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Tom Cudahy


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born: Thomas Cudahy
Nickname:  Tom

Mother:  Unknown
Father:  Unknown

Siblings:  Sean Cudahy - brother

Erica Kane (divorced)
Brooke English (divorced)
Skye Chandler Quartermaine (divorced)
Barbara Montgomery (divorced)
Livia Frye


Laura Cudahy - daughter with Brooke (deceased)
Terrance Frye - step son with Livia
Jamal Wilson McIntyre Cudahy - adopted son with Livia

Occupation:  Owner, Pine Valley Fitness Center

Former football star Tom Cudahy came to Pine Valley a hero. He thwarted a kidnap attempt on Charlie Brent, and immediately won the trust of those around him. Upon opening his restaurant, the Goal Post, Tom experienced great success. With that, Erica Kane noticed the young Adonis, and pursued him romantically.

Tom hired Erica as his hostess at the Goalpost. She was just coming off a relationship with Nick Davis. What Tom saw as love, Erica saw as a game to win Nick back. She staged a kidnapping that went awry when she caught viral pneumonia. She called out to Nick and not Tom. Tom turned to Brooke English for comfort. But Erica, was determined as ever to win Tom back. Brooke’s interest waned, and Erica married Tom. Tom felt safe about his marriage as Nick left town.

Tom was a devout Catholic. Meaning, he had two important stances, one on the longevity of marriage, and the other against birth control. Erica had promised Tom that she wanted a lot of kids. But, her modeling career was just on the rise. She manipulated Tom into making her look better, labeling them a “Couple to Keep Your Eye On,” and garnering Tom a cosmetic deal with Adonis Cosmetics. All the while, Tom just wanted to grow old with Erica. The wedding saw its undoing when Erica opened “Erica’s Disco” behind his back. Tom backed out of the Adonis deal, but Erica had already dived head first, and was almost raped by the man she made the deal with. Tom saved her, and they made passionate love; all the while, Tom was hoping that night would lay the foundations for his family. But, his illusions were shattered when he found a mysterious package in Erica’s purse: birth control pills. Tom stormed out of Erica’s house and his marriage.
Tom turned to the bottle, and Brooke. Brooke did not see his problem, but rather a man deceived by love. They married and planned a happy marriage. Tom’s brother, Sean, would compromise all of it. He was sleeping around and causing trouble by working for Palmer Cortlandt. Tom’s good name was being tarnished everyday. It was Tom that learned the truth of Sybil Thorne’s murder: Sean killed her. Sean confessed to Tom, telling him it was all Palmer’s plan and that his gun accidentally discharged. With Sean in prison, Tom had one less person to worry about. Nonetheless, his struggles with alcohol only worsened with time.

Tom’s marriage was shattered after he had a drunken one-night stand with Erica. Brooke was pregnant with his child, and he was ready to fight for her. Tom painted Brooke as an unfit mother with no job or prospects. Brooke had to mature quickly to save her child. Laura Cudahy was born into the world, putting out the embers of the custody battle. Brooke and Tom agreed on joint custody. Tom finally became the one thing he always wanted to be: he was a father. With this, Tom knew it was time for a change. He went to rehab, where he was treated for alcoholism.

Tom stayed close to Brooke. She was married to new Pine Valley resident, Adam Chandler. Tom did not trust Adam, and wanted to keep him on a close leash. Little did he know, Adam was soon to be his father-in-law. He met Skye Chandler, and immediately felt sparks. Adam tried to keep them apart, using his money to attract Skye. But lover overcame his evil, and they planned a summer wedding. Tom married Skye holding his beloved Laura in one arm, and the love of his life, Skye, in the other.

