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September 27, 2000

Of course we have to start with the party from hell. Poor Bianca, she's just not into all the glitz and glamour like her mother is. But she did agree to go through with the party and had to be there. She showed up with Leo and Greenlee, all three of them looked stunning. But the minute she set foot in the ballroom at the Valley Inn, Bianca got a case of the nerves and ran to the bathroom. While she tries to calm herself down, some insincere wench named Allison walks into the ladies room and asks if she's OK. They strike up and immediate friendship as they bond over how horrible parties like this are. Insincere Wench Allison tells Bianca they should stick together all night. Sure thing sweetie. Well, when Bianca makes her way out of the ladies room, we get to see that IWAllison is really a reporter and has taped everything Bianca has said. Like I said, insincere wench.

Erica arrives with Jack looking her usual glam self but with tons of extra hair. And wow, the Glamorama was very busy that day in the add on hair department. Hayley was sporting about 5 inches of extra hair too! Anyway, Erica primps and picks at Bianca's hair, making sure that it's all in place. Suddenly the press go wild and start snapping picture after picture of both Erica and Bianca. Erica beams, Bianca scowls. But the show is stolen when Dimitri walks in with Alex and Edmund. So the party turned into Dimitri's coming out party, not Bianca's.

OK... nice segue into the whole Bianca is a lesbian thing. I'm asked about this everyday, "is it true??" Honestly I do not know. I think the hints have been few and far between. If I had heard the so called hints without hearing the rumors about her being a lesbian, I would have never thought it, but I will try and pick up on them from now on. Things like Bianca saying "I'm not like you and never will be" to Erica. This means she's a lesbian?? I don't see that at all. I said before that I think there are plenty of things about Erica to not want to emulate other than being heterosexual! And then Bianca says to Leo, "I was going to tell him everything about..." and stops. Nope, this doesn't prove anything to me either. She's 16, she could have meant anything at all. Now, I'm not saying that it's not going to be true. But I look at facts. The fact is, no one from AMC will comment. No one will confirm or deny. In fact, everyone has confirmed it BUT AMC.

Last week when I was in NYC for the AMC Luncheon mouths were shut on the subject. But suddenly an article appears in Star Magazine. An article that yours truly was actually interviewed for but didn't make it into. Thank God for that too because what a load of rubbish! First of all, the article claims to have gotten confirmation from both Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Susan Lucci. I highly doubt that. Highly! The actors are not allowed to tell such pertinent storyline details (not even Susan Lucci) to the press. The Star even had quotes that Erica will supposedly say! Get real!!! That just does not happen. The Star would get this news out before ANY of the soap magazines? I find that a bit peculiar. Then something about this appeared in gossip columnist Liz Smith's column. She asked Susan about the Star article and Susan laughed and said, "When you open it up, you find out it's about Erica Kane's daughter, who will be coming out!" Not exactly a big confirmation in my book. Sounds more like a joke about what the article is talking about. And then it was confirmed by Scott Seomin of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in an article in the Washington Post. Who is this guy and what connection does he have to the soaps?? None, so why would I believe him? He didn't even have Bianca's name correct in the article! He called her Bianca Kane!! Hell I even heard someone say that Michael Nader (Dimitri) confirmed it at the AMC Luncheon. Newsflash people... Michael Nader wasn't at the luncheon!

That is a lot of confirmations by a lot of different sources and not one of them is TPTB at AMC. That is something I find very unusual. I'm extremely cynical when it comes to AMC rumor. I don't believe it until I get confirmation from someone I trust. None of these sources are trustworthy in my opinion. But all that said, personally speaking, I hope it's true and I hope they don't drop the ball on it like they did with the Kevin storyline. Kevin's story is one of my all time favorites. But if they are going to chicken out or buck to the pressure from homophobic viewers, then don't bother. This storyline could be something great. It could actually be the next Emmy for Susan Lucci story and get one for Eden in the process too. It could be the story that finally makes Erica grow up. But if Pine Valley's answer to Cher and Chastity are going to fizzle just when it really starts to heat up, don't waste my time! One last thing on the subject, chew on this... how many thought, without a doubt, that Alex was going to be Anna. How many hints did AMC throw our way about that? In the last minute, it turned out not to be true. Just something to think about.

