The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Tamara Braun (2008-present)
Family: Forrest Williams (Father); Gabrielle Montgomery (Daughter)
Marriages: None

2008: Architect Reese Williams moved to Paris looking for a fresh start. She never thought she would also find the love of her life. Reese began dating business mogul Bianca Montgomery. Bianca was looking for someone who she could settle down with and be the mother to her daughter, Miranda Montgomery. The couple began having conversations about having a child of their own.
While Miranda’s uncle, Zach Slater, was in Paris, the women asked Zach to be a sperm donor. After a few glasses of wine, Zach agreed to the arrangement. Soon Bianca was pregnant with another child, Zach’s child. What complicated matters was the fact that Bianca’s sister, Kendall Slater, was now married to Zach and had no idea.
Tragedy struck when a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley. Bianca gave birth to their baby, Gabrielle Montgomery, in the rubble of Zach’s home. Kendall was in a coma. After Reese was able to make arrangements to come out to Pine Valley, she proposed to Bianca. Reese agreed to stick around Pine Valley to help Zach rebuild The Seasons East Casino.
Reese saw Bianca’s family acceptance of her and Bianca’s relationship as a positive sign. Her father, Forrest Williams, had disowned her when she came out of the closet. The reminders of family wore away at the strong Reese. Bianca tried to reach out to Forrest, but he refused to aknowledge her as kin.