and Simone were trapped under the rubble. Ethan suffered the most damaging of injuries. He refused to let Zach help him citing that he was ever there for him before. When it was obvious Ethan was not going to make it, Zach broke down. He emotionally plead for forgiveness from his son for all his crimes including abandoning him all those years ago, and rejecting him when he finally came back into his life. Ethan died leaving Simone devastated and Zach helpless.


Portrayed by:

Thorsten Kaye (20 May 2004 - present)

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