The Pine Valley Bulletin

TYREE, Rebecca “Becca”
Portrayed by
: Abigail Spencer (1999-2001)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1999: Becca Tyree was another Pigeon Hallow transplant. Dixie Cooney invited her to come to Pine Valley to act as a nanny for Opal and Palmer Cortlandt’s son, Petey Cortlandt. Becca babysat JR Chandler while Dixie was a single mother in Pigeon Hallow.
Becca began helping fellow Pine Valley University student Scott Chandler on his documentary about Pine Valley. Becca was unsure around Scott. Becca revealed she was still a virgin, and intended to stay that way until marriage. Scott assured her that he would respect her boundaries.
Becca became weary of Scott after meeting his ex-girlfriend, Greenlee Smythe. Greenlee arranged it so that Becca would discover a sex tape she had made of her and Scott. Becca broke up with Scott. Realizing she was acting harshly, she sought out Scott to apologize. Instead, she caught Greenlee and Scott together again, in bed.

2000-01: Becca could not get over Scott’s infidelity. She befriended Leo duPres. Leo was having trouble at Cortlandt Electronics. He revealed his inability to do basic mathematics. Becca began tutoring him. They soon began a romance. But, whenever they were on a date, other men heckled Becca. One of them told Becca to go to the website When Becca logged on, she saw men taking bets as to when she would loose her virginity. The domain name was registered under Leo.
Betrayed, Becca confronted Leo by trying to seduce him. Leo claimed he had no role in the website and blamed Greenlee as the real culprit. Eventually, Scott came forward and admitted he had made the site to make Leo look bad. Scott was leaving for NYU film school and wanted to make amends before leaving town.
Becca never quiet adjusted to the fast pace life in Pine Valley. She decided to return to Pigeon Hallow.