The Pine Valley Bulletin

TYLER, Lincoln “Linc”
Portrayed by
: James Karen (1970); Paul Dumont (1971); Nicholas Pryor (1971); Peter White (1974-80, 1981, 1984, 1986, 1995, 2005)
Family: Phoebe English (Mother); Charles Tyler (Father); Anne Tyler (Sister); Chuck Tyler (Nephew)
Marriages: Amy Tyler; Kitty Shea; Kelly Cole

1970-71: Successful attorney Lincoln Tyler had everything he ever wanted: success, health, and a loving wife. Lincoln’s wife, Amy Tyler, did not live up to his mother Phoebe Tyler’s standards because of her liberal views. Lincoln did his best to protect Amy, but as time went on, her actions became harderand harder to defend.
Linc arrived at the hospital one day after hearing Amy was there. He walked in at the very moment in which she admitted to having a child, Phil Brent. Nick Davis, a mysterious man who had made Linc so uneasy, was Phil’s father. The Tylers tried to rekindle their marriage but too much had happened. Amy left Lincoln for Switzerland. Needing a fresh start himself, Linc moved his practice to Seattle.

1974: Lincoln got a special Christmas surprise when Anne arrived on his doorstep in Seattle. He called Phoebe and assured her that Anne was alive and well. He also told his mother neither was returning to Pine Valley until they were ready.
When Lincoln escorted Anne back to Pine Valley, it was supposed to be for a short visit. Then he met Kitty Shea, Anne’s new assistant at the Boutique. Their mild flirtations did not go unnoticed. Phoebe warned her son against Kitty, Nick's ex-lover; but, those warnings were falling on deaf ears.

1975: Lincoln and Kitty fell in love. Phoebe immediately tried to dissuade her son from going through with his wedding plans. She hired Claudette Montgomery to seduce Lincoln. But he was set in his ways. Even Phoebe’s wedding day "dizzy" spells could not keep them apart. Lincoln was determined to make this marriage work. His relationship with Kitty fueled Phoebe's growing addiction to alchohol.

1976: Lincoln and Kitty’s marriage crumbled when Kitty was arrested for possession of narcotics. Hal Shea, Kitty’s first husband, admitted to the crime. He also admitted that he and Kitty never divorced. Even though Hal agreed to a divorce, Kitty struggled with her betrayal of Lincoln. She left Lincoln and moved in with Mona Kane.
Erica Kane tried her best to seduce Lincoln, but his eyes were still on Kitty. Kitty believed she had found her mother in Minneapolis. Lincoln was afraid the distance was going to ruin their chances at reconciliation. When Kitty’s mother suddenly died, she found comfort in his arms. Lincoln and Kitty decided to get married again.

1977: Lincoln married Kitty. His father, Charles Tyler, came with Mona, and Phoebe was nowhere in site. This upset Kitty who longed for Phoebe’s blessing since she would never have that of her own mother. On the way to their honeymoon, Lincoln and Kitty dropped by the Tyler Estate. Phoebe had spent the morning drinking to forget about Lincoln and Kitty’s wedding. When Lincoln asked for a blessing, Phoebe admitted to a terrible plot. She had paid Myrtle Lum to impersonate Kitty’s mother. Myrtle was still alive and gallivanting around Hollywood. Phoebe’s biggest fear was realized. Lincoln left his mother’s home vowing never to see her again.
Kitty insisted they detour to California to find Myrtle. Kitty knew Myrtle had really loved her. When they found her, they welcomed her to move in with them in Pine Valley, Myrtle became the loving and caring mother figure that Phoebe could never be,
Linc’s happiness was short-lived. Kitty was diagnosed with an inoperable, and terminal brain tumor. Kitty decided to live out the last of her days at home, with Lincoln and Myrtle. She died in his arms.
Between Kitty’s death, and Anne’s institutionalization, Lincoln’s rough exterior melted. He reconciled with Phoebe in the most trying time of both of their lives. He also found a compassionate ear in Claudette.

1978: The last time Lincoln heard from Myrtle, Nigel had just died. It did not surprise him to hear from her again in a frantic state, claiming that she had saw Kitty alive in California. Lincoln thought Myrtle was too overcome with grief after loosing so many of the people she loved at the same time that she had lost all sense of reality.
Myrtle turned up on Lincoln’s door with a surprise: Kelly Cole, Kitty’s twin sister. Lincoln opened his home to both women. He was intrigued with the woman who had his wife’s face. But, he could not help but be suspicious of Kelly’s manager, Eddie Dorrance. Lincoln tried to tell Kelly, but she was not ready to trust her onetime brother-in-law.

1979: Kelly found out that Phoebe had paid Eddie to marry her. Kelly rejected Eddie, and made her way into Lincoln’s arms. Lincoln had already fallen in love, but could not understand why Kelly insisted in keeping him at some distance.
At a performance at the Chateau, Kelly had a break down on stage. She revealed to everyone that she was a pill-head, and that Eddie was her supplier. She ran out in a rage. Lincoln confronted Eddie and threatened that if anything happened to Kelly, he would pay.
Lincoln found Kelly hours later in the rain. Kelly admitted that her fear was that her addiction would push Lincoln away. But none of that mattered to Lincoln. He professed his love, and Kelly admitted she was falling in love too. They returned to the Chateau only to find Eddie dead.
The police arrived and found the murder weapon. It had Kelly’s fingerprints all over it. Kelly pleaded with Lincoln to exonerate her. Lincoln was not going to loose Kelly, and promised he would do anything to proove her innocence.

1980: Lincoln served as Kelly’s counsel in the Eddie Dorrance murder trial, even though he was at one time a suspect. The long hours pulled Lincoln and Kelly together. But not even Lincoln’s greatest legal maneuverings could take Kelly’s fingerprints off the murder weapon. Kelly was found guilty and sentenced to death.
Lincoln did not give up. He started another investigation, and found a paper trail leading to Claudette. Claudette had motive: Eddie stole her job and she hated Kelly. She had means: she was still retained at The Chateau. She had opportunity: she was at The Chateau that night Kelly ran away. Lincoln went to confront Claudette who revealed Eddie was stealing money from the restaurant and that she had went to blackmail him. But before she incriminated herself, she got in her car and tried to drive away. Claudette was in such a frazzled state of mind that she got in a car accident. In her last breath, she admitted to killing Eddie. Lincoln got the confession on tape, and exonerated Kelly.
Kelly and Lincoln were free to marry. But, Lincoln was worried about his mother. Myrtle confided in Lincoln that Phoebe's new beau, Langley Wallingford, was once was a con-artist in the carnival. The day of their wedding, Lincoln gave Langley a stern warning; however, he could tell that Langley had fallen in love with his mother. Lincoln gave his mother away to her new husband.
Lincoln and Kelly decided to start a new life together away from Pine Valley. At their wedding, Phoebe made one last drunken plea for Kelly to leave Lincoln. But they did not listen. After they married, the couple left Pine Valley to start their lives anew.

1981: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley to mourn Anne’s death.

1986: Charles died peacefully in his sleep. The Tyler’s returned to Pine Valley to be honor his life.

1995: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley for the Martin family housewarming.

2005: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley for his mother’s funeral.