The Pine Valley Bulletin

TYLER, III; Charles “Chuck”
Portrayed by
: Jack Stauffer (1970-72); Gregory Chase (1972-73); Chris Hubbel (1973-74); Richard Van Vleet (1974-84, 1989-92, 1995, 2005)
Family: Phoebe Wallingford (Step-Grandmother); Charles Tyler (Grandfather); Charles Tyler, II (Father); Lincoln Tyler (Uncle); Ann Tyler (Aunt); Palmer John Cortlandt (Son); Charlie Brent (Step-Son)
Marriages: Tara Martin; Donna Beck; Carrie Sanders; Donna Beck

1970: Chuck Tyler’s life was turned upside down when his parents died in a car accident. Chuck moved in with his grandfather, Dr. Charles Tyler, and his new wife, Phoebe Tyler. Phoebe loved and raised Chuck as if he was her own son. As Chuck grew older, he almost wished that Phoebe would pay less attention to him, especially in the matters of the heart.
Chuck was dating Erica Kane, but had his eyes on Tara Martin. Erica was constantly working to sabotage Phil Brent and Tara’s budding romance. She had feelings for Phil. After graduation, Phil left Pine Valley to find himself in New York. In his absence, Chuck filled Tara’s time. He hoped some day he would fill her heart too.

1971: Knowing he was second best, Chuck did what he could to keep Tara’s spirits up. When Phil rejected her for the last time, Chuck knew it was his time to act. He proposed to Tara. Phoebe was excited to learn the news, and planned the wedding of the century.
At the wedding, all was going as planned until the minister asked if anyone had any objections. Phil was stoic, but his father Nick Davis was not. He called out the truth: Phil loved Tara. Chuck threw a punch at Nick. He was suddenly light headed and collapsed. Rushed to Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Joe Martin diagnosed him with kidney failure.
Chuck struggled to regain consciousness. When he awoke, it was to the site of Tara and Phil together. Tara assured him nothing had changed; she now loved Chuck and not Phil.

1972: Chuck’s recovery was going well, as was his love life to Tara. Though Chuck was disappointed that Phil was not going to be there for his wedding, he knew his friend was doing an honorable duty by serving in Vietnam. Not long after being discharged from the hospital, Chuck learned Phil had died in combat.
Tara had a secret for Chuck. Before Phil left for combat, they had promised their love to each other. She was pregnant with Phil’s son. At first filled with a feeling of betryal, Chuck also knew he needed to step up to the plate and help Tara. He offered to marry Tara and raise her son as his own. Even though she had cheated on him, she was now his best friend. Later that year they welcomed Phillip Charles Tyler into the world.

1973: Chuck moved his wife and son into the Tyler Estate while he attended Med school. Chuck was proud to be a father. The Tyler home seemed at peace now, not even Phoebe could complain. But this peace was disrupted with news that Phil was found alive. Chuck worried that his best friends return would destroy his family.

1975: Chuck and Tara rallied around young Phillip when he was admitted to the hospital. He needed a blood transfusion. Neither Chuck nor Tara matched his blood type. Chuck knew the only person who could save his son was his father: Phil. Tara was able to persuade Phil to a donation. Chuck worried that Phil would learn the truth about little Phillip.
When Phil learned the truth, Chuck knew his marriage to Tara was over. Chuck relapsed into kidney failure. When he awoke, he saw the same sight he did four years ago: his wife in love with his best friend. Chuck acquiesced to the divorce on one condition: he would be the once to tell Phillip the truth about his parentage.

