The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Mark Pinter (2001-02, 2003)
Family: Greenlee du Pres (Step-Daughter)
Marriages: Mary Greenlee

2001: Roger Smythe and his beloved wife Mary Smythe had the perfect jet-set life, except for the fact that they had a very needy daughter, Greenlee Smythe. Mary’s father, Woodfruff Greenle, was unknowingly their main benefactor. Roger had never worked an honest day in his life. He was secretly raiding the trust fund Woodfruff created for Greenlee. When Woodfruff threatened to disown Greenlee for her behavior, Roger stepped in to charm Woodruff. He then put an end to Greenlee's engagement to former conman Leo duPres. Roger brought one of the women Leo conned out of her money to dissuade Greenlee from going through with the marriage.
Mary kicked Roger out of the house after realizing he was dipping into Greenlee’s trust. To make ends meet, Roger became a runner for the Proteus drug ring. Chris Stamp and the investigation team caught up to him. He assured them that he did not know who Proteus was. Everyone thought Dr. David Hayward was Proteus because of Roger’s secret meetings with him. In reality, he was seeking treatment from David for a congenital heart condition.

2002: Roger made a failed attempt to skip town after Vanessa Bennett was arrested as Proteus. It was Greenlee who would turn him in to the authorities.
Roger learned that Simone Torres was writing a tell-all book about the Proteus scandal. Roger wanted in on the deal and offered Simone a substantive primary source. The long hours on the job together lead to a romance. Simone was Greenlee’s best friend and wanted to end the affair before she could find out. Roger retaliated by blackmailing her to continue their relationship. Woodruff brought Mary back to Pine Valley for Greenlee’s upcoming wedding to Leo. Mary caught Roger in bed with Simone and threatened to tell Greenlee.
An assassin named Wolfe took aim at Leo at the wedding. Roger jumped in front of him and took the bullet. He died of complications from the gunshot.

2003: Roger’s spirit appeared to Greenlee when she almost drowned on the Jersey shore. Roger told Greenlee he always knew he was not her father, and that Jackson Montgomery was.