The Pine Valley Bulletin

SLATER, Kendall Hart
Portrayed by
: Sarah Michelle Gellar (1993-95); Alicia Minshew (2002-present)
Family: Erica Kane (Biological Mother); Richard Fields (Biological Father); Alice Hart (Adoptive-Mother); Bill Hart (Adoptive-Father); Bianca Montgomery (Sister); Trey Shepard (Brother); Josh Madden (Brother); Spike Lavery (Son); Ian Slater (Son)
Marriages: Anton Lang; Zach Slater; Zach Slater

1992: Kendall Hart arrived in Pine Valley with her dream job, executive assistant to her idol, Erica Kane. Secretly, Kendall was licking the wounds of her broken childhood. Though she had loving parents in Bill and Alice Hart, she knew she never fit in the trailor parks of Florida. Kendall recently learned the truth of her origin: Erica was her biological mother. Kendall hoped that working with Erica would bring them together. But Kendall grew resentful of Erica and her relationship with Bianca Montgomery, the daughter she kept.
Kendall was renting a room at the Fargate Boarding House. Myrte Fargate discovered paperwork in Kendall’s room linking Kendall to Erica. Kendall begged Myrtle to keep silent about her secret. She wanted to tell Erica the truth on her own time.

1993: Kendall watched as Erica tended to Bianca when she fell off a horse. Kendall became filled with jealousy and blurted out the truth: she was Erica’s daughter too. Mona Tyler revealed that she had recognized Kendall from a birthmark on the back of her neck. Erica began having memories of her rape and the child she put up for adoption. She reached out to Kendall and invited her to move in with her at Wildwind. Kendall and the other Kane women celebrated Erica’s marriage to Dimitri.
Kendall became fixated on finding out more about her father, Richard Fields. Erica told Kendall that was not a part of her life that she wanted to revisit. Kendall turned to Dimitri for help in her search of Fields. When Erica found out, she kicked Kendall out of Wildwind.
Kendall turned to Dimitri’s ward, medical student Anton Lang. After sleeping with Anton, she arrived at Wildwind and told Erica that Dimitri had raped her. Erica was overcome with memories of her own rape. She stabbed Dimitri believing that he was Fields.

1994: Kendall continued her affair with Anton to remain privy to the going ons in Wildwind. But Dimitri made it clear that he wanted Kendall out of the picture. Kendall was threatened by the arrival of Julia Santos. Kendall misconstrued Julia’s relationship with Anton to be more than just friendship. Kendall also teamed up with Del Henry to write a tell-all book about Erica.
When Erica’s trial for stabbing Dimitri came around, Kendall was called as a witness. On the day of her testimony, Kendall arrived with Richard Fields in tow. On the stand, Kendall lashed out at Erica. She incriminated Erica by saying she was driven by jealousy because of the attention Dimitri had showered on her. Kendall believed she was finally getting the revenge that she had wanted for her abandonment. That all changed when Kendall caught Fields attempting to molest Bianca. Kendall turned to Erica and recanted her testimony. For her perjury, Kendall was sentenced to six months prison.
In prison, Kendall had the most unlikely of cellmates: Janet Green. Kendall filled Janet in on all that happened in Pine Valley since she left. Kendall was one of the few people who knew Janet had undergone massive reconstructive surgery.
When Kendall left prison, she found Janet going by an alias and living with her daughter, Amanda Dillon. Janet confronted Kendall, fearful that she would break her cover. This was the same night a tornado ravished Pine Valley. Kendall was trapped under a fallen beam. Janet made Kendall promise to never tell anyone about her disguise. Kendall agreed. She told Janet she would never do anything to separate a mother from her child.

