The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Jordana Brewster (1994); Priscilla Garita (1995); Darlene Tejeiro Dahl (1995-97); Natalie Cigliuti (2004-05)
Family: Hector Santos (Father); Isabella Santos (Mother); Maria Santos Grey (Sister); Julia Santos Keefer (Sister); Mateo Santos (Brother); Rosa Santos (Sister)
Marriages: Bobby Warner

1994: Anita Santos moved to Pine Valley when her older sister, Maria Santos, married Edmund Grey. Anita was the first Santos daughter to get to attend a public high school.

1995: Anita made a lot of friends at Pine Valley High School. Her first and closest friend was Scott Chandler. She easily stayed out of trouble. That was until she met Bobby Warner. Bobby was the school troublemaker. But Anita was able to look past his acting out and see the real Bobby. Afraid of what her father would think, they began to secretly date.
Anita befriended Kelsey Jefferson, a teenage mother. Kelsey had wanted to abort her child, but she was too far along. Anita came up with a remedy for her. Maria and Edmund had wanted to adopt a child after Maria learned she was unable to conceive. Anita arranged for Kelsey to allow the Greys to adopt her child. Kelsey agreed to the proposition, and moved into Wildwind.

1996: Kelsey gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Carlos Grey. Kelsey was ready to finalize the adoption until she caught Anita and Bobby in an embrace. Kelsey revealed that Bobby was the father of her son. Betrayed by Anita’s relationship, Kelsey took Sam away from the Greys.
Anita blamed herself for the failed adoption and Maria’s pain. She needed to get away from her family. Anita found refuge in Scott’s home. Scott helped her see that she could not blame herself for Kelsey’s decisions.

1997: Anita was surprised on New Year’s Eve when Bobby arrived on Scott’s doorstep. Bobby had gotten Isabella’s blessing to ask for hand in marriage. Bobby and Anita waited for his divorce from Kelsey to be finalized before making the arrangements official.
After graduation from Pine Valley High School, Anita and Bobby left Pine Valley for Chicago, Illinois.

2004: Anita returned to Pine Valley to help Maria deal with Edmund’s paralysis. What was supposed to be a visit clearly became a permanent arrangement when Anita started working as a Physician’s Assistant at Pine Valley Hospital. Anita admitted her young marriage to Bobby had hit a rough patch after he admitted to adultery. Anita was furthur turned off by his new job as a “Whale” hunter for The Seasons Casino.
Anita befriended Aidan Devane, Maria’s former lover. He was her confidant as she contemplated divorce. Bobby came arrived in Pine Valley, begging for a second chance. But, he could not escape his bad habits. Bobby was in debt and his trust fund squandered. He agreed to break up Greenlee and Ryan Lavery for Kendall Hart in exchange for financial assistance. When Anita found out, she filed for divorce.

2005: Anita recognized Maggie Stone to be a victim of domestic violence. Anita reached out to Maggie, but she refused to admit her boyfriend, Jonathan Lavery had abused her.
No one knew the extent of Jonathan’s propensity for violence. Jonathan would kill Edmund to stop him from investigating into his past. Maria could not bear to stay in Pine Valley, surrounded by memories of her husband. Anita agreed to help her set up a new home in California with Mateo. She promised Aidan they would resume the relationship when she got back to Pine Valley.
In California, Anita had time to think about her life. She decided it was too soon for her to be in a serious relationship and broke things off with Aidan. She dedicated herself to her job at Pine Valley Hospital. She was also reunited with Julia, who made her way out of the Witness Protection Program.
Sometime later, Anita rejoined her siblings in California.