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September 1, 1997

I have to talk about the memorial service first. I guess a lot of you may not agree with me, but I thought it was pretty weak. I don't understand why AMC insists on having all the characters come up and speak. They did the same thing at Noah and Julia's wedding (and yes, then they were waiting for the priest to show up, but I'm still confused as to why Brooke spoke at the wedding and Grace wasn't even there!). I know I'm definitely in the minority here but I just don't like Mateo. He's such a jerk!! He bugs me and always has, no need to write to me and tell me how cute he is or how great he is...*yawn* Anyway, it was great to see Julia!! I had really forgotten how much I missed her. I still think it's ridiculous that she was able to come back from the Witness Protection Plan, but she was a big fave of mine (her and Noah) and I was happy to see her. And since she said she and Noah are leaving the WPP (HUH?) to go on the run, I guess that will make visits a bit easier or at least more logical. When she showed up, the tears started flowing! So back to the memorial, Palmer and Opal get up to speak and Peggy and Grace weren't even there! I felt that they should have read a telegram from Dixie (Maria and Dixie were very close at one point) and one from Erica (enemies yes, but it just seemed like Erica should have had some part in it, even if it was a letter from prison). But the total, without a doubt, best part of the memorial was ANITA DID NOT SPEAK!!!!!

Well, well, well, we all knew from the moment we heard Maria was going to "die" that Disco Boy would go after custody, now didn't we?! I know I did. I had heard that AMC wasn't going to do the custody thing, but that was a load of hooey. Why wouldn't they?! We know Dim's the evil stepbrother these days. What's to keep him from claiming the child he thinks is his, now that the mother is gone?! We're going to see some explosive stuff coming up between Dim and Eddie and it's not going to be pretty. In fact, from what I hear, Eddie's gonna make mincemeat out of Dimbulb. I just love it when Dim gets the crap beat out of him! Of course, I guess that will only fuel his custody fight. I can just see old GloHo of the Darting Eyeballs backing him up too. That girl has gone totally mental. But what about Skye? Is she just going to sit back and kowtow to Edmund like she's his new found best friend and not speak up? Probably. She's such a chicken. She doesn't want to lose Edmund. Hey honey, I got a newsflash for ya, you don't have him in the first place!! And how about that Eddie telling off Brookie?? He's hurt and in pain and I felt it was only natural for him to blame Brooke for Maria's death. He's lost the love of his life and is looking for someone to blame. But Eddie, my dear, you were inches away from giving her that smack that I've been praying for! Why couldn't you just go that extra mile and do it already?!

Laura is as boring and uninteresting as ever. If I have to hear Scott or Brooke say one more time, "Laura, what's wrong??" I'm going to scream! And her patented response? "Scott, can we just please talk about something else?" She's like a sleeping pill. Same crap over and over again. That dire expression on her face at all times. She's just so stupid! We know it was pictures now, especially after the way she flips out in the darkroom. So either tell you're family what you did or get over it! She was a minor and she was looking to make money to live on. She won't get in trouble most likely, at least not as much as Jim would be in for taking those pictures in the first place. Which brings us to Jim. I'm afraid AMC is hellbent on making him a sleazeball, which really saddens me. He's got that certain something that just makes me want to like the guy, but turning him into a child pornographer is making that impossible. Again I have to ask the question, can a child pornographer be redeemed? Will AMC be able to keep this really great actor on the show for awhile? I hope so, I've said it before and I'll say it again..Roscoe Born is a keeper!

But Gillian is not a keeper, not at all!!! She's a trampy ho and she just makes me ill. Yes, she's after Scott and anything is better than Laura. But is she? She's got that personality that makes me cringe in men and women. Like whenever she sees a guy, she puts her sunglasses down her noses and looks like she's going to yell "WORK IT BABY, WORK IT!!!" She's so obnoxious and is it a big surprise that she's related to Dimitri? So we now have Count Disco and Princess Floozy.

AMC is really shrouding this hurricane in secrecy! I'm sorry folks, I haven't heard anything about it at all other than it hits next week. When I do find anything out, I'll post it, but for now, that's all I know. And by the looks of things going on next week, it will either hit late Friday or it will not be that big a deal.

I'm SO happy that my boy Kevin didn't get all gushy after kissing Kelsey! I was so upset and disgusted that they brought on this Dr. Chapman to try and "change" him. I had even told numerous people that if they change Kevin, that will be the last time I watch AMC. I mean it too. Making Kevin confused is one thing, making him question his sexuality is also fine. But to completely change him from adamantly saying he is gay to making him straight is not OK in my opinion. It would be careless and really irresponsible of AMC to do such a thing and hopefully now that he tried kissing Kelsey and didn't like it, that will take care of that! Kelsey, though, is in for some serious heartbreak. She's got it bad for Kevin and I really can't blame her. He's there for her, he's good to her, he compliments her. All the things she wants in a boyfriend. I find it a very natural progression for Kelsey to fall for him; it's too bad that she will once again be heartbroken. I hope she doesn't go back to her bad little self when that happens. You never know, she just might since I hear that Gillian befriends her.

Ok, let's get it over with...Head Over Heels. What a complete waste of a half a hour! I cannot believe that Eva was even on this show. She went from her character of Maria, a well-respected doctor, wife and mother to nothing more than a bimbo with a weird accent. You can tell by watching this show that Eva doesn't belong on it. She's much better than that!! I just don't understand why she ever took a part on such a trashy show. There wasn't a funny moment on it and the laugh track was totally obnoxious. I have to think that Eva has other projects in the works because she knew from the beginning that this show had only a 13 show commitment. If it makes it past 6 shows, I will be surprised. But don't go thinking that Eva is on her way back to Pine Valley already. I highly doubt that she would give up a thriving daytime career, one where she was Emmy nominated for one shot at a bad sitcom. She must have other stuff going on. I wish her luck and wish her well and hope she gets her name off that piece of junk fast!!