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Stuart Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Stuart Chandler

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown

 Adam Chandler- brother
 Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler- sister (deceased)

 Joanna Yaeger - divorced
 Cindy Parker - deceased
 Marian Colby - (1999 - present)

 Scott Parker Chandler - adopted

Occupation: Owner, Chandler Gallery
			  Volunteer, Pine Valley Hospital

Stuart Chandler was a piece of Adam Chandler's past that he longed to keep hidden. The child-like and simple minded Stuart was the exact opposite of his business mogul brother in all senses but one: they both blamed Palmer Cortlandt for the death of their sister Lottie Chandler. Palmer had left Lottie with a child when he left their childhood home of Pigeon Hallow, only to never return. Lottie committed suicide in a bought of depression. Stuart helped raise his son, Ross Chandler, and had his own hate for Palmer fueled by Adam's. Stuart married to Joanna Yaeger, a friend of Adam's first wife, Althea Patterson. Joanna had in fact always loved Adam, and plotted to stay close to him through Stuart. Althea adopted a child, Skye Patterson, and plotted to pass the child off as Adam's. Adam learned the truth and turned to Stuart for guidance. Stuart told Adam to go along with the ruse so as to not hurt the innocent child both had come to love.

Years later, Adam and Stuart moved to Pine Valley. To pass his time in the isolated west wing of the Chandler Mansion, Stuart began to paint. Joanna would visit him warning of Adam's new wife, Erica Kane Chandler, who she described as being as evil as Palmer. Joanna even showed him pictures of Erica and Palmer in public together. One day, Erica was wandering the halls of the mansion when she heard a strange noise. She opened the door to reveal Stuart, who proceeded to attack her. Ross and Adam intervened and saved Erica. One thing Joanna did not anticipate was Stuart's honesty. He told Ross everything Joanna had told him about Erica. Adam kicked Joanna out of the house, and filed for Stuart to divorce her. Stuart was allowed to move out of his room and into the Gatehouse.

Erica and Stuart became friends. Unfortunately, she wanted to leave Adam for faking his own death to test her loyalty. Adam sent Stuart to the divorce litigation to sign the paperwork, in turn making the divorce void. Adam kept this secret from Erica for the better part of a decade.

While teaching an art class at the Pine Valley Hospital, Stuart met Scott Parker. Scott told Stuart about how he just lost his father to a disease. Stuart then met Scott's mother, Cindy Parker. Stuart fell in love with the kind woman, but his family did not approve. He did not understand that Cindy was sick, just like her late husband, Fred. Stuart wanted Cindy to move in with him, but knew it wouldn't be proper without a proposal. He asked Scott first for Cindy's hand in marriage. When he approved, he finally went to Cindy, who accepted his proposal as well.

Cindy learned she was HIV positive. Adam was scared for his brother, and tried to push Stuart away. Cindy was living in the Hubbard House when it was attacked by a group of arsonists aiming for Cindy. Cindy was found on the front lawn with a collapsed Skye Chandler beside her. Stuart did not understand it was his niece who led the vigilante group. Stuart and Cindy proceeded with their plans until Dr. Angie Hubbard revealed another hurdle: Cindy had AIDS. The disease was in its final phase. Adam realized the love the two had, and helped to expedite the wedding. Stuart and Cindy were married in front of family and friends at the Chandler Mansion. Stuart had a surprise for Scott, who helped bring the love birds together. He asked Scott if he was allowed to adopt him. Scott accepted with very little hesitation. Stuart had an instant family of his own.

Stuart's happiness was cut short as Cindy died of complications related to AIDS. Stuart had the hard job of breaking the news to Scott. In Cindy's honor, he named a Day of Compassion to remind the community of the need to find a cure for AIDS. Stuart was a good father, who raised Scott alone and reminded him of his mother’s legacy.

Cindy's death kept Stuart out of the dating scene, but not out of the hospital. There, he met nurse Gloria Marsh. Gloria had just come out of an abusive relationship when she met the kind Stuart. They fell in love, and planned to marry. Adam had other plans. He wanted Gloria for himself. He spoiled Stuart's fiancée with gifts and his undisturbed attention. Gloria did not know how to break the bad news to Stuart. She had fallen in love with Adam. Stuart was heart broken, but he still let Gloria go. He moved on to a relationship with Ester Glynn, who grew an unhealthy obsession with Stuart.

Liza Colby Chandler, Adam's new wife, and Dr. Allie Doyle needed Stuart's help to exonerate Dr. Jake Martin, who Adam accused of assaulting him. They confronted the sole witness, Dr. David Hayward, and sedated Stuart to act as Adam. The ploy worked, and David admitted his lie to "Adam." Stuart was still on the drugs when he fell asleep in Adam's bed. Marian Colby climbed in to the bed, and began to have sex with Stuart thinking it was Adam. She wanted to secure a large alimony for her daughter, Liza, when she and Adam divorced. Stuart claimed Marian was his “angle” who gave him “wings.” At first regretting her actions, Marian fell in love with Stuart. The two planned to marry, but again Adam was hesitant. Marian had a reputation of being a gold digger. They still married, dressed as the royal court in a deck of cards.

