The Pine Valley Bulletin

STONE, Mary Margaret “Maggie”
Portrayed b
y: Elizabeth Hendrickson (2002-05, 2007)
Family: Vanessa Bennett (Aunt); Gwen Bennett (Mother); Frankie Stone (Sister); David Hayward (Cousin); Leo duPres (Cousin); Trey Shepherd (Cousin)
Marriages: None

2002: Maggie Stone wanted to unlock the mysteries of her twin sister Frankie Stone’s murder. After the initial shock wore off, Maggie befriended Frankie’s ex-girlfriend, Bianca Montgomery. Together, they realized Maggie’s aunt, Vanessa Bennett, was Frankie’s killer. Vanessa was the drug lord Proteus. On her way out of town, Vanessa kidnapped Maggie and left her to die in a steam room. Her cousins, Leo duPres and Dr. David Hayward, rescued her.
Bianca pushed Maggie away when she thought she could be using Maggie to replace Frankie. Bianca set Maggie up with Tim Dillon. Maggie was affectionate to Tim when Bianca around, but could not bear to be alone with him. Maggie confided that she had feelings for Bianca, but she still thought of herself as heterosexual.
Maggie learned to relay on her new family. David offered to pay for Maggie’s school so that she too could become a doctor. But her time with Leo was all too short. Vanessa and Leo were presumed dead after falling off Miller Falls.

2003: Maggie was overwhelmed with life at Pine Valley University. She was placed in a study group with Henry Chin, a fellow pre-Med student at the top of the class. After some initial classes, Maggie found herself attracted to Henry. They began spending a lot of time together.
Henry froze during a final. Maggie tried to help him by letting him see her paper. Only, Henry ended up copying Maggie’s exam word for word. They were called into the Dean’s office. Maggie took the fall for the cheating scandal. Henry begged Maggie to keep quiet. His family was depending on him to become a doctor. Eventually, the guilt wore away at Henry. He turned himself in for cheating, and was expelled.
Maggie helped Henry realize his dream of starting a band. The band was invited to open on a national tour. Maggie let Henry go with her blessing.
Bianca confided in Maggie that Michael Cambias had raped her. She was now pregnant with his child. Maggie promised to keep her secret, but encouraged her to go to David for treatment. When Michael was found murdered, Maggie was among the suspects.

2004: Bianca was revealed to be Michael’s murderer. She had suppressed the memory of the murder. Maggie and Bianca only grew closer after the end of the trial. They made preparations for the arrival of Bianca’s baby girl, Miranda Montgomery.
Maggie was among those searching for Bianca when she went missing in a storm. Bianca had gone into labor in the woods. She lost Miranda when the helicopter that was transporting them to the hospital crashed. Maggie tried to be strong for Bianca. When Bianca;s girlfriend Lena Kundera left town, the two grew closer. It was clear that Maggie had feelings for Bianca.
Jamie Martin moved in with Maggie. Jamie and Maggie began dating to make Babe Chandler jealous. When Jamie was accused of drugging Babe, Maggie knew her roommate was innocent. She rightfully suspected JR Chandler of planting evidence at their apartment. Jamie and Maggie’s brief romance ended when he went on the run with Babe after realizing JR’s guilt.
Maggie began dating Jonathan Lavery. Maggie caught Jonathan with the shirt that Bianca was wearing the night of Miranda’s birth. Bianca had been looking for it to see if it had any of Miranda’s DNA on it. Ethan Ramsey claimed to be son of the late Alexander Cambias, II, making him the heir to the Cambias fortune. But the courts needed a DNA test. Jonathan knew if the claim proved true, his brother Ryan Lavery would loose everything. Maggie said nothing as Jonathan burned the shirt in the fireplace.
Bianca fell into a coma after an altercation with JR. Maggie rushed to the hospital. There, she witnessed Bianca reunited with Miranda, who had spent the last year being raised by JR and Babe as Bess Chandler.

2005: Maggie found out Jonathan had known about Bianca’s coma and neglected to tell her. In a heated argument, Jonathan slapped Maggie. Maggie kept the incident a secret. But, the violence escalated. Anita Santos tried to make Maggie see what Jonathan was doing to her. Maggie could not admit the truth until she found Jonathan terrorizing Bianca. Maggie found the courage to walk away.
Bianca asked Maggie to come with her to Paris. Maggie at first let Bianca down. She reconsidered right before Bianca’s plane was going to take off. She rushed to the airport to be with the woman she loved.

2007: Maggie’s biggest mistake was cheating on Bianca. Bianca and Miranda left Paris for Pine Valley. Maggie gave Bianca her space at first, but that all changed when she learned a serial killer was on the loose.
Maggie stayed as long as she could, but Bianca made it clear she was not yet over her hurt. Bianca had struck up a relationship with a transgender lesbian named Zoe Luper. Zoe was the main suspect in the serial killer murders. Maggie returned to Paris, alone.