1995: Kendall discovered a dark Marick family secret: Anton was Dimitri’s son. Kendall easily seduced Anton, and they married. When Anton learned the truth, he became estranged from Dimitri and his mother, Corvina Lang. Kendall was looking forward to cash in on her husband until she learned Dimitri could shut Anton out of his inheritance because he was an illegitimate heir. Kendall turned to Corvina who was equally interested in cashing in. They worked to make it look like Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth, making Corvina the legitimate Marick. When Anton discovered Kendall’s scheme, he left her.
Del and Kendall’s working relationship was always something more. Now that she was divorced, he actively pursued her.
Kendall found out Bill Hart had died of a heart attack. She decided to return to Florida to be with Alice. When Del thought he was going to loose Kendall, he proposed marriage so that he could accompany her. Before she left, Kendall and Erica came to an understanding about their relationship.
2002: Kendall stormed back into Pine Valley to finally make Erica pay. She concocted a story about how Erica approached her to plan a getaway if she was convicted for Frankie Stone’s murder. Bianca sided with Kendall as their mother went to trial for murder. Vanessa Bennett was revealed to be the real murderer. Kendall was shunned for her second go at perjury.
When the Linden House was burned down, Kendall was the prime suspect. She maintained her innocence. The only person who would support her was widower Ryan Lavery. They had begun their relationship at the Pine Cone Motel as one of convenience. It soon turned into romance. Ryan even proposed to Kendall.
Kendall’s attorney, Trey Kenyon, told Kendall that she should bug Erica’s new penthouse to get the truth about who set the fire to Linden. Kendall befriended the contractor, Aidan Devane, hoping to sneak a peak. But, it was evident that she had to do more if she wanted to plant the device. Kendall began to seduce Aidan. Ryan arrived at the penthouse and misinterpreted what he saw. He packed his things, and rode out of Pine Valley alone.
Kendall nursed her broken heart and empty pocketbook. Alice dropped off Kendall’s belongings and begged her to come back to Florida. Kendall refused. In her belongings, she found a picture of Dixie Cooney that Del had left behind when he left her. Kendall gave the photo to mourning Palmer Cortlandt, Dixie’s uncle. Palmer opened up to Kendall. Palmer offered Kendall a job as a nanny to his son, Petey Cortlandt. The undertaking was much more than what Kendall had imagined. Eventually, Petey warmed up to Kendall and they became friends.
Kendall found out Trey was actually her brother. He was the result of an affair between Fields and Vanessa Bennett. Trey revealed he was the Linden arsonist. Kendall promised to keep his secret.
Kendall was working at Revlon with Greenlee duPres. Kendall and Greenlee’s bickering got them fired. Kendall was determined to start her own cosmetics venture to rival Erica’s Enchantment. Using her Christmas bonus from Palmer, Kendall proposed the idea to Greenlee. Along with Liza Colby, Mia Saunders, and Simone Torres, the women began to lay the foundations for their new venture.

2003: Kendall put all her energy into making FUSION a success. She got wind that Enchantment was going to launch a new anti-aging cream that would revolutionize the industry. Kendall knew the chemist, Boyd Larraby, had a thing for her. She hoped she could seduce the formula away from her rival.
She met an ally in war against Enchantment at a convention in Aspen. Michael Cambias was the CEO of Cambias Industries. Michael’s father, Alexander Cambias, had long wanted to acquire Erica’s company, but it always eluded him. Michael promised to make Kendall CEO of Enchantment if they could successfully take over the company. Their relationship began to extend from the boardroom into the bedroom.
Erica publicly humiliated Kendall by taping Michael’s confession that he never intended to put Kendall as CEO if the Cambias take over was successful. Betrayed, Kendall teamed up with Erica to stop Michael. Michael showed his true colors, and almost raped Kendall, if not for Erica’s sudden intervention.
Erica flashed back to the night of her own rape in the great blackout. Kendall found her and tried to calm her down. Erica let down her guard and let her daughter help her. Realizing that Kendall had saved her from a mental breakdown, Erica extended her hand in gratitude. She invited Kendall to be in her wedding to Jackson Montgomery.
Kendall overheard Erica reveal that Greenlee was Jack’s son. Erica made Kendall promise to keep her secret. Mary Smythe would eventually reveal the truth to her daughter. The betrayal caused a rift in Kendall and Greenlee’s already fragile relationship.
Bianca revealed Michael had raped her the night of the blackout. Because Bianca had destroyed any evidence of the rape, Michael got off. Kendall and Michael disappeared that same night. Kendall returned and revealed she had married Michael in Las Vegas because she was pregnant with his child.
In reality, Kendall was not pregnant but Bianca was. Kendall offered to adopt Bianca’s baby so that she would not have to go through the trauma of an abortion or face having to raise the child of her rape. She enlisted Boyd to pretend to be Michael to fake a wedding. Erica was in the dark when it came to the truths, but saw Kendall’s actions as a betrayal.
Michael’s dead body was found in a meat locker. Kendall was set to inherit millions of dollars. She became the main suspect in the murder. Her claim to the fortune would be challenged by Ryan’s sudden reappearance in Pine Valley. The late Alexander Cambias had named Ryan, and not Michael as his heir. Depending on who died first, the fortune would only go to one person.

