The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Mario Van Peebles (2008)
Family: Melvin Woods (Father); Andre "Dre" Woods (Son)
Marriages: Mrs. Woods

2008:United States Attorney Samuel Woods looked like he had everything he needed in life: a wonderful wife and a beautiful family. That all changed when his wife died in the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. In his grief, Sam turned to his work and became consumed by his political ambition for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat. He was so distracted that, he had not noticed when his son, Dre Woods, ran away from home.
Sam’s most visible political move was when he publically arrested celebrity Erica Kane at the FUSION Go Red Fashion Show in Bryant Park. Erica had unknowingly committed an act of insider trading after getting a tock tip from ex-husband Adam Chandler. Sam wanted to make it seem like he was hard on celebrities who thought they were above the law. Erica rebuffed Sam’s power play by surrendering to authorities before trial. Erica’s actions intrigued Sam. He made it his duty to keep tabs on her in prison.
Sam tracked Dre down to Pine Valley. Dre reluctantly gave his father another chance. Dre needed Sam after he was implicated in the murder of Richie Novak. Dre had supposedly committed a hit and run. Sam showed he loved his son by openly supporting him. A later autopsy revealed that Richie was already dead when Dre hit him with Colby Chandler’s car.
Sam found himself spending a lot of time with Erica in prison. During a lockdown, Sam and Erica gave into their mutual attraction and kissed. Sam opened up about his troubles since his wife’s death. When Erica was released from prison, they began seeing each other openly.
Sam’s campaign team questioned Sam’s judgment about the situation. Erica was a convict, and Sam was supposed to be a law enforcing member of the community. Erica was also fresh of a divorce from her tenth husband, Jackson Montgomery. Jackson and Erica shared a family.
In the fall, Sam’s team launched his campaign tour. Sam asked Erica to come with him, but she was not ready to leave Pine Valley so soon after being released from prison. Erica encourage Sam to continue his campaign. At the last minute. Dre asked Sam if he could come along. Father and son left Pine Valley, together.