The Pine Valley Bulletin

WILKES, Connie (aka Silver Kane)
Portrayed by
: Deborah Goodrich (1982-83)
Family: None
Marriages: none

1982: Connie Wilkes had already conned pretty much everyone in California when she set her sites on Pine Valley. Model Erica Kane was the city’s rising star. Connie decided to pose as her long lost sister, Silver Kane, so as weasel her way into Erica’s life. Mona Kane confirmed that Erica's father had married a woman after their divorce and produced another child, Silver. Erica was at first hesitant to accept her “sister,” but Connie proved to be an asset as her personal assistant. Knowing Erica trusted her fully, Connie began the second phase of her plan by sabotaging Erica’s performance at her photo shoots.
As Erica busily tried to compensate for her mistakes, Connie befriended Erica's lover, Kent Bogard. Connie seduced Kent, and they began a secret affair.
Connie spotted Jesse Hubbard when he snuck back into town. She reported the alleged rapist to the police, making her a public hero.

1983: Connie was determined to surpass her fake sister’s fame. She began booking modeling jobs behind Erica’s back. When Erica found out, she reacted by kicking Connie out of her home. Connie was ruined without Erica as a means for support. Kent, realizing the errors of his ways, broke things off with Connie too. She retaliated by telling Erica about the affair.
Connie caught Erica and Kent in a fight over the affair. The gun Erica had given Kent for his birthday accidentally discharged. Kent was dead. Connie seized the moment and turned Erica in for maliciously murdering Kent.
With Erica on the run, Connie thought she had won out. She asked Lars Bogard, Kent's father, to name her the new American Beauty. But a recent Pine Valley citizen's return was set to compromise her new life. Tad Martin recognized Connie as a well-known con artist in California. Connie’s true identity came out. She admitted to framing Erica for murder, and was extradited back to the West Coast.