2004: Ryan agreed to Kendall’s plan after learning that Bianca was still pregnant with Michael’s baby. It was Greenlee who needed convincing. Greenlee got wind of Kendall’s pregnancy ruse, and revealed the charade at trial. Kendall was sure to go to prison if not for Bianca’s sudden admission that she had killed Michael in self-defense.
But all of Kendall’s efforts to protect her sister could not brace her for their next tragedy. Bianca lost her daughter, Miranda Montgomery, in a helicopter crash after giving birth in the woods. Kendall took it upon herself to tell Bianca what had happened. Bianca lashed out at Erica. She left Pine Valley and her girls at one of their most trying times.
Kendall turned to Ryan, but he now only had eyes for Greenlee. They agreed to marry so that Greenlee could get ownership of FUSION back from the Cambias Estate. Kendall professed her love for Ryan, but he could not be swayed. Kendall went on a vindictive binge to break up the newly married couple. First, she hired Bobby Warner to seduce Greeenlee. When that did not work, she climbed into bed with Ryan’s brother, Jonathan Lavery.
Erica called Ryan to retrieve her. Kendall followed Ryan to Las Vegas where Erica had assumed a new identity at Zach Slater’s The Seasons Casino. Kendall felt uneasy around Zach, but her first priority was her mother. Erica had sunk into alcoholism over the events of the last year. Jackson Montgomery staged a successful intervention where Erica revealed the truth about her rape. Eric had traded her to Fields so that he would star in his next film. Coming to terms with the truth finally made it possible for Erica to accept Kendall.
Ethan Ramsey claimed to be the true heir to the Cambias Estate. He was the supposed son of Hannah Nichols, the Cambias maid, and the late Alexander Cambias, II. When everyone accused Ethan of just trying to get his hands on the Cambias fortune, Kendall stood by him. Ryan was shot at Zach’s new casino, The Seasons East. Ethan was the prime suspect. Ethan maintained his innocence to Kendall, and she believed him.
Kendall found Greenlee hanging from the FUSION rooftops. Kendall saved her and took her to the hospital, where it was revealed she had been drugged. Everyone accused Kendall of trying to kill her. But Greeenlee remembered enough of the evening to know she would have died if not for Kendall.
Kendall thought she was going to loose Bianca after she fell off a landing in an altercation with JR. Erica arrived at the hospital, holding Miranda in her arms. JR and his wife, Babe Chandler, were raising Miranda as their daughter. Miranda’s presence caused Bianca to awaken in time for Christmas Day.

2005: Bianca decided to move to Paris to start a new life with Miranda. Though the sisters were now an ocean apart, they had a brief reunion at Jack and Erica’s wedding.
Kendall stood by Ethan after he claimed that Zach murdered Edmund Grey. All the evidence suggested otherwise, but Kendall did not waiver. That all changed when she, Greenlee, and Lily Montgomery were held captive by Jonathan. Jonathan admitted to being Edmund’s true killer.
Kendall realized the Cambias fortune had affected Ethan in bad ways. Zach came to Kendall with a proposition. Combining his shares of Cambias Industries with Kendall’s FUSION shares would give them enough power to oust Ethan. But in order to complete the deal, they had to marry. Kendall reluctantly agreed, breaking Ethan’s heart. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Kendall began an affair with old friend JR Chandler.
Ryan seemingly died in a motorcycle accident. The strain caused Greenlee to miscarry their child. When she learned Greenlee would never be able to carry a child to term, Kendall made a sacrifice. She offered to be a surrogate to Greenlee and Ryan’s child. Their plan hit a snag when a blackout compromised the last remaining sample of Ryan’s sperm. Kendall begged Dr. Greg Madden to impregnate her before all chances of having Ryan’s baby was lost.
Kendall caught Zach sneaking off to Wildwind. With Maria in California, the castle was supposed to be empty. Kendall found Zach with Julia, who had run away from Witness Protection. For some reason, Kendall was jealous of Zach and Julia’s relationship. She realized she might have feelings for her husband.
When Greenlee found out that the child Kendall was carrying was not hers, she lashed out at her best friend and Ryan, who was revealed to be alive. Greenlee stormed out of town, leaving Ryan and Kendall to deal with the situation. Kendall needed her space and divorced Zach. Bianca came back to Pine Valley to talk about Kendall’s options. After a lot of soul searching, Kendall decided not to terminate the pregnancy.
Greenlee delivered another blow to Kendall by giving her shares of FUSION to Babe Carey, the woman who had kept Miranda away from Bianca.

