The Pine Valley Bulletin

TYLER, Kelly Cole
Portrayed by
: Francesca James (1978-81, 1983-84, 1986, 1995, 2005, 2008)
Family: Lucy Carpenter (Mother); Kitty Shea (Sister)
Marriages: Lincoln Tyler

1978: Kelly Cole had made a name for herself as a lounge singer in Hollywood when a raven haired woman began tracking her around. Kelly decided to confront the older women. She revealed that she was a Myrtle Fargate from Pine Valley. Kelly knew that place. She had grown up in that small town with her twin sister, Kitty Shea. Myrtle revealed that Kitty had died a year before of an inoperable tumor. Kelly decided she wanted to know more about her sister’s life and agreed to follow Myrtle to Pine Valley.
She arrived on Lincoln Tyler’s, Kitty’s husband, door. Lincoln looked like he had seen a ghost. Kelly and Lincoln grew close, but she wanted to keep her distance. She new that Lincoln was still grieving her sister’s death.
Kelly’s lover and manger Eddie Dorrance came to Pine Valley to set up some gigs. Kelly needed Eddie more than she could ever tell anyone. He was also her dryg supplier. She was taking pills to keep her energy up. When Lincoln became concerned about Eddie, Kelly knew she had to move out of his home. She decided to move into Myrtle’s newly opened hospice, the Fargate Boarding House. Not soon after, she was engaged to marry Eddie.

1979: Kelly found out that Phoebe Tyler, Linoln'c mother, had paid off Eddie to marry her. She rejected Eddie, but he reminded her that he was her pill supplier. Kelly was determined to recover from her addiction on her own.
Free from Eddie’s control, Kelly began to see a different side of Lincoln. She was falling in love. Kelly was determined not to allow Lincoln to know about her habit. But, managing her own career and her addiction only made her relay on the pills more. In her final performance at The Chateau, Kelly broke down on stage and admitted her addiction. She looked Eddie straight in the eyes, and ran out in a rage.
Lincoln found Kelly hours later. Kelly was ready to be rejected; instead, Lincoln embraced her. They walked back to The Chateau together. But, when they arrived, they found Eddie dead from a gunshot wound. When the police found the murder weapon, Kelly’s fingerprints were found all over it. She was taken into custody.

1980: Prison helped Kelly kick her drug habit, but she was facing murder charges. She put her future and her heart in Lincoln’s hands. But as good of an attorney as he was, could not free Kelly. Kelly knew she did not kill Eddie, but she also knew how bleek the situation looked. Sentenced to death, Kelly contemplated the end of her life and never being able to tell Lincoln how she truly felt about him.
Lincoln came storming in one night and demanded Kelly be freed. He had a taped deathbed confession from Claudette Montgomery that stated she was in fact the murderer. Kelly took Lincoln, her hero, into her arms.
At their wedding, Phoebe made a drunken plea for Lincoln to leave Kelly. But nothing could keep them apart. Kelly and Lincoln decided to start anew by moving to Europe.

1981: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley to mourn Anne’s death.

1983-84: Lincoln and Kelly returned for the holidays.

1986: Lincoln's father, Dr. Charles Tyler, died peacefully in his sleep. The Tyler’s returned to Pine Valley to be honor his life.

1995: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley for the Martin family housewarming.

2005: Lincoln and Kelly returned to Pine Valley for his mother’s funeral.

2008: Kelly came back to attend Myrtle's memorial service. She went to the condemned Boarding House one last time to feel closer to Myrtle.