Camille Hawkins, another Pigeon Hallow native, came to Pine Valley to enact revenge on the Chandlers, who she thought had killed her mother. In reality, Stuart and Adam helped her mother, Joy, escape her abusive husband, Lee Hawkins. Camille learned the truth, and tried to disarm a bomb she had created to kill all the Chandlers at Holidays. Stuart thought the problem was over, until Lee materialized. After Hayley Vaughan and JR Chandler were kidnapped, all the Chandlers united to ensure their recovery. For that moment, all their grudges and vendettas were pushed aside.

Stuart's past came back to haunt him when the truth of Skye's paternity came out. Rae Cummings, Skye's biological mother, came to town looking for her. Skye learned the truth of the adoption from Adam. She pushed the Chandlers away, breaking Stuart's heart.

Adam's hate towards Marian took him too far. He plotted to have a gigolo, Paolo, wake up in Marian's bed. Marian thought she had been unfaithful to Stuart, and admitted her infidelity. Stuart knew Marian would never do that to him, and he confronted Adam. When Adam admitted to the ploy, Stuart ran away claiming he did not have a brother anymore. On the way to his fishing cabin for his annual trip, Stuart was hit by a car driven by a drunken Arlene Vaughan, Stuart's niece's, Hayley's, mother. Arlene dragged Stuart's body to safety, and drove off. Stuart woke up with no memory of his past at Ester's door. Ester was not about to let Stuart out of her hands, and took him to live with her in Nevada.

In Nevada, they made home at the "Queen of Hearts" diner. There, he was commissioned to make a new sign. Without knowing it, he painted his own Queen of Hearts, Marian. Ester realized Stuart was getting too close to remembering his past life. When Arlene showed up looking for Stuart, Ester had him a make a break for it. Stuart hitchhiked back to Pine Valley, remembering little by little as he got close to home.

Upon arriving at Chandler Mansion, Arlene led him up to the attic and locked him inside. Stuart was alone, until Marian stumbled across him. Marian told Stuart about what had happened while he was gone: Arlene was married to Adam now and everyone thought Stuart was dead because they found a body in his burned fishing cabin. Marian and Stuart escaped and confronted Arlene. Adam was dying after an accident at a construction site. Seeing Stuart made him recover.

Scott was now a teen and wanted to go out on his own. He was accepted at the New York University film school. Stuart would make many visits to Scott's apartment, not being able to part from his son for very long.

Hayley thought she had killed Arlene while under the influence of the Libidizone drug. Stuart assured her Arlene's death was not her fault. Hayley had a break from reality, and began to impersonate the late Arlene. Stuart pulled her back to reality, only to find out Arlene was alive. Arlene's actions made Hayley fearful that she would one day emulate her mother. Stuart assured her that any child would be lucky to have Hayley as a mom. Hayley soon found out she was pregnant, and welcomed a baby boy, Lorenzo Santos, into the world.

Stuart took on a life of leisure with Marian. At one point, Stuart invited Mia Saunders, Liza's sister, to move into the Gatehouse. To Stuart, family would always come first. Between his many visits to New York, and running his gallery, he was able to stay out of trouble. He befriended artists Carlos Reyes and Mary Smythe, who were featured in the gallery. Mary extorted Stuart's connection to Adam, while Carlos just wanted a listening ear.

When JR returned home married, he turned to Stuart first for approval. Stuart assured his nephew that any choice he made was the right choice. Stuart, unlike Adam, was not there to judge, but to embrace his new family members. When JR told Stuart his new wife, Babe Chandler, was expecting, Stuart was overjoyed to become a great-uncle again.

But tragedy struck the Chandler home when Babe and JR's daughter Bess Chandler was revealed to be Bianca Montgomery's daughter, Miranda Montgomery. Stuart was instrumental in calming JR down enough to realize the truth about Bess. Liza had went on the run with Colby afraid of Adam trying to sue for custody again. Stuart and Marian where some of the few who knew of Liza's plan. Luckily, JR's son was found alive soon after. Stuart shared a remarkable link to Adam III's new nanny, Di Cole. Stuart began to recount a story about the late Dixie and the friendship they shared. Then something sparked in his mind, and he called Di "Dixie." Tad showed up at the apartment soon afterward corroborating Stuart's feeling.

Di (now passing herself off as Dixie) came to Stuart with a favor. She was leaving on a dangerous mission and needed Stuart to hold onto a letter for her. She told Stuart to not let anyone read it unless she went missing. When it was clear Di was not coming home, Stuart gave the letter to Tad. Both men were devastated by the contents. Inside was her confession, she was not Dixie but in fact Di Henry, Dixie’s sister. The note also contained details of the Dragon’s lair, where Julia Keefer was being held captive.

Portrayed by:
David Canary (1984-present)

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