The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Lamman Rucker (2005)
Family: None
Marriages: Mimi Reed

2005: Charismatic New York City businessman Garret Williams made a great first impression when he crashed the Montgomery family 4th of July picnic. His fiancée, Mimi Reed, had come to Pine Valley to reclaim her daughter, Danielle Frye. But Danielle had made a home for herself in Pine Valley and was not going to leave.
Garret found Dani at the Boathouse after she lost her virginity to a much older Josh Madden. Garret promised to keep it a secret from her mother. Garret insinuated himself more and more into Dani’s life. It soon became clear that Garret’s intentions were less than honorable. Garret began to make sexual adavances towards Dani. Dani would come out with the truth on Mimi and Garret;s wedding day. Mimi believed Dani’s allegations were a last ditch effort to ruin their marriage, and took her fiancée’s words over that of her own daughter's.
Garret was not what he seemed. He always had an attraction for younger women. One of who was former stripper, Di Kirby. Di had come to Pine Valley impersonating her late sister, Dixie Cooney. She held the key to Garret’s true identity: he was The Dragon, a world-renowned crime lord. He had married to police liuetenant Mimi with the sole purpose of keeping track of the investigation into his activities.
Pine Valley was also the home of Julia Keefer, the only witness to a murder attempt committed by a person in his organization. Julia had spent the last decade in Witness Protection. Her husband, Noah Keefer, went to confront Garret so that they could finally come out of hiding. Garret killed Noah, and set his sites on Julia. Julia ran away and sought refuge back in Pine Valley.
Garret tracked Julia down and lured him to his secret apartment. He was about to kill her when Di broke in. She begged for Garret to leave town, but he was not so easily swayed. Di’s presence presented enough of a diversion for Julia to put together a make shift weapon. She drove a blade into his heart, finally slaying the Dragon.