The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Andrea Moar (1980-83)
Family: Curt Sanders (Father); Leora Sanders (Mother)
Marriages: Chuck Tyler

1980: Carrie Sanders was an all-America girl with a dark secret. She witnessed her mother’s, Leora, constant abuse at the hands of her father, Curt. She kept her silence, not knowing who to turn to with her problem.

1982: Carrie met Chuck Tyler after his near death experience on a trip to the Swiss Alps. They had a whirlwind romance, and married. Donna Cortlandt asked the happy couple to be the godparents of her son, Palmer John Cortlandt. Carried worried about her marriage knowing how much Chuck had loved Donna. Chuck almost died at the hands of an unidentified sniper, causing Carrie to realize how much she loved her husband. She was determined to make her marriage work.

1983: The revelation that Johnny Cortlandt was Chuck’s child hit everyone hard. But no one felt more deceived than Carrie. When she learned that Chuck knew the truth the entire time, and was in collusion with Palmer to keep it secret, she was crushed. Carrie decided to end her marriage to Chuck.