2006: Ryan and Ethan revealed Zach was behind the blackout at the clinic. Kendall pushed Zach away. She began to relay heavily on Greg in terms of her pregnancy. Greg stowed her away to his private island to relax. Little did she know this island where were he put single women to convince them to give up their children. Zach found out and brought Kendall home. Kendall realized she loved Zach, and they remarried on his yacht.
Kendall went to the FUSION offices unaware that JR had a set a trap for Babe. He pushed scaffold down on Kendall thinking it was his wife. Kendall fell into a coma. The doctors needed to perform a surgery to stop her internal bleeding, but it would compromise her child’s welfare. Erica wanted to do anything to save her daughter, but Zach stood in the way. He knew Kendall would put her child’s welfare first. He barricaded himself in her room until the baby’s vitals were at a safe level. Spike Lavery was delivered via C-section. Kendall made a full recovery.
Though Spike had two fathers in his life, Kendall believed both were putting their attentions elsewhere. Zach was helping Dixie Cooney find her own daughter, Kate Martin. Greg had played a role in her disappearance too. Zach was one of the prime suspects when Greg was found dead. Kendall warned Dixie that it was her fault if he went to prison.
Kendall could not deny her feelings for Ryan too, especially since they now shared a son. Ryan had taken in Annie McDermott and her daughter Emma McDermott after she learned her husband was a pedophile. Kendall noticed Annie’s remarkable similarities to Greenlee, and worried Ryan was just trying to fill the void Greenlee left by moving out of town.
Kendall was devastated when Simone was found dead in the FUSION offices. Not much time later, Erin Lavery, Ryan’s sister, was found dead too. They were the first two victims of the Satin Slayer, who seemed to have all the FUSION women in his sites.

2007: Kendall and Zach quickly deduced that the women of FUSION were the Satin Slayer’s target. When Zach did not reveal was that the murder’s plans were a plot of revenge against him. Alexander Cambias was revealed to be alive and behind the killing. He had harbored resentment toward Zach for faking his death. With Alexander finally behind bars, Kendall and Zach were finally able to move on with their lives. Kendall learned she was pregnant with Zach’s son.
In the aftermath of the killing spree, FUSION was in shambles. Bianca and Josh began working at FUSION to help with the relaunch. With a new team in place, Kendall was prepared to dominate the cosmetics market once again.
On the day Annie and Ryan were to marry, Kendall ran into Greenlee. Greenlee was back in Pine Valley determined to reclaim the life she had left behind. This included Ryan and Spike. Greenlee also reclaimed partnership in FUSION by taking her shares back from Babe.
Kendall warmed up to Greenlee after she agreed to drop her custody suit for Spike. On a business trip to New York, Kendall went into labor. Kendall surprisingly wanted to ride in a car with Babe because of how she had helped Bianca the night of Miranda’s birth. Greenlee was going to drive Kendall’s car, with Spike in the backseat. As Kendall was rushed to the hospital, Greenlee saw her chance to have Spike. On the run, Greenlee drove off an embankment into a ditch.
The stress of Greenlee’s accident caused Kendall to go into early labor. She gave birth to a severely premature Ian Slater. At the same time, she learned Spike had lost his hearing. Kendall was torn between her children, who were in different units at the hospital. As she struggled to help them, she hatched her plan of revenge against her former best friend.
Kendall pretended to forgive Greenlee, while trying to frame her for another kidnapping attempt of Spike. When the authorities caught on, they arrested Greenlee, but she went on the run. At the same time, Zach went missing. At first, JR looked like the culprit because Zach’s blood was found on JR’s bumper. In reality, Richie Novak had trapped Zach and Greenlee in a bomb shelter. Aidan, Greenlee’s new beau, and Kendall went on a search for their loved ones.
When it looked like hope was lost, Kendall found herself in bed with Aidan. The next day, they found Greenlee and Zach alive. The doctors also determined Spike’s condition was pre-existing and not Greenlee’s fault. Though happy to have the family together again, Kendall harbored the guilt from her affair.

2008: Kendall strugled to come to terms with what she did to Zach. She worried that she could be pregnant with Aidan’s child. Zach furthur sunk into depression when Hannah killed herself on Miller’s Falls. Zach finally learned the truth, but promised to stand by his wife. It was Greenlee who did not take the news as well.
Ryan suffered retrorade amnesia after Hannah shot him in the head. He flashed back to a time when he and Kendall were still engaged to marry. Kendall did her best to fill Ryan in on his new life as a father and Annie’s husband. As he slowly began to recover, Ryan admitted he had fallen in love with Greenlee again, though she was now married to Aidan. Zach was weary of Kendall’s need to interfere in Ryan’s life.
Zach threatened to kill Josh after catching him embezzle $20 million from the Cambias accounts. Kendall turned to Aidan to send her brother into hiding. So many forces were driving a wedge in the Slater marriage.
Babe and Amanda took the reigns of FUSION while Greenlee, Kendall and Annie delt with their personal affairs. They planned to launch a low-cost fragrance, Bella. Kendall noticed that Adam Chandler began to show interest in FUSION’s latest project. Kendall asked Erica to keep an eye on Adam and determine what scheme he was trying to pull off.
Kendall and Zach took the boys to their beach house. Bianca surprised Kendall with a visit. She was visibly pregnant. Before Kendall could ask any questions, a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley and destroyed the beach house. Though Bianca and the boys made it through the ordeal, Kendall’s injuries were more severe. After open brain and heart surgery, Kendall lay in a coma with no signs of recovery.