The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Amanda Seyfried (2002-03)
Family: Mr. & Mrs. Stafford
Marriages: None

2002: Joni Stafford was raised in a conservative household in small town Pine Valley. She was basically dating a celebrity when she began seeing Jamie Martin in high school. He was the son of two very prominant residents. But Jamie’s world was changing after the death of his step-mom, Dixie Cooney. Jamie turned to alcohol to deal with the situation. At the Chandler Venetian ball, Jamie drunkenly made a scene by revealing that his mother, Brooke English, was sleeping with the party’s patron, a still very married Adam Chandler.
After the public incident, Joni’s parents forbid her from seeing Jamie. Jamie made a heartfelt apology for his actions. He swore off drinking. They agreed to let Jamie see Joni under their supervision. Jamie and Joni began going to church together.

: Joni caught her best friend, Laurie Lewis, and Jamie in a kiss. Heartbroken, she told JR Chandler, Jamie’s brother and Laurie’s boyfriend. JR lashed out against them both and left town. Jamie and Joni decided to end their relationship too.
Joni was volunteering at District Attorney Jackson Montgomery’s Habitat for Humanity project when she met Reggie Porter. Reggie was a little rough around the edges. He did not come from the afluent part of town like Joni. Reggie helped Joni loosen up. Joni helped Reggie see the benefits of becoming Jack’s foster son. Reggie almost fell back into his old ways when one of his gang friends, Luis, wanted him to help him loot the unfinished homes. Joni gave Reggie the courage to stand up against Luis.
Joni was arrested while helping Simone Torres with her latest marketing ploy for FUSION Cosmetics. They were convicted of trespassing. Joni decided to stand by Simone, and spend the night in prison with her.
Joni was Reggie’s date at Erica Kane’s latest wedding to Jack. Joni was overwhelmed by the event. They were both at different places in their lives. Joni was heading off to college, and Reggie was still in high school. She decided to break things off before leaving for school.