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The PVB Asks 20 Questions!!


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From time to time, the PVB will ask a star or former star of AMC 20 questions! The questions are all the same for each cast member. Today's guest is William Christian, AMC's Derek Frye!!! (PVB questions in black, William's answers are in purple)




1) Who is your favorite actor?

I don't use the term actress, rather prefer female actor. And there are many, both male and female that would go into
this section for many different reasons.


2) Who is your favorite actress?


3) What is your favorite movie?



4) What is your favorite TV Show?

Lots and lots of them, dating way back to when I was a child...(tv junkie)


5) Who is your favorite singer or musical group?

I have an extraordinary eclectic taste in music going way way back to childhood.


6) What is your favorite song?

"Farther On" Jackson Browne, if I had to pick just one.


7) What is your favorite book?

MANY MANY life changing books. These include philosophy text books from college and beyond; to numerous books,
both fictional and non fictional on race in the United States; to Tolstoy's Anna Karinina; to John Updike's "Rabbit" series; to Colin Powell's autobiography; to Zora Neale Hurston's THERE EYES WERE WATCHING GOD. Most


8) Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Cat (used to be Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos'; her given name was Lambchop. I have since changed it alternately to Kit; Pork Chop; and as is recorded at the vet's, Fats).


9) What is your favorite scene that you were ever in?

I assume you mean on AMC, because there would be others from the stage that would come first. But, I suppose one of my very favorites was when my then partner, Mimi and I were on a stake out and had to pretend we were husband and wife. At this point in time, we (the characters) couldn't really stand each other, or so it seemed...


10) What is your favorite scene that you were not in?

Again, I suppose you mean AMC...this is a purely tongue in cheek response, but, after Mimi came onto the show, we did a "remote" shoot in Florida, where everyone involved in the case seemed to get to go, except me. I was a little jealous, because I have always liked shooting outside of any studio (location shooting) on
any project.


11) If you weren't an actor, what would you be doing?

Trying to be an actor...or, now, a good husband.


12) Who is your best friend on the set?

Jill Larson (Opal), I suppose.


13) What is your all time favorite storyline (yours or other)?

For me it was a love triangle with Shari Headley's Mimi; Richard Lawson's character, I think Lucas and Derek.


14) What make was your first car?

1963 Sky blue Buick Le Sabre


15) Who do you wish was still on AMC? .....


16) What cause do you believe in most? matter how much it may irk me.


17) What is your favorite vacation spot?

Where ever I am at the time.


18) Who is the biggest cut up on the set?

There have been a few.


19) What is your most memorable fan encounter?

What is your funniest fan encounter? "funny" would be in quotations here: signing an autograph on a particular female body part. Of course the many many times I have been mistaken in my life for Deon Sanders; Marcus Allen; Ahmad Rashad; Darrius Rucker(Hootie and the Blowfish); and the number one silliest one--not just once, Tiger Woods. But the best would be when I was walking through a mall with my best friend at Christmas time, shopping and one female fan called out from a store doorway to me. I greeted her with a smile and an hello and we kept going our separate ways. Two doors later, another female fan called out to me from a store doorway. I greeted her with smile and an hello and kept going my way when she called out indignantly, "Oh, I know you're not going to play me like that." I guess
she wanted me to stop and chat. Anyway, my buddy just laughed at simply said, "Well, that's perspective for you."


20) Do you ever ad lib on AMC? If so, give an example.

Ad libs aren't encouraged, but yes, sometimes warranted. can't remember a good example right now, though.

Sorry I couldn't give you the black and white answers usually indicated in the question. However, I find that whether we want to admit it or not, most of us in the gray areas in life. Thus the convoluted answers.


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