The Pine Valley Bulletin

TUGGLE, Billy Clyde
Portrayed by
: Mathew Cowles (1977-80, 1984, 1989-90)
Family: Emily Ann Sago (Daughter)
Marriages: Estelle La Tour

1977: Billy Clyde Tuggle filled the void left by the pimp Tyrone when he was ran out of town by the upstanding citizens of Pine Valley. Unlike Tyrone, Billy Clyde would go to extremes to protect his interests. One of his girls, Estelle LaTour, had bailed Donna Beck out of prison. He allowed Estelle to house her friend until she got back on her feat. Secretly, Billy Clyde was feeding her mind-altering drugs so as to make her susceptible to his manipulations. He knew the young Donna was a good investment, and that many men would want her. Before he could execute his great plan, Chuck Tyler and Benny Sago came to her rescue.
Billy Clyde wanted to keep a close watch on Donna and his new enemies at the Tyler Estate. He did not mind Estelle going to visit Donna, knowing she would always come back with new information about his obsession. Estelle let it slip that Donna was infertile, yet going through a hysterical pregnancy. Billy Clyde knew that Phoebe Tyler, the matriarch of the Tyler family, would be very willing to pay for this information. Before he could put his plan into action, Chuck intervened yet again.

1978: Billy Clyde knew his meal ticket would be Donna, now Chuck's wife. When she first ran away from the Tyler home, he had turned to Phoebe with the promise to keep her away from Chuck for good. Estelle, who again disseminated the information to the young Dr. Tyler, foiled his plans.
Billy Clyde decided he needed to keep Estelle silent. He offered to take her off the streets if she became his wife. She was hesitant to accept his offer, but Billy Clyde knew his offer was too good to refuse.

1979: Billy Clyde knew if he did not do something soon, he was going to loose Estelle to Benny. Knowing doing anything outside of the law would only push Estelle away, Billy Clyde decided the best thing to do was to add distance. He moved his operations to Sea City.

1980: Billy Clyde was arrested in Sea City. When he was released, he found out Estelle had move in with Benny. In a jealous rage, Billy Clyde plotted his revenge. He drugged Estelle and Benny and threw them in a coffin. He was about to bury them in a shallow grave when Chuck arrived. Billy Clyde was tired of Chuck’s intervention, and decided to stop him once and for all. Armed with a shovel, Billy Clyde aimed to kill the young Dr. Tyler. Luckily, Chuck prevailed. Billy Clyde was taken into custody.

1989-90: Billy Clyde made his way back to Pine Valley after being released from prison. Billy Clyde opened the Cyclops Disco under the alias John Rockefeller. One of his new employees was none other than Emily Ann Sago, his daughter with Estelle. Emily Ann has been raised believing Benny and Donna to be her parents.
At first, it seemed like his intentions were pure. He just wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life. That all changed when Donna discovered him. Billy Clyde tried to kill Donna and stage it as a suicide. Billy Clyde told Emily Ann the truth: he was her father. Just as Billy Clyde had planned, Emily Ann lashed out against Donna.
Billy Clyde befriended Dixie Martin. She confided in him the insecurities she had about her marriage with Tad Martin. Billy Clyde wanted Dixie, but she spurned his advances. Finally, Billy Clyde cracked. Something in his mind was set off. He kidnapped Dixie and took her to his cabin. He was going to make Dixie his wife. Before he could fulfill his plan, the police tracked him down. He was ready to die with Dixie before being taken into custody again. It was Emily Ann’s voice that changed his mind. Billy Clyde came out when he heard his daughter’s pleas to let Dixie go. At that moment, the police stormed the cabin and saved Dixie. Billy Clyde showered the barricades with bullets as he made his getaway.
Billy Clyde decided that if he did not have Dixie, no one would. He lured Tad to an abandoned bridge. In an altercation, Billy Clyde pulled the trigger on a bomb he had set to explode. The two fell into the icy river below. Billy Clyde’s dead body washed up on shore.