The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Amelia Heinle (2001-2004)
Family: Larry Colby (Father); Liza Colby (Sister); William Hubbard (Son)
Marriages: None

2001: Mia Saunders lead a rough life growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn. She knew she deserved a better life. She was the result of an affair between her mother and rich businessman Larry Colby. Larry’s wife, Marian Colby, sent checks to Mia’s mother to keep her away from Pine Valley. When Mia’s mother died, the checks ran out. Mia needed cash and knew she would find her jackpot in Pine Valley.
Mia began blackmailing Marian to stay out her life. She needed to pay back her gambling debt to Adam Chandler. Mia learned that Adam’s wife, was her sister, Liza Colby Chandler. Mia forced Marian to tell Liza about Larry’s infidelity. Liza did not want to believe Mia’s claim. She offered her $10,000 to take a DNA test. Mia agreed, but secretly ripped up Liza’s check.
Adam made Mia work off her gambling debt. Liza had an affair with Ryan. Adam wanted Mia to keep him busy. Little did Adam know, Marian had hired Ryan to keep Mia away from Liza.
The DNA test proved Mia’s claim. Liza had just suffered a miscarriage and fell into depression. Mia approached Liza to console her. She admitted that as a teenager, she had put up her own son, William, for adoption. The women bonded over loosing a child.
Dr. Jake Martin asked Mia to accompany him to the Crystal Ball. Jake had just broken up with Greenlee Smythe so Mia was not expecting much from the date. But the evening turned out to be the most romantic night of her life. They shared a passionate kiss at midnight.

2002: Mia was surprised to see her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Frank Hubbard, working with Jake at the hospital. Mia thought her secret was safe until her old adoption attorney Trey Kenyon settled in town. He blackmailed Mia for his silence. Jake arranged for Mia to get a job as a physical therapist at the hospital. Mia confided in Jake her past with Frank.
Liza learned she had a brain tumor. Before going in for surgery she made Mia promise to care for Colby if anything happened to her. Liza recovered from her successful surgery, but Adam saw it as an opportune time to make a play for full custody of Colby. He began to make Liza think she was going insane. All the while, he groomed Mia to become her replacement. Liza wrongfully thought Mia was a willing accomplice.
At the Venetian Ball, Jake proposed to Mia, and she accepted. Liza finally confronted Mia about what Adam was doing. In a struggle, she pushed Mia out of the attic window.
Mia was ready to spend the holidays alone and estranged from her new family. Colby would not have it and arranged for a Christmas time reunion. Mia had just told Frank about William and he was determined to find their son. Liza was able to convince Frank to leave well enough alone. At years end, Liza asked Mia to work with her on Kendall Hart’s new cosmetic venture.

2003: Mia’s long hours at FUSION estranged her from Jake. He began an affair with one of his interns. Simone caught them together. Jake did not know how to break the news to Mia. He left town to rejoin Doctor’s Without Borders. Mia was not ready to move on. She was sure Jake would come back to her. When he did return to Pine Valley, he was now engaged to a fellow doctor, Dr. Carolyn Finn. Jake blamed Mia for the end of their engagement.
Mia tried to move on by dating Edmund Grey. Their relationship abruptly ended after his wife, Maria Grey, regained her memory.

2004: Mia was determined to win Aidan Devane over. But Aidan was still hung up on Kendall. Mia followed Aidan to Juan Pablo’s ski cabin thinking he was there to see Kendall. But, the Calvatras mob family had targeted the cabin. Instead, Mia was caught in the middle of a brutal shoot-out.
Mia decided it was time for a new start. She was going to become the new Area Coordinator for the San Francisco FUSION office. Mia asked Liza to come with her, but Liza was determined to rekindle her relationship with Tad Martin.