OK, back to the party. Junior is immediately smitten with Bianca. He may only be 13 but what a cutie pie! He's trying to work up the nerve to ask Bianca for a dance when IWAllison drags her way from him. Once alone, the IW suddenly blows her cover by asking Bianca a lot of personal questions about herself, her mother, and her time in rehab. While Bianca is fending her off, Erica gets the idea to have the song played that she and Dimitri danced to in Budapest on their honeymoon. It seems Erica is not the least bit pleased that Dimitri has renewed his relationship with Alex since his resurrection. But alas, Dimitri, who I have to say, was looking mighty spiffy in his little glasses, totally blows Erica off. This does not sit well with La Kane and she turns around and tries to rile up Edmund. Taunting him with how Alex and Dimitri are making a fool of him. Ed tells her to back off, or something like that. Ed is starting to unravel and I think it's going to be really cool to watch. It's actually Hayley and Mateo that come to Bianca's rescue and get the IW away from her.

Leo is having a great time dancing and mingling at the party while Tramplee hides behind him dodging the invisible bullets she think Wade is going to fire into the party. But while Leo dances her past Dimitri and Alex, Leo gives us this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK when he says to Dimitri, "Looking good Count Miracula!" Dimitri says thanks and then mumbles "who the hell was that anyway" to Alex. Later Leo and Becca see one another and talk. Becca is awfully snotty and tells Leo to once and for all admit that he's in love with Tramplee. Leo is taken aback, but then realizes she's right and drags Tramplee out into the lobby to profess his love. Too bad Derek Frye is there waiting to take Tramplee to the police station for questioning. Derek tells her that Wade is in custody and her name came up during the questioning. Trying to protect Tramplee for who knows what, Leo tries to divert Derek's attention by grabbing him, tackling him to a chair and telling Tramplee to run. She doesn't and Derek overpowers him. Derek, who has ever reason in the world after that little display, to haul Leo into the station too, decides to let him off the hook and just takes Tramplee.

Back at the party, Erica introduces her special musical guest, O-Stinko, er uh, O-Town! Everyone gathers around and watches as they sing some icky sweet teenybopper type ballad to a mortified Bianca. And just when Bianca doesn't think it can get any worse, when they end the song Erica makes this big announcement that Johnny Angel has a question for Bianca, and he asks her to dance. Bianca looks like her head is going to explode and flees from the room and back to her safe haven, the ladies room. To get the away from Bianca, Hayley goes out and does some funky ass dance on with Scott while Mateo dances with Becca.

In the restroom, Bianca tries to call Travis on his cell phone to find out why he hasn't arrived at the party yet. Bianca doesn't get an answer and paces around the restroom until a furious Erica comes in to find out why she humiliated her by running out on Johnny Angel and her party. Bianca tells her about IWAllison and how she asked her all kinds of questions about rehab and about Erica. In true Erica form, Erica tells Bianca she never invited this person and that people are always trying to dig up dirt on her. Bianca is pissed and tells Erica it's not always about her. Then Bianca tells Erica that **lesbian reference alert** she doesn't know her at all. Bianca wants to go home to Seattle because **lesbian reference alert** her father is the only one who understands her. But Erica wants Bianca to be an Erica Jr. Erica really needs a smack for being so self absorbed. Then again, isn't that what Erica's all about?

MEANINGLESS DRIVEL OF THE WEEK - Becca forgives Scott after hearing that Stuart is alive. Does anyone care?? And when David hears about Travis he decides to go to Erica and Bianca and see if he can help. Suddenly hit with a blinding case of jealousy that David would still care for Erica, Dixie butts her nose in where it doesn't belong again and tells him it's a bad idea and that they need time to be with the family, so David doesn't go.

And Hayley and Mateo decide to set up IWAllison for a fall. Hayley plays up to her and tells her she's going to give her some big exclusive. Like the world cares about Hayley Santos, host of Wave, a show that has been on all of three times maybe? Well IWAllison seems to think it's something special so she gets out her little tape player. While she's holding it up, Mateo walks by, snatches it and destroys the tape. That was nice of them. Later Hayley encourages Junior to ask Bianca to dance. Evidently the residents of Pine Valley aren't picking up on those big clues about Bianca's supposed sexual preference. Junior musters up the nerve and decides to ask. But Bianca is picking up on a very strange vibe coming from her mother and her Uncle Jack and turns poor Junior down to go see what is happening. A dejected Junior goes out into the lobby to sulk, where David just happens to see him. David, being no stranger to women troubles, can sense this is what is going on with Junior and sits down to have a little heart to heart (get it.. cardiologist, heart to heart *snicker*) with the young lad. Junior admits to being turned down by Bianca and asks David what he knows about women. David replies with LINE OF THE WEEK #2 for this week when he says, "I have a t-shirt that says I barely survived Erica Kane!" I really enjoyed this scene between Junior and David. I love David's human side. Everyone needs one of those. But then Dixie had to come in and ruin it. She got all titillated at seeing David relating to her son. She told David she was impressed by him and stroked his arm, giving David that googily-eyed "I'm hot for Dixie" look. Nessie happens upon the love fest and gives David a little much needed needling and brings him back down to earth.