1976: Chuck graduated from an accelerated program at Pine Valley Hospital, making him a doctor. He was placed under the mentorship of Dr. Frank Grant. Chuck’s first case was to treat a child prostitute, Donna Beck. Chuck felt connected to Donna. He worked to help her get her GED. He was sure she was not going to regress to her life on Locust Street.
Donna’s pimp Tyrone had a different idea in mind. He came to the hospital to claim his property. Chuck threw him out. For the next few weeks, he was the target of Tyrone’s thugs. One night, Tyrone wielding a knife attacked him. Frank came to his rescue.
At the hospital, Chuck lay near the edge of death. Tara and Phillip rushed to his bedside. Tara pleaded with Chuck, going so far as to offer to leave Phil for him. But Chuck knew his life with Tara was over. He now had his eyes on Donna.
The day Phil and Tara married, Chuck got a surprise visitor. Phillip could not stand to see Tara marry Phil. He wanted to be with the only man he ever considered his father.

1977: Chuck was caring for Phillip while the Brents went on their honeymoon. One day, Phillip got in a terrible accident with Phoebe who was driving drunk. The Brents returned to be with Phillip. Phil and Chuck had a fight over Phillip’s well being. Chuck did not like how Phil was insinuating that Chuck did not have Phillip’s welfare in mind.
That all changed when Phil was shot in the line of duty. Near death he pleaded for Chuck to remarry Tara if he died. Chuck agreed, but he already had his sites on another woman: Donna.
He took Donna out for her 18th birthday. But Erica wanted to spoil their evenings. Erica decided that she was going to try and woo Chuck back. She brought one of Donna’s former johns to the table. This infuriated Chuck, and he pushed Erica further away.
Donna loved Chuck, but knew life with the Tylers was not her cup of tea. Chuck tried to get his mind on other things, but his thoughts were only filled with those of the woman he loved. Estelle LaTour frantically searched for Chuck. The new Locust Street pimp, Billy Clyde Tuggle, was drugging Donna. Chuck, with the help of Phoebe’s chauffer Benny Sago, swept in for the rescue. Thinking he was going to loose Donna, Chuck asked her to marry him.
Soon after they eloped. Donna was excited to announce the news she was pregnant. But, Dr. Clader told Chuck this was not possible as she was sterilized. Billy Clyde wanted to sell the information to Phoebe, but Chuck intervened at the last second. Already, his grandmother had made Donna feel guilty for Chuck loosing custody of Phillip.
Phil was not going to budge when it came to Phillip. The more he tried to keep Chuck away, the more resentment Chuck could see in Phillip’s eyes.

1978: Chuck thought he had lost Donna when he broke the news about her psychosomatic pregnancy. So, he turned to Tara. Phillip, now going by Charlie, was acting up and she did not know what to do. It was evident the Brent’s marriage was doomed.
Chuck would have been perfectly satisfied with Tara if Estelle did not call him to pick up Donna who had wondered back to Locust Street. Estelle had convinced Donna to undergo an operation to reverse her sterilization. Donna and Chuck decided to make another go at their marriage.
But, Tara needed Chuck. Phil left her after they had a fight over what to do with Charlie’s acting up. They began an affair. When Donna found out, she left again.
Chuck was at the hospital when Donna came in on a gurney. She had been hit in her car by an oncoming train. When Donna awoke she had no memory of her last two years. She believed Tyrone had just thrown her out of her car. Chuck also discovered that Donna was pregnant. Tara decided it was best if they end their relationship again so that he could help Donna recover.
Chuck was present when Phoebe made a drunken declaration at Erica’s party. She revealed in front of everyone what Phil, and not Chuck, was Charlie’s father.

1979: Chuck needed to help Donna to protect his child. He took her out to a picnic in the back woods when Ray Gardner abducted them. Chuck recognized Ray as the man who had raped Ruth in the hospital parking lot. He tried to negotiate the release of the other hostages, but Ray was not in the mood for negotiations. He shot Chuck.
Phil arrived and pretended to be a doctor sent to take care of Chuck. He overtook Ray, and the hostages were released. In a delusional state, Chuck called out for Tara. The gunshot had triggered Donna’s memory, and she knew exactly who she was. She also knew that Chuck still had feeling for Tara.
This time, Tara had moved on. Almost loosing both her men, she realized it was Phil she loved. The Brents moved to Washington, DC after Phil was reassigned there by his new bosses at the Narcotic Bureau.
Chuck and Donna grew closer as they anticipated their growing family. Chuck was depressed over loosing Charlie. When Donna went into labor, Chuck was there to help her through the birth. But, his happiness soon turned to pain. Their child was stillborn.
Tara and Charlie returned to Pine Valley after Phil went missing on a secret mission. Chuck grieved his son in her, and not his wife’s, arms.

