The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Dawn Marie Boyle (1977-80); Tasia Valenza (1982-86)
Family: David Thornton (Father); Edna Thornton (Mother)
Marriages: Tad Martin

1977: Dottie Thornton was the unwanted child of famous doctor David Thornton, and his tacky wife Edna Fergueson. David wanted nothing to do with his family, and made them live in a cabin far into the backwoods of Pine Valley.

1978: Dottie grew tired of her parents always fighting. One day, she innocently switched her father and mother’s wine glasses before dinner. Her parents drank their glasses. Edna then decided to take Dottie and leave David’s cabin. The next day, Dottie learned her father had died of a heart attack. He had poisoned Edna’s drink with a lethal dose of digitalis.

1979: Ray Gardner who had escaped from prison held Dottie hostage in her own home. Luckily, Phil Brent was able to go undercover and save her before things got out of hand.
Edna married Benny Sago. Though their union was short lived, Dottie saw Benny as a father figure.

1984: Edna was never forgiving toward Dottie. Dottie grew up believing she was ugly and fat. She knew Edna was paying Tad Martin to date her. But, Dottie was convinced that she was in love.
Dottie noticed Tad’s eyes wondering whenever Hillary Wilson entered the room. She decided the only way she could have Tad forever was if she was pregnant with his child. She threw out her birth control pills and seduced him. When Dottie announced she was pregnant, Tad proposed.

1985: Dottie miscarried Tad’s baby. She knew that if she ever admitted to the truth, her marriage to Tad would be over. But even her greatest efforts were not enough. Tad learned the truth, and left her.
Dottie moved back in with her mother that Christmas. She longed to be with Tad again. Tad showed up one day asking for money so that he could buy his parents a Christmas present. Dottie was devastated to learn the money was in fact so that he could follow Hillary to Australia.

1986: Dottie and her mother were probably the only people in Pine Valley not invited to Tad and Hillary’s wedding. While driving that day, Dottie and Edna almost ran over someone who had darted into the middle of the street. It was Hillary, dressed in her gown. The Thorntons brought Hillary to the Wallingford Estate and awaited Tad’s arrival.
When Tad arrived, Dottie wanted to let him know there were no hard feelings. She gave him her blessing to marry Hillary.
Edna and Dottle settled back into their single lives. The events of the last year had repaired their estranged relationship.