The Pine Valley Bulletin

STAMP, Chris
Portrayed by
: Jack Scalia (2001-03)
Family: Ryan Lavery (Supposed-Son)
Marriages: None

2001: Federal Agent Chris Stamp became a janitor at Enchantment Cosmetics to get closer to Erica Kane. The extreme measure was so that Chris could determine if Enchantment had become a front for drugs. International drug lord Proteus had moved operations to Pine Valley. Chris was determined to determine Proteus’ identity. He enlisted the help of the local authorities, and fellow spy, the recently resurrected Anna Devane.
Erica did not understand why Chris kept on popping up in random places. Chris wanted to keep Erica in the dark until he was sure that Enchantment was be used as a front. He found a shipment mixed in with some of Erica’s products. To protect Erica, he took a job as her security guard.
Chris met Ryan Lavery and knew it was a face he had seen before. Chris admitted herwas the Federal Agent who killed Ryan’s father, Patrick Curry, during a drug bust. What Chris did not want Ryan to know was that he had also loved Ryan’s mother, Gail Lavery. Patrick had taken Gail away form him, and killed his fiancé Linda too.
Erica was taken into custody for the murder of Frankie Stone. Chris volunteered to be her legal counsel. Chris admitted that he had a soft spot in his heart for Erica. The case pitted Chris against Erica’s ex-lover, District Attorney Jackson Montgomery. When it looked like Chris was going to win the case, Erica fired him. Chris did not know that Erica was taking the fall for murder to protect her daughter, Bianca Montgomery.
Erica was depressed that she could not go to the Crystall Ball because she was on house arrest. Chris surprised her with an intimate party of their own at the Linden House.

2002: Chris admitted to Ryan that he was his real father. They began to forge a bond. Ryan’s new girlfriend, Erica’s daughter Kendall Hart, compromised it. Kendall came to town with the sole purpose of incriminating Erica at the murder trial. Ryan would leave town after catching Kendall in a precarious position with Aidan Devane. Chris stayed in close contact with his newfound son.
Chris’ presence in Erica’s life put everyone’s life at risk. Trey Shepherd burned down the Linden House after stealing Chris’ Proteus files. Trey implicated Kendall as the arsonist.
Chris was paralyzed after he stepped in the way of a bullet meant for Mateo Santos. Erica was frustrated with Chris’ depression. She threatened to leave him if he did not recover. Chris surprised her by getting on his feat and walking to her. Chris and Erica were engaged to marry.

2003: Chris became weary of Erica’s strange behavior. He hired an old associate, Evan Flanders, to keep an eye on her. Flanders revealed that Erica had a one-night stand with Jackson. Chris was enraged and broke up with Erica. Flanders thought Chris wanted to retaliate, so he shot Jack.
Chris confronted Flanders over what he had done. Flanders wanted to skip town, but Chris was determined to turn him in. Flanders shot Chris. Maddie Grey witnessed the shooting. Chris took whatever strength he had left to carry Maddie to safety, knowing Flanders would want to eliminate any witnesses. As he ran away, Flanders continued shooting. After alluding Flanders, Chris collapsed dead at the grounds behind Wildwind.