The Pine Valley Bulletin

SANTOS, Hayley Vaughan Chandler
Portrayed by
: Kelly Ripa (1990-2002)
Family: Harry Vaughan (Step Father); Arlene Vaughan (Mother); Adam Chandler (Father); Trevor Dillon (Uncle); Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (Sister); JR Chandler (Brother); Anna Claire Chandler (Sister); Colby Chandler (Sister); Lorenzo "Enzo" Hector Santos (Son)
Marriages: Will Cortlandt; Alec McIntyre; Mateo Santos; Mateo Santos

1990: Jet-black haired rebel Hayley Vaughan stormed into Pine Valley on Thanksgiving Day. She made her way to her “Uncle Porkchops”’, aka Trevor Dillon’s home. Hayley had ran away from home in Chicago after the death of father, Harry Vaughan. Hayley could stand to be alone with her alcoholic mother, Trevor’s sister Arlene Vaughan. Trevor knew that he could provide a better life his “Tinkerbelle.” After making the arrangement with Arlene, Hayley moved in with Trevor and began her first semester at Pine Valley High School.

1991: Arlene came to Pine Valley to claim Hayley. But Hayley was content to remain in Pine Valley. Hayley concocted a plan to get back at Adam Chandler for hurting her uncle. She made a claim in the National Intruder that she was Adam’s illegitimate daughter. Arlene was shocked. Secretly, she and Adam had had an affair years ago. Hayley’s claim was the truth; only she did not know it. When Hayley learned the truth, she took the offer to move in with Adam to prevent having to move back to Chicago with Arlene.
At Chandler Mansion, she found a motherly figure in Natalie Chandler. Hayley knew Trevor loved Natalie, and she recognized that Natalie felt the same way. But, Natalie began to act erratically. Hayley caught Natalie talking into a mirror. She realized the woman she thought was Natalie was actually her crazy twin sister, Janet Green. Janet took Hayley captive in the Chandler Tunnels. Straight-laced high school jock Brian Bodine came to Hayley’s rescue. It was not secret that Brian had feelings for Hayley, but she had great difficulty admitting to the same fact too. In their getaway, Janet shot Brian. Realizing she could loose Brian, Hayley admitted her feelings to him.

1992: Hayley and Brian’s relationship hit a standstill when she spurned all his advances to be intimate. Brian loved Hayley, and asked her to marry him. But, Hayley was still hesitant. Brian insisted Hayley’s change of heart was a result of Adam’s influences. Hayley did not like Brian’s implications and broke up with him. Before the young lovers could reunite, Brian married An Li Chen. Heartbroken, Hayley secretly began drinking.
Will Cortlandt preyed on Hayley’s weaknesses. Fueling her growing alcoholism Will convinced Hayley to elope with him. Hayley thought that she was in love with Will. Arlene and Adam did their best to dissuade Hayley, but she was too strong willed to listen to their advice. That all changed on night when Will wanted to consummate their marriage. Hayley tried to push him off, but he went into a rage. Hayley barricaded herself in her room as Will tried to pound down the door. Hayley called Brian for help, but An Li intercepted the call. Hayley was sure Will was going to rape her. Then, she heard silence from the outside room. When she opened the door, Will was dead on the floor, and Brian was standing over his dead body with a crowbar in his hand.
Brian went to trial for Will’s murder. The ordeal brought Brian and Hayley back together. They began a secret affair. The real murderer turned out to be none other than Janet, angry at Will for filling up Trevor’s attention with Hayley’s safety. Hayley and Brian thought they could finally be together until An Li dropped another bombshell: she was pregnant with Brian’s child.
Hayley began to piece her life back together. With Tom Cudahy’s help, she joined AA. Hayley had also learned to love her father. She convinced Adam that his marriage with Erica would never work out. When Adam and Erica finally did divorce, Adam got control of Erica’s stock in Enchantment. He gave control of the company to Hayley.
Through Erica, Hayley met Charlie Brent. She decided to become a partner in his private investigations firm.

