The Pine Valley Bulletin

SPEPHERD, Benjamin “Trey Kenyon”
Portrayed by
: Sam Page (2002-03)
Family: Vanessa Bennett (Mother); Richard Fields (Father); David Hayward (Brother); Leo du Pres (Brother); Kendall Hart (Sister)
Marriages: None

2002: Trey Shepherd’s whole life was a lie. Growing up in the foster care system, Trey fostered resentment for the mother who abandoned him. In Law school he met wealthy James Kenyon, III. When James died in a boating accident, Trey took on his identity to bolster his business prospects. Trey made a name for himself as a ruthless criminal litigant.
There was no case Trey wanted to try more than that of Proteus, Vanessa Bennett. Trey had learned that Vanessa was her biological mother. So to make her pay, Trey began to sabotage her case. He chalked up his blatant errors to human error. All the while, he planned to uncover the location of her diamond fortune as a consolation for his hardened childhood.
Trey knew Chris Stamp had meticulous notes about the whereabouts of Vanessa’s fortune. Trey broke into the Linden House to retrieve the notes. To cover his tracks, he started a fire. Then, he defended prime suspect Kendall Hart with the sole purpose of incriminating her so she would take the fall for the crime.
Leo duPres secretly investigated Trey’s past. He confronted Trey about his true motives. Trey admitted that he knew Vanessa was his mother all along. Vanessa then revealed that Trey was the result of her affair with actor Richard Fields, Kendall’s father. Trey wanted a relationship with Kendall and admitted to framing her for arson. Kendall promised to keep silent.
Trey had helped Mia Saunders put her son, William, up for adoption. William’s father, Dr. Frank Hubbard had no clue about his existence. Trey blackmailed Mia for his silence.
Trey was at Miller Falls when Leo and Vanessa seemingly fell to their deaths. Trey rescued Leo’s wife, Greenlee duPres, who Vanessa had left for dead hanging on a ledge. Trey tried to make up his past indiscretions by caring for Leo’s wife after his demise.

2003: Trey's brother David Hayward enlisted Trey’s help after Reggie Porter held Anna Devane at knifepoint in the Front Street Clinic. Trey kept Reggie out of prison. He even volunteered to become his guardian. Trey wanted Reggie to see how people could change for the better. He confided in Reggie some of his past crimes, including the Linden House fire.
Reggie was taken into custody again after being found at the scene of a crime. To get a deal, he told District Attorney Jackson Montgomery about Trey’s role in the Linden arson. Trey was taken into custody and sentenced to five years in prison.