The Pine Valley Bulletin

TORRES, Simone
Portrayed by
: Terri Ivens (2001-06, 2007)
Family: Zeke McMillan (Father); Anthony McMillan (Brother)
Marriages: None

2001: Intrepid reporter Simone Torres’ first big story was unlocking the secret behind the Proteus drug ring in Pine Valley. Edmund Grey of Tempo magazine enlisted her to act as the go between him and Mateo Santos. Proteus was threatening Mateo into compliance to use his club SOS as a front for the drug ring. To protect his family, Simone was to pose as Mateo’s mistress. The long hours on the job caused Simone to have real feelings for her new boss.

2002: Simone secretly planned to publish a book about the investigation. Only, her publisher was really Proteus, now revealed to be Vanessa Cortlandt. Using the manuscript to identify the major players, Simone put everyone in danger. Vanessa sent an assassin to kill Mateo. Chris Stamp intervened and was paralyzed in the process.
Simone began renting Greenlee Smythe’s loft. Only, her fiancée Leo was living there too. Greenlee wrongfully thought Simone was going for Leo. After the misunderstanding the women became fast friends. Simone was working with Greenlee’s father, Roger Smythe, on a new book. They fell into an affair. Greenlee wanted to break things off before Greenlee found out, but Roger was persistent. The truth came out at Leo and Greenlee’s wedding where Roger was shot dead. Mary Smythe, Roger’s ex-wife, maliciously told Greenlee about her father’s affair.
Greenlee kicked Simone out. Down on her luck, she spent her night on a drunken bender that left her in the hospital. Simone’s father Dr. Zeke McMillan, a doctor at Pine Valley hospital, berated her. Her own doctor, Frank Hubbard, defended her. Frank found her a room at Myrtle Fargate’s Boarding House. With Myrtle and Frank’s help, she got back on her feat.
Frank was Simone’s first healthy relationship. Frank was concerned about Zeke’s treatment of her. Simone revealed Zeke had become verbally abusive since her brother, Anthony McMillian, died of an overdose while living on the streets in New York. The name struck a cord with Frank. He admitted that while he was a film student in New York, he filmed Anthony dying in a documentary instead of calling for help. Simone could not get past what Frank did and broke up with him.
Kendall Hart approached Simone about joining her Cosmetics company venture as marketing director. Simone reluctantly agreed. She was surprised to hear that Greenlee and Mia Saunders, Frank’s ex-girlfriend, were involved.

2003: Simone became Marketing Director for FUSION. Her tactics were sometimes extreme, even landing her in prison. She began to spend a lot of time with FUSION attorney, Kenny Adler. Kenny got a job offer in Georgia. He wanted Simone to come with him. But, Simone was only beginning to establish some roots in Pine Valley.
Simone began a relationship with Tad Martin. Her colleague, Liza Colby, secretly pined for Tad too.
Simone worried about Greenlee’s state of mind as she mourned Leo’s death. She was relieved when she began dating again with Carlos Reyes. Simone and Carlos became good friends. Simone confided her insecurities about her father, and her new relationship with Tad. Carlos and Greenlee got in a car accident. Simone stood by Carlos as he hung on to life. When he died, Simone bore the responsibility of telling his family and new friends about his death.

2004: Simone broke off her relationship with Tad after finding out he had slept with Krystal Carey. She threw herself into her work, launching FUSION’s new signature fragrance. But, most of her time at the office was spent mediating Greenlee and Kendall’s constant arguing.

2005: Greenlee and Kendall were sure that Jonathan Lavery was responsible for Greenlee’s recent poisoning. Simone agreed to seduce Jonathan and slip him truth serum. Only, Simone switched the drinks and took the serum herself. In her lucid state, she made her way to Tad’s home and admitted her feelings for him.
Greenlee was determined to have her husband, Ryan Lavery’s, baby. Only, Ryan had had a vasectomy. Greenlee knew Ryan had made a sperm donation for Liza years ago, and that the sample still existed. They teamed up for a caper that had them breaking into Dr. Greg Madden’s clinic for the last remaining sample.
Ethan Cambias was the nursing his wounds after his breakup with Kendall. Ethan and Simone began working late hours at the office. They made an unlikely couple. Simone was hesitant to open her heart to another man. But, after Ryan seemingly died, Simone realized how short life was. She finally let her guard down.
On Christmas, Ethan surprised Simone with his shares of FUSION, finally making her a full partner. On New Years Eve, he surprised her with a proposal.

2006: Simone was devastated when Ethan died in an explosion at the Mardi Gras Ball. Simone blamed Ethan’s death on Zach Slater, his father. All Ethan wanted was Zach’s approval, and he could never give that to him, even at the time of his death.
Greenlee left her FUSION shares to Babe Chandler. Babe tried to hire Amanda Dillon as an associate. Simone was infuriated because Amanda’s mother, Janet Dillon, was responsible for the explosion that killed Ethan.
All the FUSION women were going to celebrate their new marketing campaign after signing eccentric pop star Zarf. Simone stayed behind in the office. That evening, she was discovered dead. At first, Simone’s death was assumed to be a suicide, driven by her grief from loosing Ethan. In reality, she was the first victim of the Satin Slayer: Ethan’s grandfather, Alexander Cambias.

2007: Simone’s spirit visited Greenlee and Kendall after Greenlee’s return to Pine valley. Simone left many of her shares at FUSION to Greenlee hoping that she would find it in her heart to make amends with Kendall and move back to Pine Valley.