The Pine Valley Bulletin

TYLER, sr.; Charles
Portrayed by
: Hugh Franklin (1970-86)
Family: Lincoln Tyler (Son); Anne Tyler (Daughter); Chuck Tyler (Grandson); Charles Tyler II (son)
Marriages: Alicia Tyler; Phoebe English; Mona Kane

1970: Pine Valley's premier physician Dr. Charles Tyler lost his wife, and his son within the span of a few years, leaving him a grandchild, Chuck Tyler. Picking up the pieces of his life, he committed to a rushed marriage with Phoebe English, Pine Valley’s wealthiest and most influential woman. Though they would share two children, Anne and Lincoln Tyler, their marriage was strained.
Charles found solace from Phoebe’s gossiping and manipulations at work with his secretary, Mona Kane. Mona and Charles’ longstanding relationship was always something more than professional. Though Charles assured Phoebe nothing was going on, Phoebe knew better. Even if Charles did not know it, he was falling in love with Mona. Mona's daughter, Erica Kane, was also seeing Chuck.

1971: Charles' hours at the hospital only grew as Phoebe’s meddling in her children’s lives did. Mona was his main concern. She had become so worried about Erica after she eloped with Dr. Jeff Martin. Charles reassured her that all would work out in the end. Charles did not share the same optimism with his family. Chuck suffered from kidney failure and remained in the hospital. His marriage to Phoebe was only one on paper. He acknowledged that he loved Mona.

1972: Charles blamed himself for Phoebe’s descent to alcoholism; however, he could not bear to stand by her as she ruined the lives of the ones she loved. He needed to find an out from his marriage. After all, it was Mona whom he loved.

1973: Charles’s was a pillar in Mona’s life. The hospital was abuzz when Joe Martin revealed to his son, Jeff, that Erica had aborted their child. Everyone turned to the Chief of Staff for guidance. Though Charles kept a strong front, behind closed doors his heart ached for Mona. He encouraged Mona to talk to Jeff. Erica was too immature to make the first move. Mona knew Charles would not lie to her, and followed his advice.
Charles was on the opposite side of the coin when his daughter Anne was wheeled into the hospital. Charles had to hold Phoebe back when Nick Davis admitted to causing the car accident that left Anne in a coma. Though Anne recovered, her sudden disappearance from the hospital left Charles perturbed.

1974: Charles was dealing with a public relations nightmare. Two of the most distinguished doctors at Pine Valley Hospital, Joe and Jeff, were entwined in a murder mystery. Phoebe gloated in the fact that Jeff was Erica’s latest victim, and not Chuck. Charles told Phoebe to keep her distance.
Charles helped Mona relive the night of Jason Maxwell’s murder. With a dose of truth serum, Mona admitted to killing Jason to protect Erica. As the town shunned the Kane women, Charles only pulled Mona closer.

1976: Charles welcomed his grandson Chuck as the newest member of the Pine Valley Hospital staff of doctors. He was a part of the growing Tyler family tradition of medicine.
Mona admitted to Charles that she had blackmailed Phoebe into granting him a divorce. She had unveiled her plot to gaslight Lincoln's second wife, Kitty Tyler, into thinking Myrtle Lum was her mother. Mona was ready to be rejected by Charles, but he was more amused. Charles moved out of the Tyler Estate and got a room at the Valley Inn. Even though his divorce was not finalized, Charles started to see Mona openly.

1977: Charles risked his own reputation by taking Mona as his guest to all the major functions of his life. The town knew he and Phoebe had separated, but nobody truly knew how unhappy his marriage was. Phoebe had admitted to gas lighting Kitty, so Mona had lost her clout. Phoebe threatened to run Mona’s name through the mud. Charles worried for Mona’s welfare, but she was resilient. The couple was finally happy together.
Phoebe tumbled down the stairs at the Tyler Estate. Her compromised condition forced Charles to move back in. It was all another one of Phoebe's schemes to hold on to her husband.

1979: Charles asked Mona to come with him to a medical conference in Rome. There, the couple could be seen together in public without the fear of being discovered. Or so Charles thought. Phoebe had followed them there. When she caught them together, she pretended to faint. Charles knew better and called his wife out. He declared that if she refused to a divorce, he was going to see Mona anyways.
Back in Pine Valley, Phoebe had met a man of her own, Langley Wallingford. Content with the professor, Phoebe finally agreed to a divorce.

1980: Phoebe finally agreed to the divorce that Charles had wanted for so long. He immediately made plans to marry Mona. Phoebe had gotten the Tyler Estate, her ancestoral home, so Charles moved in with Mona to the Linden House.
Phoebe confronted Charles after he and Mona set a date to wed. Phoebe had allegedly made plans to marry on the same day. So not to let Phoebe’s schemes ruin the wedding Mona had long deserved, Charles secretly moved up their wedding date. They married in front of their family in small church wedding.

1981: Charles mourned the sudden death of his daughter Anne when her husband Paul Martin’s car exploded with her inside. All the Tylers came together again for her funeral.

1986: Charles Tyler passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had dedicated the last few years of his life to a free clinic he opened to help the underprivileged in Pine Valley.