WARNER, Robert “Bobby” Clifford Thorne
Portrayed by
: Mathew MacNamara (1981-88); Chris Mazura (1988-89); Brian Gaskill (1995-97); Christian Campbell (2004-05)
Family: Cliff Warner (Father); Sybil Thorne (Mother); Nina Cortlandt Warner (Adoptive Mother); Mickey Warner (Brother); Sam Grey (Son)
Marriages: Kelsey Jefferson; Anita Santos

1981-87: Bobby Warner was the result of a pre-wedding affair between nurse Sybil Thorne and Dr. Cliff Warner. He was born in Cortlandt Manor when Sybil had gone there to confront Cliff and his wife, Nina Warner, on what was to be their recommitment ceremony.
Sybil did whatever she could to keep Cliff, including using custody of Bobby as bargaining tool. She wanted Cliff for herself, but he was happily married. When Sybil was murdered by Sean Cudahy, Nina adopted Bobby.
Bobby witnessed his parents divorce and remarry four times in one decade.

1988: Nina took Bobby with her when she left Pine Valley to start her new life with husband Matt Connolly.

1989: Nina and Bobby returned to Pine Valley after Bobby’s new little brother, Mikey Connolly, fell ill with an undiagnosed condition. In the process, Nina learned Mikey was Cliff’s son. Nina and Cliff remarried one more time before all the Warners moved to Denver.

1995: Nina sent Bobby to move in with Palmer because he was causing trouble in Denver. Nina hoped that Palmer’s strict discipline would help to reform Bobby's behavior. But Bobby only began acting out more.
At Pine Valley High School, Bobby met former Catholic schoolgirl, Anita Santos. Though they were complete opposites, Bobby was attracted to her. They had to secretly go on dates because Anita worried about what her strict and traditional father would think of teen rebel Boccy.
Bobby’s wild ways caught up with him when his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Jefferson, showed up in Pine Valley, pregnant.

1996: Bobby and Anita’s secret romance was revealed when Kelsey found them in an embrace. Kelsey had her own revelation: Bobby was the father of her son, Sam Grey. Kelsey still had feelings for Bobby. Rejected by his romance with Anita, Kelsey retaliated by asking for Sam back from Anita’s sister, Maria Grey. Blaming herself for her sister’s pain, Anita ran away from home and into the arms of Scott Chandler.
Nina came back to Pine Valley upon learning of Sam. Nina wanted to mend Bobby’s broken relationship with Palmer. She also wanted repair her estrangement with Bobby. Bobby agreed to was better for him to stay in Pine Valley to deal with his problems.
Bobby searched for a resolution. He did not want to hurt Anita anymore. He went to Kelsey with a proposition. He agreed to marry Kelsey if she gave Sam back to the Greys. Kelsey knew that Bobby would come into his trust fund if they were to marry. Driven by dollar signs, she agreed to the marriage.

1997: Bobby and Kelsey’s marriage was doomed from the start. Palmer convinced Kelsey to give up on Bobby. On New Year’s Eve, Bobby summed up enough courage to ask Isabella Santos for Anita’s hand in marriage. Seeing how helpful Bobby was in returning Sam to the Grey’s, Isabella gave Bobby their blessing. Bobby went to Scott’s home and proposed to her.
Bobby and Anita finished high school in Pine Valley before departing for Chicago, Illinois for college.

2004: Bobby and Anita had married, but both grew restless in their new arrangements. Bobby had made some bad investments and squandered his Cortlandt trust fun. He took a job at Zach Slater’s The Seasons Casino in Las Vegas, where he was responsible to find rich “whales” to spend their money at the Casino. In Bobby’s mind, there was no one more suitable than Palmer’s old friend, Erica Kane.
Bobby preyed on a fragile Erica, whose daughter Bianca had just suffered the loss of her baby. He helped her establish her new identity as Las Vegas showgirl Desiree Duboise. Anita and Bobby were already having problems after Bobby had admitted to being adulterous. His relationship with Erica left Anita on edge. Anita announced she was leaving Bobby and returning to Pine Valley.
Bobby returned to Pine Valley determined to win back his wife. But, he still needed to settle his debts. Palmer refused to give Bobby another dollar. Kendall Hart had a proposition. She would finance his debt, if he successfully seduced Greenlee Lavery. Kendall still had feelings for Greenlee’s husband, Ryan Lavery. Bobby went along with the plan. But Anita had enough of Bobby’s schemes. She filed for divorce.

2005: Bobby told Edmund that he had proof that Zach was behind Ryan’s shooting. He was willing to testify against Zach for a price. But, as soon as Edmund paid him off, Bobby skipped town.