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September 14, 1998

Big shock on that verdict huh? It didn't happen exactly how I thought it would. It seems to me that some incidental pictures in a safety deposit box should have no bearing on this case. At least not be the deciding factor. It was all hearsay that Jim was a pornographer. Belinda and Trevor were never able to prove that Jim took the photos of Laura. Laura wasn't there to testify, no one was for that matter. So Jim had pictures of kids, bing bang boom, Brooke was justified to kill him. Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad this trial is over. But the outcome makes no sense. Since I knew the governor was going to be on the show, I had assumed that he would pardon Brooke, and wasn't just a window dressing for David's still being in Pine Valley. To me, it would have made more sense to have Brooke be found guilty of something. Then have Adam or Dimitri call in a favor from those hefty campaign donations. Not that this scenario is much better, but at least it doesn't involve a whole lot of lying. Instead AMC opted to send out this lovely message. You too can get out of a murder charge if you tamper with evidence, lie under oath and basically cheat the system any way you can. And then, when you do get off, you get to have a big party to celebrate and then you, guest of honor, get to make a speech and thank all your friends for lying, cheating and doing whatever it takes to save your hide.

With the trial over, Dimitri turned into the Count of Romance. What an outpouring he had for Brooke. He wants to write her letters, be with her, take her to a movie. Everything he said was so incredibly sweet. And the beauty part of it, Brooke turned him down. She was right, she needs Brooke time. I'm so happy that she said no to him, but I don't think she really meant it. She daydreams about him so she does want him. So I don't count this couple out completely yet, as much as I'd like to. I'm still holding onto a Dimitri/Erica reunion. But if Brooke has to be thrown in there, so be it. It'll be all the more interesting with Brooke and Erica fighting again anyway.

It was great to see Adrian and Belinda out on a real date this week. Does that guy just ooze charm or what? Poor silly Keith, actually thinking he could get a date with Belinda when there's an Adrian around. Go now Mr. Man, go to recurring status. We'll see ya when the next trial comes to town.

The question of the day is: Is Kit on the level? At the moment, I'm thinking no, she's not. This opinion is subject to change at a moments notice though. What do we know about her so far? According to Mr. Diva, she's a babe. I think she's pretty, bad eyebrows though. I think she's too young to be Christine, but then again, I don't know how old Christine was when she drowned. But Kit seems to be in her early 20's. Which brings me to my next point... way too young to be Edmund's new love interest (which she has been hinted to be) and definitely too young for Dimmie. Of course none of this matters when someone Adam's age can marry Liza. He's probably got 30 years on her. What else do we know about her? She's a con artist according to Thaddeus J. Tad Ted Gardner Martin Orsini Martin. While explaining what he knows of Kit to Edmund, Tad said, "Nola was like a second mother to me... actually a third. Oh nevermind, that's not the point." That was so cute. Tad does have a lot of mothers doesn't he? I also have a hard time believing that AMC would go for the dead back to life plot line again so soon after Mike Roy. Been done to... well to death! Now, all that said, I'm probably wrong and she is Christine. Why? Because she has so much working against her.

Call me nutty, but I really did kind of like this whole David/Gillian thing. As I was watching the scene play out in David's Valley Inn room, and Gillian took off her dress, my jaw dropped. Gillian has one hot body. Mr. Diva whole heartedly agreed. Wow where do I get one of those! Mr. Diva wanted to know where I could get one too, but that's besides the point. The flirtation, the seduction, the actually down and dirty roll in the hay. It all played out perfectly. David was so smug, always with that little creepy grin. He's too smarmy for words, and I mean that in as complimentary a way as possible. He's great. And now, in true Gillian form, she's full of regret. Gillian's problem is that she does not think ahead. And even after this latest bout with stupidity that Gillian had, I still can't help but feel sorry for her. So who gets the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD here? Ryan. Much as I like the guy, and do kind of understand where he's coming from in all this, he's just too mean to Gillian. He drove Gillian right into David's arms when he told her he was sick of her. And he said that right after she poured her heart out to him and told him how much she loves him. I don't think it's going to be an easy task to get these two back together, but I hope it happens. Ryan and Gillian were made for each other. Ryan just needs to wise up and not compare her to Hayley. It's beyond my realm of comprehension why he thinks Hayley is so perfect anyway. But I do understand him wanting a love like Hayley and Mateo have. And another reason to slap Ryan this week... that apology to Mateo. He said he was sorry he thought Mateo was being a jerk. No need to be sorry Ryan, Mateo is a jerk.

Oh my man Palmer is really getting in deep isn't he? Deeper and deeper by the day. Poor Opal sure has her hands full, and Palmer is completely unmoving. Nothing is going to stand in his way of living happily ever after with his paintings. Palmer deserved some slapping this week too, for kicking Erica out of his home when she is really trying to help him and more so for locking Opal in the secret room. It was so heartbreaking to see Opal in the state that Erica found her in. She knows she can't compete with those works of art that Palmer has. After all, she's a "hound dog playing poker." Jill Larson has been so outstanding in this storyline. She has shown such depth. When Erica found her in that room, practically comatose with grief, my heart went out to her. The sad way she spoke of herself, that she's not good enough to compete with paintings. Erica was right, Palmer is not worthy of her love. Opal gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. My favorite part was when she laid into Jack, Mike and Erica for playing stupid games when it's about love, not about the chase. She made them open their eyes I hope. Left alone to talk about their situation, Mike and Jack apologized for being, well, for being men. And then immediately started to argue with each other again. Prompting this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. Frustrated, Erica said to Mike and Jack, "I have the answer, you two run off together." To which Jack replied, "It's been discussed." That was so funny, and the moment was made all the more cute by Erica's little smirk. Oh and I loved the scene when Adam found Palmer in the wall. This week Palmer is going to fake his death. You all realized that right? You didn't really think he was going to die and that Esther was going to dive in the water and retrieve those paintings did you?

Who did Allie learn her eavesdropping skills from? Camille? Just what is her dang deal? I don't get it at all. She knows the baby is not Jake's, yet she's as paranoid as ever. She knows that Adam has no intentions of keeping the paternity of this baby from Liza forever. SHE KNOWS THE BABY IS NOT JAKE'S! Can she just quit being such a lame idiot? Here's a little advice for Allie... pretend to be happy! Get over it, rejoice, be happy for Liza, pretend to be her friend, and when Liza finds out that Jake is not the father, be shocked. Brilliant plan you have there to not use birth control. Ugh, this once smart doctor is a blithering idiot! The end of October isn't coming soon enough for me. I can't wait to see you depart Pine Valley for good!!

A couple of random observations... Harold was taken to the vet this week, that was beyond thrilling and memorable. Mateo wants to build Hayley a house, I suggest he get a job first. Tad asked Dixie when she was going to get over the affair and Dixie got angry and yelled at him that it happened to her, not him. Here's a little advice for you Dixie honey, get over yourself. Every scene with Stuart and Marian this week was wonderful, touching, beautiful and they finally said their I love you's!!! I can't get enough of this couple. But I guess I'll have to for awhile. This fishing trip that Stuart and Adam are going on will keep them both away from the show for some time, since David Canary is doing a play in Massachusetts for most of September.

It seems to be send out bad messages week on AMC, first with the verdict and party, then with Lee's death. Adam went to confront Lee about kidnapping his children. He had this eerie Jack Palance kind of demeanor about him, Adam I mean. He killed Lee pretty much. He tormented him until he dropped dead. Then Mateo and Adam might as well have high fived on it. So what have we learned this week kids: Cheat the system, kill your enemies, gloat, party.