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September 29, 1997

I have many many gripes about this week on AMC...starting with, I cannot even believe that the writers want us to believe that not only does Dimitri know what Edmund's pills look like, but also what kind of bottle they are in and how many Edmund has with him. PUH-LEASE! Don't even insult my intelligence this way! And I didn't even mention that not one person noticed Dimitri going over to Edmund and Trevor's table. And while I'm at it, didn't Dimbulb live through a very trying ordeal with Erica being on drugs and now he's giving drugs to Edmund?? Oh my, this whole thing just has me irate! Just where on earth does Dimmie get these mystery drugs that look exactly like Edmund's pain pills, but don't quite work the same way? Did he have to go to Kinder's, I mean Miles Christopher's office for them?? Maybe there were a few pills left after Kinder moved out and Miles moved in. Heck the only difference in that office is that Kinder's chimes and prisms and candelabras are gone. Otherwise, it's the same place. Or perhaps Dim got the pills from his shifty-eyed, brain-dead wife, unbeknownst to her as to what he would be using them for, of course. Is GloHo the winner of the MORON OF THE YEAR AWARD or what? Geez, I can't believe how easy it is for Disco Boy to manipulate her. But, oh, he loves her. Yeah, he wants her to be Mommy. Which brings me to another point. Why isn't Glo's past being brought up at the trial since she's going to be Maddie's stepmother? Shouldn't someone mention that she cheated on her former husband, tried to kill him, then tried to jump out of a window at the hospital and then thought that a pillow was her baby?? Don't these facts factor into Glo's ability to be a mother?? And while I'm still sort of on the subject of Dim, he hit a new low when he smashed Edmund's hand with the chair. Through it all, I have to wonder if Glo has any brains whatsoever under that hair! For being a total idiot and moving her eyes around uncontrollably (I swear when Dim and Glo were talking in her hotel room, her eyes were moving so fast I don't know how Dim didn't just stand up and scream "STOP IT!!" at her), GloHo is this weeks recipient of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD Congratulations GloHo...Johnny Gilbert, tell her what she's won. GloHo wins an eye mask, so we don't have to see the uncontrollable shiftiness of her eyeballs and a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni.

Oh Brookie, Brookie, Brookie, my, but we are coming unglued, aren't we? That whole scene she had with Tad when she had her nervous breakdown at WRCW just had me screaming "TAD, SMACK HER!" This is his kid's mother and she was going home to that kid?? Are you kidding me? Tad should have been saying, where is Jamie, he's staying with me until you are rational! Here it's so soon after she finally got the smack I've been hoping for all along and I'm ready for her to get smacked again. In addition to that, the way she berated Derek was so uncalled for. Derek should have hauled her butt to jail in the blink of an eye, but instead he lets her go home and think things through. What the heck is that about?? Take her to the goony roost!! Oak Haven is calling her name so loud, am I the only one who hears it?? Put her somewhere where she can get the help she needs!! A rubber room with a view for a few weeks should do her a world of good.

The Amazing Wonder Doctor, Dr. Doyle, is just everywhere, isn't she? Let's see...Opal runs into the hospital with Petey after he swallows Palmer's medicine, no need to worry, Dr. Doyle just happens to be walking by. Joe is in ICU, hey, Dr. Doyle is on ICU! The airline worker comes in for treatment, no sweat, Dr. Doyle is on emergency duty and will take care of you while encouraging you to tell all the company secrets to a stranger. And lo and behold, Brooke needs a psych evaluation and there's PVH's newest psychiatrist, Dr. Doyle. I understand that resident doctors have rotations, but they are usually monthly rotations not daily rotations! And if she told Brooke she was really brave and completely sane one more time, I was going to take my chances on a TGA flight to Pine Valley and knock some sense into the whole lot of them!

The Laura/Scott/Gillian it worth a mention even? Oh, I guess so. I hate Laura, I hate Gillian and I'm not crazy about Scott. How about Laura goes nuts with jealousy and does the old murder/suicide thing? She'll catch Gillian with her tongue down Scott's throat, yet again, she goes nuts, heck she's a loose cannon as it is, and opens fire, killing Scott and Gillian then turns the gun on herself. That's one way to clean house on AMC. So, Gillian has the goods on Laura. My question here is why does she care? Why does she even want boring Scott? He's got nothing to offer her except the Chandler name. I guess that has a certain amout of appeal to money hungry tramps like Gillian. I hope she doesn't torture us with knowing Laura's secret for too long. I want this out and in the open and DONE already. But my, that Gillian is quite the tramp and now she's going to go after Edmund too? Please spare me. I thought Tad was too old for her and Edmund is about 8-10 years older than Tad (not the actors, they are actually pretty close in age). I'm sure it'll drive Skye bonkers and heck, after losing Maria and then Maddie, Edmund might just like attention from the midriff-baring hosebeast.

I'm SO tired of this Adam and Liza they're getting divorced/they're not getting divorced business. How often do we have to see the papers drawn up and destroyed? Sheesh make up your minds. I don't get why it's so hard for them to admit they love each other. Just say it already and be done with it! Talk about dull! Even Stuart and Esther see that they love each other. There it is, my shining star for the week. Esther and Stuart. I love these two. Can you imagine how much nice stuff we'd have to talk about if AMC showed more of Stuart and Esther, more Kevin being himself and more Palmer? I know I'd love it. Not to say that that's all I want to see, if you haven't noticed I kinda like getting fired up about this show and complaining to my heart's content. Hey, someone's got to do it.

I'm thrilled to see Kevin is going to be standing up for himself this week. I can't wait to see him tell off his mother, Lucifer, and that quack of a doctor. And then soon we will get to see Michael back too. Hopefully lending Kevin that support he needs so badly. I had said before that it looks like Kevin may try something desperate, like a suicide attempt, and I still think so. But hopefully Michael's arrival back on the show (even if it is only one day) can help him see things more clearly and that suicide is not the answer he's looking for.