Skye became fearful of Cindy Parker, an AIDS victim that her uncle, Stuart, had befriended. She led a vigilante group to burn the Hubbard home, where Cindy was staying, down. She had a change of heart, saving Cindy, but falling into a coma due to smoke inhalation. Tom was leading a group to protect Cindy. With his political actions, he met Barbara Montgomery. Tom turned to Barbara for the comfort he was missing without Skye. Skye woke up from her coma, and saw the two together at Cindy and Stuart’s wedding. She fell into a fake coma, so as to keep Tom nearby. The recently released Sean learned of Skye’s deception, and ran to tell his brother. But it was too late, Skye had kidnapped Barbara and was holding her at gun point. Tom pleaded with Skye not to kill Barbara. She let go of the gun, and fell into a catatonic state. Tom sent his wife to the Oak Haven Sanitarium to recover.

With Skye out of the picture,Tom and Barbara were free to marry. Barbara was always jealous of Tom’s relationship with Brooke, even though she was married to Adam. Thus, she volunteered to spend more time with Laura. But, tragedy struck when Laura Cudahy was hit by a drunk driver under Barbara’s watch. Tom lost his little angel. The hardest thing for him was to tell Brooke what had happened. They donated her organs to the hospital, hoping another child could be save by Laura’s love.

Barbara ended up pregnant when she slept with an amnesiac Travis Montgomery. When Travis left her, Tom decided the only thing to do was to claim the child as his own. On their wedding day, Molly Montgomery Cudahy was born. Their charade was short lived, when Molly was diagnosed with leukemia. Tom and Barbara told Travis the truth. Tom thought that all was over when Travis did not prove to be a bone-marrow match to his daughter. Oddly, Barbara was pregnant again. A new baby boy, Sean Cudahy, was born and Tom believed him to be his. But, he ended up being a perfect match to become Molly’s bone marrow donor. Tom put two and two together, realizing the child was Travis’ and not his. He divorced Barbara. All the pressure of the divorce led to him falling off the wagon. He went on angry rampages, hurting anyone in his way. It took the intervention of Sean and Brooke to help him pull his life together.

When Hayley Vaughan was accused of drunk driving, Tom became her AA sponsor. She did not feel like she needed one, but Tom pursued her, being the only thing constant in her life.

Pine Valley had a lot of maturing to do in the mid-nineties. Tom’s new Fitness Center became the scene of a terrible hate crime. Tom befriended the victim, Terrence Frye’s, family. His mother, attorney Livia Frye, was having second thoughts about moving to Pine Valley permanently as she was only planning on defending Brian Bodine in the Will Cortlandt murder trial. Tom’s affiliation with Hayley, Brian’s ex-girlfriend and Will’s ex-wife, had Tom and Livia constantly running into each other. Tom showed Livia the brighter side of her new home. But, their budding relationship became the target of racial slurs. Terrence worked hard to protect Tom from what those around were saying. Livia’s first husband, Lucas Barnes, was back in town to cause trouble too. But, their love endured, and Tom and Livia married in a lavish ceremony.

Tom and Livia befriended Janine Wilson, a mother whose life was unraveling. Tom offered to help her, immediately connecting to her son, Jamal. Tom and Livia planned on adopting Jamal, but Alec McIntyre learned he was Jamal’s biological father. He sued for custody. Already, Jamal had built a relationship with Tom and Livia. Jamal testified in court that Tom was his father, not Alec. Alec ended his efforts seeing how much it hurt Jamal, and the Cudahy's were now a complete family.

Livia was promoted to a judgeship in a nearby county, so all the Cudahy’s moved away. Tom, with a business interest still in Pine Valley made constant visits. He helped Hayley through her relapses into drinking. When Erica admitted her addiction to painkillers, Tom became her sponsor as well. But as time went by, it seemed as if the Cudahy's were satisfied in their new home, and his visits diminished.
Tom returned to Pine Valley after learning of Bianca Montgomery’s rape. Livia was defending Kendall Hart for the rapist’s murder. Livia and Tom realized how much they missed Pine Valley, and began to make plans to move home. Tom grew fearful of what all the commotion would do to a fragile Erica. He made Jackson Montgomery swear to keep an eye on her for him. Erica became an alcoholic, and though Tom was not present at her intervention, he became her AA sponsor.

Portrayed by:

Richard Shoberg (1977-1995 (contract), 1996-97 (recurring), 2004-present (recurring) 

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