The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Season Hubley (1992-94)
Family: Helga Voyetnitzva (Mother)
Marriages: Dimitri Marick

1992: For fifteen years, Angelique Voynitzeva Marick lay in a coma deep within the halls of Wildwind. Her mother, the castle’s housekeeper Helga, was waiting for the most opportune moment to reveal her existence to all of Pine Valley. Helga chose the night of Dimitri Marick’s engagement party to Natalie Hunter to reveal the presence of the first and only Mrs. Marick.
With the help of her personal nurse, Gloria Marsh, Angelique recovered from her comatose state. It was clear to Angelique that something had changed between she and her husband. Not only had Dimitri been engaged to another woman, he was now seeing his business associate, Erica Kane. Helga told Angelique to stick with her marriage. Angelique found her support in Erica’s former fiancé, Jackson Montgomery.
Childhood friend Edmund Grey returned to Pine Valley upon learning of Angelique’s recovery. Now an intrepid journalist, Edmund needed Angelique’s help in solving the mystery of his past. He had discovered Hugo Marick’s will that declared him to be his son and Dimitri’s brother. Angelique could not believe Edmund’s claim. Dimitri chalked it up to the rivalry the two men shared growing up in Wildwind. That all changed when the Maricks went to Vadzel, their ancestral home in Hungary. Cornered by Dimitri and Edmund, Helga revealed to Edmund he was in fact Hugo’s son. Helga then threw herself over the edge to her death.
The trip also marked the end of Angelique and Dimitri’s marriage. Angelique saw clearly how much Dimitri had fallen in love with Erica. When they arrived in the States, Dimitri began the divorce proceedings.

1993: Angelique hired Jackson to assist in her divorce. Angelique realized she needed to fill in the last fifteen years of her life, she returned to Vadzel.

1994: Angelique made an appearance at Edmund’s wedding to Maria Santos. She was now living in Vermont. She told Dimitri she was very happy with her new life.