Bianca goes over to Jack and Erica to see what is wrong. Jack and Erica try very gently to break the news to Bianca that Travis had a massive stroke and died. A stunned and devastated Bianca runs from the room, again. Flash to Erica's house, where Erica has changed clothes and she and Jack try to figure out how to help Bianca, who is up in her room crying. Jack admits to not knowing how to feel since he and Travis were never really very close. He feels sad and relates a story to Erica about how the last time he was in Seattle, Travis hugged him goodbye. He tells her that Travis never has done that and maybe he knew it would be the last time they see each other. Erica tries to comfort him when Bianca comes down and sees them embracing and crying... well, as best as they can be, Susan Lucci is not the best crier. She lashes out at them calling them hypocrites who never loved her father. They betrayed him. Erica tries desperately to calm Bianca down but she is on a roll. She tells Erica everything she thinks of her, all the things she's needed to say for years but never has. All those things that she's had bottled up. She lets them all out, things like she never loved Travis and she ruined their lives. How they could have been happy if she hadn't gone off and had an affair with Uncle Jack. Bianca was incredible and gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. She goes on to say that she hates them both, Erica and Jack and will never forgive them. She tells Erica that she wishes she had died instead of Travis. Erica is helpless to do anything but stand there and take it. But when Bianca starts to wind down, Erica puts her arms out and Bianca goes to her, crying and asking Erica to help her. Jack decides to track down Kit, who he mentions is in Europe, to tell her the news about Travis.

Back at the police station, Derek questions Tramplee about her connection to Wade Randall and his money laundering scheme. Tramplee evades the questions until she spots a copy of, you guessed it, The Pine Valley Bulletin with a cover story about Ryan, Gillian and Adrian going to Chechnya to save the children and bring Jake home. Tramplee is EXTREMELY pissed now. She just realized that Ryan took that money to help Gillian and bring Jake back so they can be together. So after evading Derek's questions, Tramplee suddenly does an about face and tells Derek that Ryan stole the money and that Ryan is Wade's connection, not her. She spins a tale of nonsense about Ryan's involvement, but the bad thing is, even though she's lying, it will look like she's telling the truth when they check everything out. She tells him that Ryan begged her to get the money from her Grandfather to start the business. That will check out, since that is where the money actually came from. Derek gets enough information from Tramplee to get a court order to check out Ryan's books for When Leo arrives, Derek lets them both go and puts out a warrant for Ryan's arrest.

Leo takes Tramplee to the Boathouse, which I must say, hasn't seen nearly as much activity lately. Tramplee tells Leo, again, that she's through with Ryan for good. Leo tells Tramplee that he was all set to take her away and go on the run, but now that she's cleared they can just hang out. Leo plays Mr. Romance as he tries to get Tramplee to admit that they belong together and are more than friends. Tramplee feels it, but she's not ready to jump onto a boat and sale out into the moonlight to make love, like Leo suggests. What is she, nuts!? Go for it girlfriend! Well, it turns out when Leo tries to get in the boat, he misses and falls into the ocean. Tramplee thinks he's way to stinky fishy smelling to make love to now, so they go back to Erica's so he can shower.

When they arrive, things are still in a state of disarray at the Kane household. When Bianca sees Leo, she runs into his arms, disregarding the fishy stink that Tramplee wouldn't go near. Leo takes Bianca outside to talk and tries to comfort her. He tells her that she is lucky to have had a dad for as long as she did and that he was someone she could count on. I guess that isn't much of a comfort for Bianca, but Leo is trying. Tramplee decides to go home and as she passes by Leo and Bianca, she reaches out to Bianca and honestly tells her how sorry she is and hopes she would come to her for any reason if she needed anything. See that, a heart. I love that stuff. I love the edge, but the person with an edge has to have a heart to be believable. After she leaves, Bianca tells Leo **lesbian reference alert** that her father accepted her and she was going to tell him everything. But she stops short of what she means by everything. You know, when I heard that Travis was going to be killed off, I was not happy about it. I'm still not. I don't think it was necessary for him to die for Bianca to stay. And the volatile relationship and totally different parenting skills that Travis and Erica had were always a very interesting contrast. But one of the things that AMC does so well (most of the time!) is payoff. The scenes that Erica and Bianca had following the news of Travis's death were riveting! But now Erica has no one to answer to where Bianca is concerned and that's a shame.

