The Pine Valley Bulletin

SAGO, Emily Ann
Portrayed by
: Kijeweski Shannan (1982-88); Amber Barretto (1986-88); Liz Vassey (1988-92)
Family: Billy Clyde Tuggle (Father); Estelle La Tour (Mother); Benny Sago (Adoptive
Father); Donna Beck Tyler (Adoptive Mother)
Marriages: Joey Martin

1981-82: Estelle Sago had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Benny took the child home. Phoebe Wallingford came to checkup on Benny Sago and asked what the child’s name would be. He decided to name her Emily Anne Sago in honor of Phoebe, who herself had just lost her daughter, Anne Tyler.
Estelle and Donna Beck wearing watching over Emily Ann when she swallowed a safety pin. They rushed to the hospital, but got in a terrible accident on the way. In her dying breath, Estelle pleaded with Donna and Benny to never let her child know the truth about her parentage. She was to never be told about Billy Clyde Tuggle or that her mother, a prostitute. They were to raise her child as their own.

1989-90: Even thought Emily Ann’s parents had divorced, her life was as close to perfect as life could be. Her mother had remarried her first love, Chuck Tyler. Emily Ann also began an innocent relationship with Joey Martin.
This would all change when she began working at the Cyclops Disco for someone named John Rockefeller. Emily Ann had grown very fond of Rockefeller. When Donna met Emily Ann’s new friends, she trembled. Rockefeller was none other than her former pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle. Billy Clyde revealed even more about Donna’s past. Donna and Benny were not Emily Ann’s real parents. She was the daughter of a prostitute named Estelle LaTour and a pimp. That pimp was none other than Billy Clyde himself!
Emily Ann rejected Donna for lying to her for her whole life. She begged Joey to elope with her so that she did not have to go home. Not soon after, Joey wanted an annulment. But, on their wedding night they had conceived a child. Joey and Emily Ann tried to make the best out of their young marriage. But the pressures of their unhappy marriage and Billy Clyde’s continued presence caused her suffer a miscarriage.
The police department called on Emily Ann to help them when Billy Clyde kidnapped Dixie Cooney. It was Emily Ann’s pleas to her newfound father that distracted him long enough for the police to rescue Dixie. For her betrayal, he sprayed the police with gunshots.
That night, Emily Ann turned to Donna. She finally understood that her mother’s lies were all to protect her.

1991: The events of the last year left Emily Ann unhinged. Joey wanted out of his marriage but did not know how to break the new to Emily Ann. Emily Ann became fixated on Joey’s relationship with Katie Kennicott. After catching them in an embrace, Emily Anne finally snapped. She took Katie hostage at gunpoint. Joey was able to talk his wife down enough for her let Katie go. Emily Ann was institutionalized at Oak Haven Sanitarium.