1994: Hayley turned to Charlie for more than just professional reasons. They fell into as affair after hours at the investigations firm. When Adam saw Hayley falling for Charlie, he intervened. He did not think Charlie was right for her. Adam encouraged Hayley to return to Enchantment. The end of their professional relationship marked the end of her romance with Charlie too.
At Enchantment, Hayley met Alec McIntyre. They began dating.

1995: On the day Hayley was to marry Alec, she got cold feet. Hayley left Alec at the altar. In her wedding dress, Hayley went to the beach to be alone. There, she met Mateo Santos. Mateo and Hayley spent the day together. On Mateo’s advice, Hayley returned to Alec but asked for more time before committing to marriage.
When Alec and Hayley finally eloped, she became very suspicious of her new husband. Hayley confided in Mateo some strange happenings at Enchantment and at home. Giving in to her intuition, Mateo and Hayley began tailing Alec. One night, they followed Alec to a hotel room. They witnessed as Alec seduce Arlene. Then, he attempted to funnel vodka down her throat. Hayley intervened before Alec could go any further. In custody, Alec revealed his plans to take over Enchantment. Arlene had gotten wind of Alec deceptions and blackmailed him into an affair.
Hayley finally confronted her mother about her alcoholism. Arlene agreed to go to rehab. But, she left Hayley with an ominous warning. Arlene’s affair with Alec was proof that no man would ever truly love her.

1996: Hayley accompanied Mateo on his mission to Jamaica. Mateo was determined to prove Noah Keefer’s innocence for the murder of Louie Greco. Hayley and Mateo ran interference while Noah and Julia found the evidence they needed to exonerate him.
Upon returning to Pine Valley, Hayley was surprised to see Brian back in town. Hayley was forced to come to terms with her residual feelings for him. Hayley realized that she no longer loved Brian. She was now in love with Mateo.

1997: Hayley and Mateo opened up a new restaurant, Holidays. Mateo invited his old best friend Tanner Jordan to help them in their business venture. But Tanner left Hayley uneasy. On a trip to the desert, Tanner arranged for their plane to have an emergency landing. He then drugged Hayley. When she awoke, Tanner told Hayley that they had slept together. Guilt ridden, Hayley admitted her supposed infidelity to Mateo on their wedding day. She left him at the altar.
When Hayley spurned Tanner’s advances, he took the situation into his own hands. He kidnapped Hayley and began to bury her alive in a cave. Before Tanner succeeded, Mateo arrived. Tanner admitted to drugging Hayley after their crash. Mateo was forced to shoot his best friend to save the woman he loved. Mateo proposed to Hayley again at the hospital. They married with Hayley still in her hospital gown.
Hayley and Adam were estranged when Adam was implicated as playing a role in the crash of TransGlobal Flight 149, the flight that killed Hayley’s sister in law Maria Grey. Adam had ordered cost cuts that were suggested to have played a role in the planes crash. Further investigation proved that someone had actually brought a bomb on board.

1998: The entire Chandler family became the target of madman Lee Hawkin’s terror. Lee had wrongfully accused Adam of killing his wife, Joy Hawkins. In reality, Adam and Stuart helped Joy escape an abusive Lee. Lee made his intentions known when he attempted to explode Holidays with all the Chandlers inside. Hayley went after Lee on her own after Junior, now going by JR, was kidnapped. In his captivity, Hayley was given a tattoo with toxic paint.
After being rescued, Hayley learned that the paint introduced toxins into her body that would make it dangerous for her to have children. Mateo wanted to lift Hayley’s spirits with a vow renewal ceremony. But a person from Mateo’s past surprised Hayley. Hayley knew Raquel Dion to be Mateo’s first love. She did not know that she was also his wife and mother of his child, Max Santos. Raquel had never filed the annulment papers necessary to dissolve their union.
Hayley still wanted to be Mateo, but he became focused on Max. Adam arranged for Mateo to get primary custody of Max. When Max had problems adjusting, Mateo invited Raquel to live with them. Hayley found a supportive friend in Ryan Lavery, though Mateo thought their relationship was something more.