Palmer's back!!! Yah!!! I missed him. I love that old coot. The first thing he does is notice that Nessie isn't looking any worse for wear when he left her very little money to take care of herself with. She admits that she had to find a way to get some money and tells him that she found a way to get Adam's money. Palmer is tickled pink that Nessie found a way to bilk Adam and decides they should stay married.

Jake has been airlifted to an American hospital in Germany to be taken care of after he is shot by a sniper in Chechnya while trying to save Gillian's life. He inadvertently saved Ryan's too, and then Ryan killed the sniper. Joe joins them in Germany and the three of them keep a pretty constant vigil at the hospital while Jake's condition is being assessed. Gilly is racked with guilt and can't seem to tell Jake that she and Ryan are in love and she wants a divorce. While Ryan and Gilly discuss what to do, Jake and Joe are discussing just what the hell Ryan is doing there anyway. Ryan is getting impatient and thinks Gilly may be falling for Jake all over again. Gillian assures Ryan that she could never love anyone the way she loves him when Joe interrupts and sends Gilly to see Jake in his room. Ryan tries to go off in search of coffee but Joe stops him and tells him that it's time for him to go home and that Jake and Gillian need time alone to heal their relationship. Ryan is a little startled by this, but can do nothing but agree to leave. So he tells Gilly that Joe told him to go so he is going and wants her to come with him. The best thing she can do now is walk away. But Gilly won't go until she knows that Jake is going to be OK and Jake isn't telling her the whole story about his condition. Once again, Joe interrupts and tells Ryan that Jake would like to see him. Jake thanks Ryan for helping to save the kids and for bringing Gillian to him. Jake's a little smug I think. Both men seem to understand what is going on, but neither is saying.

Ryan comes out and tells Gillian that he is leaving and she should come. She tells Ryan not to go and that she needs him there, but Ryan feels that she is leading Jake on by staying. Gillian doesn't understand this and won't go so Ryan leaves without her. I think everyone but Ryan needs a big old DIXIE COONEY MARTIN COMMEMORATIVE SLAP award. Gillian because she doesn't have the guts to once and for all tell Jake that he abandoned her and she's in love with Ryan and leaving him. Jake because he doesn't realize what a lousy husband he is and expected Gillian to be waiting and she is. Joe for butting in and telling Ryan to leave!

Ryan returns home with MyAdrian to find the loft totally ransacked. I guess that means Scott is still living at the Gatehouse with Marian, Liza, Colby and now Stuart. They are both shocked when they see the damage but luckily Derek shows up. Ryan thinks he's there because someone called about the loft being burglarized, but he's really there to arrest Ryan. Derek reads him his rights and tells him he's being charged with money laundering. Ryan is so confused and has no idea what Derek is talking about. He tries to explain his way out, but the more he says the deeper he gets. MyAdrian tells him to stop talking and go with Derek, but Ryan doesn't want to because he didn't do anything. MyAdrian tries to keep Ryan from making things worse, but Ryan won't listen. Finally he calls Jack and tells him what is happening but Jack can't help him since they are in the middle of a family crisis. He tells Ryan he'll go to the station and try and straighten everything out in the morning. Ryan gets arrested and taken to jail.

Tramplee goes to see him so Ryan thinks she's there to bail him out. Wrong-o Ryan baby! Tramplee is giving off some major 'tude and Ryan does pick up on it pretty quick, wondering what is going on. Tramplee starts out by telling Ryan that she knows all about Gillian and that she will not take the fall for him. Ryan listens as Trample tells him about Wade and how she went to him for the money to put back into the accounts after Midori found out he took it. She tells him that she trashed his apartment after realizing what a sucker she was. She tells him that Midori works for her grandfather and that Woody bankrolled the company for her. Realization goes across Ryan's face and he's sickened by it all. He tells Tramplee that she tried to buy him but it wasn't enough and he never loved her, not ever. Ouch, that hurt Tramplee and she tells Ryan that he ruined everything they had because of Gillian. But Ryan tells her that they never had anything and that she is so pathetic, stealing Gillian's diary so she could try and be like her. Ryan goes on to say that she is the complete opposite of Gillian. Ryan can't believe that Tramplee actually has the gall to ask for an apology after all this. Ryan tells her there is no way he's going to apologize and that he regrets ever meeting her at all. He tells her that she is out of his life for good and never wants to see her again. Tramplee replies in typical Tramplee form with "you'll regret that!" This confrontation was pretty cool and probably the most interesting scene I have seen Ryan in for a few weeks now, so it's getting this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. Like I said, most of the time AMC is really good with payoff and this is one of those times. I've been waiting a long time for this Ryan and Tramplee to finally have a confrontation. It didn't disappoint.