1980: Chuck and Tara’s attraction made Donna feel insecure. She went so far as to try a buy a black-market baby to keep Chuck happy. Chuck wanted Donna to know that he loved her, but her insecurities had torn them apart. She finally filed for divorce and moved next door to Cortlandt Manor.
Chuck got word that Billy Clyde has escaped from prison with his sites on Benny on Estelle. Chuck found him right before he was about to bury the new couple. Chuck was able to overpowered Billy Clyde once and for all. He was taken away to a maximum-security prison. Chuck’s family was safe at last.

1982: Chuck had not planned on seeing Donna in Switzerland when he first planned his romantic getaway with Melanie Sawyer in Switzerland. Palmer was jealous of Donna and Chuck’s closeness. He asked Chuck to come on a cross-country trip with him. Melanie sprained her ankle and stayed at the cabin.
Palmer tried to make a fool out of Chuck the entire trip. But their rivalry was put aside when a sudden avalanche stranded the trio. Palmer was pushed off a cliff. He would prove to be the lucky one as a helicopter rescued him first. Chuck found safety I a cave. He worked to keep Donna calm. The close quarters made them reminisce about their marriage. Old feelings came flooding back, and the couple succumbed to their passion.
Upon returning home, Chuck tried to forget Donna. He entered in a rushed marriage with Carrie Sanders. Donna was pregnant and claimed the child to be Palmer’s. Chuck had no reason to doubt this until he ran across an old medical file of Palmer’s claiming he was sterile. Chuck was going to confront Palmer at Nina and Cliff Warner’s Anniversary party when he was almost gun down by an unidentified sniper. When Chuck did get a chance to speak with Palmer, they decided it was best that Donna did not learn the truth about the child’s father. After all, she had already lost a child and was finally happy. Chuck was content to be the child’s godfather.

1983: Phoebe learned the truth about Johnny and went to Donna with the truth. Phoebe wanted to protect the newest Tyler heir from Palmer’s machinations. Donna found out Chuck had known the truth about Johnny’s parentage all along, and kept the truth to hurt her. She rejected Chuck. Soon, Carried moved out of their home too.
Chuck offered whatever assistance he could to Donna. She eventually opened her heart to him again. Chuck finally had a family with his son, and his beloved Donna. But their happiness was fleeting. Chuck was called to an emergency at the hospital and was forced to drop off Johnny at the Chateau where Donna was singing. That night, the restaurant caught fire. Though Donna escaped with Johnny in her arms, something was wrong. Johnny died of smoke inhalation. Donna fell into another psychotic state. Chuck wanted to help her, but the grief of loosing another child paid its toll on him too.

1984: Without Donna, Chuck had a hard time coming to grips with the death of his son. Though he still very much had feelings for her, he could not see her in state she was in. Chuck made the difficult decision to accept a job offer in Kentucky.

1989: Chuck returned to Pine Valley as a holiday surprise for his beloved grandmother, Phoebe. He soon realized how much he had missed the small town. Secretly, Chuck was making plans to settle down in Pine Valley again.

1990: Chuck could deny his attraction for Donna. It was as if no time had passed between them. Chuck proposed to Donna again, though she was still married to Benny. With Benny’s blessing, they remarried.
Billy Clyde was released from prison and quickly implicated himself back into Donna’s affairs. Chuck did the most he could to protect Donna, not knowing Billy Clyde’s real target was his daughter, Emily Ann Sago.

1991-92: Chuck and Donna left Pine Valley to help Emily Anne recover.

1995: Chuck was amongst the many guests present for the Martin family housewarming.

2005: Chuck returned to Pine Valley for Phoebe’s funeral.