1999: Hayley and Mateo planned to open the Sounds of Salsa, a new club in Pine Valley. The couple was at peace when they were working together. Raquel was injured when a scaffold fell on her at the club. Though she had agreed to a divorce, Mateo let her stay with them to recover.
One day while Hayley was watching Max in the park, he wandered off. Hayley thought she had lost Max. In fact, Raquel had staged the entire incident to make Hayley feel inadequate. Hayley made the difficult decision to leave Mateo.
Hayley became closer to Ryan. Mateo wrongfully interpreted their closeness as an affair. He alleged that Hayley was sleeping with Ryan. Hayley refused to even respond to his allegations. Mateo took her refusal as an affirmation. He secretly sold Hayley’s part of SOS to Adrian Sword. Then, he fired Ryan. He even took a shot in front of Hayley, a recovering alcoholic.
Hayley became the host of her own lifestyle show, The Wave. She hired Ryan as her assistant. But life was catching up with Hayley. She collapsed because of exhaustion. Unknown to Hayley, Mateo kept vigil while she recovered at the hospital.

2000: Hayley and Mateo rekindled their romance at the Crystal Ball. Mateo surprised Hayley with a proposal on the set of The Wave. They were on their way to a happy marriage until Arlene came crashing back into Pine Valley.
Arlene’s continued alcoholism threatened Hayley’s fragile sobriety. After arriving drunk to Hayley’s engagement party, Arlene was banned from the wedding ceremony. On her wedding day, Hayley was disappointed that Adam did not show up. At the reception, Adam and Arlene drunkenly stumbled in. Arlene revealed they had eloped on the same day.
Hayley wanted to protect Adam. He and Arlene opened a roadside bar. Hayley began working there as waiter to keep an eye on Arlene. Hayley’s breaking point came when Hayley caught Arlene trying to seduce Mateo at the launch party. Everyone on the yacht was under the influence of a drug named Libidizone. Hayley strangled Arlene until she passed out. Hayley was sure she had killed her mother. Once the influence of the drug wore off, neither Mateo nor Hayley could find Arlene’s body.

2001: Hayley had a break from reality. She created a second persona as Arlene. The trauma caused her to fall off the wagon. Hayley could not help herself. She decided to turn herself in for Arlene’s murder. Right as she was to admit to the murder, Adam revealed he had thrown Arlene’s limp body overboard. He had witnessed Hayley strangle her. Before either took the fall, Mateo arrived with Arlene in tow. She was alive and living in the Caribbean.
Hayley learned she was pregnant. She held a contest on The Wave to name her child. They settled on Lorenzo Hector Santos, or Enzo. Enzo was born after some complications. The only one that bothered Hayley’s was Arlene’s return. Mateo ushered her out of town before she could hurt Hayley again.
The drug lord Proteus wanted to use SOS as a front for operations. Mateo wanted to protect his family. Hayley and Mateo pretended to have an estranged marriage. Then Mateo took on a mistress in the form of Simone Torres, a reporter working for Edmund.

2002: Hayley was jealous of Mateo’s relationship with his faux-mistress Simone Torres. Hayley was happy to see the Proteus investigation over.
Mateo and Hayley faced a health scare when Enzo was diagnosed with early liver failure. They frantically looked for a donor. The only person on record who would have been a viable match was the late Maria Grey. Arlene returned to Pine Valley offering her liver. Hayley warmed up to the idea of her mother as long as she could save Enzo’s life. But her liver was unviable after her decades of alcoholism. Hayley gave up hope until Tim Dillon came back to town. He was a perfect match.
Hayley worried about Tim when he made no plans to return home after the transplant. Tim let on that Janet might be back to her old ways in Denver.
Hayley was approached about putting The Wave into syndication. Early test groups responded positively to the new format of the show. But Hayley was hesitant to leave her family, and to rip Mateo away from his. He had just found out Maria was alive. Mateo told Hayley it did not matter where he was, as long as he was with her and Enzo because they were his new family. She accepted the deal and they moved to California to shoot the show.