The Pine Valley Bulletin

WALLINGFORD, Langley “Lenny Wlasuk”
Portrayed by
: Louis Edmonds (1979-95)
Family: Hillary Wilson (Daughter); Verla Grubbs (Daughter)
Marriages: Betty Wilson; Phoebe English

1979: Langley Wallingford was resolved to live his life from one con-job to another. Making sure never to be caught in the same town twice, he eventually made his way to Pine Valley. At the Chateau, he met Eddie Dorrance, a fellow con. Langley plotted with Eddie to find a rich bride. At first, he was settled with Edna Thornton, but she had alluded to a larger gold mine in Phoebe Tyler.
Langley turned on the charm around Phoebe. It did not take much for her to fall under his spell. As he went along with his plan, Langley was feeling something strange. He had actually began to fall in love with Phoebe. When he proposed to her, it was genuine. Eddie saw his own dollar signs, and blackmailed Langley so as to keep his silence about his original intent.
But Eddie was not Langley’s only threat. Langley met Myrtle Fargate, a woman from his past. He had stolen her purse while she was working for a traveling carnival. Myrtle had known him as Lenny Wlasuk, the known con. He begged Myrtle not to break his cover as Professor Wallingford. He did not want to hurt Phoebe. Myrtle agreed but warned him that she was not going to let anyone get played by his plots, including Phoebe.
When Eddie was found dead, Langley was one of the many suspects.

1980: Phoebe accepted Langley’s proposal. As the date grew near, Lincoln Tyler confronted Langley after learning about his sordid past from Myrtle. Langley pleaded with Lincoln to keep his secret. He had truly fallen in love with Phoebe. Lincoln sensed his sincerity but left him with a warning never to hurt his mother.
Langley and Phoebe married at the Tyler Estate.

1982: Langley began to view Phoebe very much like Charles Tyler did near the end of their marriage. Langley’s mind was fueled with fantasies about how he was going to get rid of his wife. It was not that he was not happy in his marriage; it was that the glamour of the situation was gone.
Langley began an affair with new maid Opal Gardner. Opal was going to leave Langley if he did not leave Phoebe first. When Langley refused, she resorted to blackmail. Langley realized how much he loved Phoebe and was not about to let Opal ruin their marriage. He complied to whatever monetary demands she made.

1983: Langley’s lies were compromised by the sudden appearance of a woman named Verla Grubbs. Verla was part of the Carnival he was in years ago with Myrtle. Verla had news for the one time conman. Verla had learned by her mother’s deathbed, that she was Langley’s daughter. Verla did not want to cause any harm and agreed to any charade Langley wanted to put on for Phoebe. He presented Verla as his oddball niece so that he one day could visit her again in secret.

1984: Langley was surprised to see a familiar face on his doorstep. A young woman named Hillary Wilson arrived at the English Estate in search of her father. Langley was once married to a woman named Betty Wilson. Hillary was the child he had abandoned. At first worried about how Phoebe would react to the truth, Langley was surprised to see her welcome Hillary with open arms.

1985: Phoebe convinced Langley to take his daughter with him on one of his many archeological digs. Phoebe wanted to protect Hillary from a recently divorced Tad Martin.

1986: Langley and Phoebe’s marriage was torn apart by the presence of conman Wade Matthews. Phoebe finally learned the truth about Langley’s past. What disturbed her the most was that Langley had married her for her money. Langley tried to explain how things changed and that he loved her. Phoebe began drinking excessively, making her prone to Wade’s seductions. Phoebe went to the Caribbean to divorce Langley, and came back married to Wade.
Tad tipped off Langley to Wade’s true intentions. Wade was going to kill Phoebe that very night. Langley caught Wade just in time. Wade was carted off to prison for attempted murder. Langley was determined to win Phoebe back.

1987: Langley’s heroics brought him back into Phoebe’s life. Langley hoped that she would forgive him for all the years he had lied to her about his past as a carnival conman. Langley and Phoebe remarried in a small ceremony at the Wallingford Estate.

1995: Opal called on Langley to meet her at The Boutique. He was surprised to see Verla back in town. Phoebe caught them in an embrace and believed her to be Langley’s new lover. Langley could now come clean to his wife about Verla. Surprisingly, Phoebe welcomed Verla into her family with open arms.

2005: Langley had spent the last couple years on worldwide archeological expeditions. He enjoyed his adventures until his passing. When Phoebe died, she said she was finally going to join Langley in heaven.