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September 15, 1997

GO PALMER!!!! GO PALMER!!!! Every day I love that man more and more. He's the greatest! He's the voice of reason in this storyline. I don't know about you but I found it so uncomfortable to watch Kevin this week. That poor guy is being pulled in all kinds of directions and looks to be in a no win situation. I guess I tend to not put too much blame on Opal because she really thought she was helping. Her crime was stupidity. But Kevin's parents, Beelzebub and Lucifer, should go right back to where they belong!! I can't believe how they are tormenting their son. And then have the nerve to say that he is tormenting them! I just have to weep for that boy. Kevin (and Ben Monk, who portrays him) are so wonderful. (Side note to AMC...put that boy on contract NOW!). He has never hurt a soul and to be treated this way by his own parents makes me so sad. I thought that parenthood meant unconditional love? Is there a rule that I'm unaware of in parenting unconditional love if you are the kind of person I want you to be? I just can't wait for the day that waste of living space Dr. Chapman is found out to be the quack he is and Bub and Luce are back in their villa in hell.

So all that said, the fact that Kevin has to try and prove he's a "man" by trying to get in Kelsey's pants makes me want to puke! Why has AMC made Kelsey so stupid?? Why oh why...please, someone explain it to me!! She knows he's gay, she knows that he won't change. That girl is delusional. I have felt that it was natural for her to fall for Kevin, and I still think so. But it's stupid for her to think that he has fallen for her too. Kelsey is this weeks recipient of my new award (to be given out every week). It's the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. Kelsey had a lot of competition this week, especially from Lucifer, er, Judith Sheffield, but the fact that she wouldn't shut the heck up when Kevin was trying to tell her his feelings made her the winner. Poor Kevin, he just doesn't know what to do and I fear that he may try something drastic, a suicide attempt perhaps? Will this wake up the parents from hell? I doubt it. I have found out that Kevin will be visiting Jason in prison in the early part of October, not sure why though. That could be interesting. And Michael will also be making an appearance on AMC in early October. About time Michael!! Kevin has needed you badly and you're off jetsetting with Dr. Brad! Get back to Pine Valley and be Palmer's back up voice of reason please!!

On to Disco Boy. That Dim, he's getting badder and badder everyday. He's out to get "his" daughter and doesn't care who gets trampled on in the process. So he teams up with Mary the Wildwind maid, who clearly doesn't care that it's Edmund paying her paycheck and decides to stab him in the back. Nice job Mary...remind me to check references if I ever hire a maid. Oh you stabbed you're former boss in the back and helped his evil half brother steal his child, you're hired! What blows my mind is that it's looking like Dim is going to win this case and get Maddie. How the heck can Skye let that happen?? She is the one person who can save that baby from the clutches of the Count of Monte Disco. But what about GloHo. She is still pretty much in the dark about what Dim is doing regarding Maddie. But for some reason, I have a sneaking suspicion that when she finds out he wants custody, she will back him up. Being the devoted waif wife that she is.

Wow, you know...I haven't missed Erica at all. Seeing her this week I was thinking, oh yeah, Erica. Almost forgot about you. That's sad. I have a burning question though...when did Janet and Myrtle become friends?? I was SO confused the other day when Myrtle walked into Holidays and over to Janet and Jack and Janet said something about how Myrtle was there to meet her for dinner. huh?? Far as I can figure, they have both been concerned about Erica so they must have bonded along the way, I just don't remember seeing it happen. And speaking of Janet, I got my second letter from Robin Mattson! She wrote to thank me for writing to Pat Fili on her behalf. She's the greatest!!!

How incredibly ridiculous is this investigation of Mateo and Hayley's??? Oh please! Intice the airline workers to your bar, ply them with liquor and then try and get a confession out of them?? I think Mateo and Hayley should leave the investigating to the professionals. Mateo just struck me as a guy with Short Guy Syndrome. He wants to be a big man, so he acts all tough and macho. Hey Matt, I don't buy it...either run your restaurant or turn it over to Janet for good, she does a better job at it anyway. But this investigating crap is so ludicrus it's joined the ranks of the fast forward button.