The Pine Valley Bulletin

WOODS, Andre "Dre"
Portrayed by
: Sterling Sulieman (2007-08)
Family: Sam Woods (Father); Melvin Woods (Grandfather)
Marriages: None

2007: Andre "Dre" Woods seemed like a typical teenager. He spent his days practicing in a garage band next to Tad Martin’s home. He became fast friends with Colby Chandler and Sean Montgomery. But Dre was harboring a secret. His erratic behavior included refusing to take a picture for the cover of his band's new album. Dre had reasons to be careful. He was a man on the run.

2008: Federal investigators arrived at the Chandler Mansion looking for Dre. While Sean acted as a distraction, Colby and Dre hid the Chandler tunnels. Dre revealed his true identity. He was the runaway son of US Attorney Samuel Woods. Dre and Sam had been estranged since his mother’s death in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Sam had become consumed with his political ambitions. Dre was surprised to see that his father even knew he was missing.
Colby introduced Dre to Cassandra Foster. Cassandra and Dre quickly began a summer romance. After Colby drank entirely too much at her 18th birthday party, Dre volunteered to drive her home. He had been so distracted that he did not notice when he ran over something in the middle of the road. That something was Richie Novak's dead body. Wrongfully thinking they had killed a person, the three promised to never speak of the matter again.
But the truth was a hard thing to keep. Petey Cortlandt discovered blood on Colby’s car bumper and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Dre worried that the truth would alienate Sam, especially since they only just begun to rebuild their relationship. Dre admitted to driving the car the night of Richie’s death. He was ready to face the consequences of his actions, even if it meant time in prison.
Cassandra and Dre made plans to runaway together. At the last minute, Cassandra realized she could not say goodbye to her mother. Dre realized he still loved his father and wanted to make things work with him too. Instead, Cassandra left for Paris to be with her father while things cooled down in Pine Valley.
An autopsy exonerated Dre for Richie’s murder. Richie was already dead when he hit him with the car. Dre decided to a break from Pine Valley, and left on the campaign trail with his father.