At the hospital, Adam is recovering nicely now that he has Stuart back in his life. And while Liza sits at his side, Marian keeps watch and won't let Arlene into the room to see him. Adam and Liza profess their co-dependent love for one another but Liza isn't so ready to take him back and tells him they have a long road ahead of them to get past all the hurt. Adam promises that he has changed (again) and tells Liza that Stuart has healed his heart. Liza tells Adam that they hurt each other badly and she has to make sure she is protecting herself and Colby.

After she leaves, Liza confides to Marian that she still loves Adam but doesn't know what to do. Marian, in a very odd move, tells her to follow her heart. Well, maybe it's not so odd. She got Stuart back so maybe she wants Liza to be with the one she loves too. Even if he is the worst thing for her. While they are talking outside of Adam's room, Arlene sneaks past them and goes into Adam's room wearing surgeon's scrubs. Adam is not the least bit happy to see her and tells her that the marriage is over and that he can't stand the sight of her. You know, Arlene may be a horrible mother and not the ideal citizen, but Adam has never once been nice to her unless it was a show for someone else. She did everything he asked of her and got nothing but grief. I don't know what it is about her, but even though you know she's a horrible person she evokes sympathy. That is the brilliance of Olivia Birkelund at work. If you're listening AMC, PLEASE keep in her in Pine Valley and extend that contract!!!! Anyway, Arlene pleads with Adam to give her a chance but he tells her to take the money he promised her and go. But she doesn't want to do that. Adam tells her that he'll forgive what she did to Stuart if she will just take her money and go, but Arlene says no way.

Tad arrives at the hospital to see Adam after Adam called to see him. Tad notices that Arlene is in the room with Adam which sends Liza and Marian in there immediately. Liza pretends to be nice and tells her that she will take her home and that it's been a long day for everyone. Arlene is automatically suspicious of Liza, but Liza plays it up good and she and Marian tell that if Stuart can forgive her, so can they. So off they go.

Liza and Marian drag Arlene up to the attic and plan to keep her there. Arlene kicks herself for falling for the nice act, but it's too late. They tell her that no one cares about her so who would come looking for her? Good point. A little while after they left, they come back with a bowl of soup for her, telling Arlene they had pity on her and decided to feed her. Then they tell her some whacked out story about how she's going to be arrested for drug smuggling in the morning. I must of zoned out because I have no idea what they were talking about. They ask her if she would like to go to prison for 25 years or would she rather they kill her themselves. She laughs at them and their silly plot. Marian eludes to the fact that there may or may not be rat poison in the soup, so Arlene calls their bluff and starts to eat. After she eats it, Marian admits she did poison it after all but Arlene doesn't believe her. When they leave, Arlene starts to hurl and thinks they actually did poison her after all!

Back at the hospital, Adam asks Tad what his next move is. Tad tells him there are no moves left and that they all need to be a little more like Stuart and forgive each other and move on. In a totally shocking move, Adam apologizes to Tad for everything he's done and tells him that he's kept tabs on him and he's doing a really great job at Chandler Enterprises. Adam goes on to tell him that when he's back in charge, he wants Tad to stay on and work for him. So much for kind, forgiving and being more like Stuart, Tad tells Adam that he's out and not getting the company back. But Adam tells him that he wants to come back and that he wants to work with him, no tricks. He asks Tad to go to the board on his behalf and try and get him reinstated. He goes on to say that he loves Liza and thinks that he can now be good for her, Colby, Hayley and Junior. I guess he's still going to be a prick to Skye though, since he didn't mention her.

All in all, a pretty good week on AMC and I give it a B. I see vast improvements in some areas... it gives me hope that my show is making a comeback! Keep it up folks!