The Pine Valley Bulletin

SAGO, Benjamin "Benny"
Portrayed by
: Larry Fleishman (1976-79); Vasili Bogazianos (1980-90, 1995, 2005)
Family: Emily Ann Sago (Adopted Daughter)
Marriages: Edna Thornton; Estelle LaTour; Donna Beck

1976: Chauffeur Benny Sago followed Brooke English to Pine Valley after he father insisted she spend some time with her Aunt, Phoebe Tyler. Benny and Brooke carried on a secret affair. Benny relished the freedom they had in the Tyler home. Phoebe was too preoccupied with her other matters to focus on Brooke.
When it looked like Brooke was going to be sent home, Benny hatched a plan to keep her in Pine Valley. He had overheard Phoebe and Myrtle Lum planning to gaslight Kitty Shea. For his silence, Phoebe agreed to allow Brooke to move in permanently.

1977: Benny and Chuck Tyler stormed to Donna Beck’s rescue when Billy Clyde Tuggle held her on Locust Street. Her friend, Estelle LaTour, tipped them off to Billy Clyde’s plan to use Donna in his harem of women. Estelle began making more frequent trips to the Tyler Estate, not that Benny was complaining.
Phoebe relied on Benny more now that her driver’s license was revoked. She offered him some extra cash to spy on Mona Kane and Charles Tyler’s blossoming affair. Their relationship had come a long way since he blackmailed her the year before. When Phoebe was sentenced to three weekends in prison, it was Benny who stayed by her side. He smuggled in a flask of vodka for her to make the time go by faster.

1978: When Benny got word that Estelle was set to marry Billy Clyde, he made a mad dash for Center City. His motorcycle got in a roadside accident, leaving Benny bandaged up in the hospital. Benny called out Phoebe for help. She arrived and was distraught over seeing her beloved friend in so much pain. He wanted her to find Estelle and tell her that he loved her. Phoebe told Benny that he could do better than a common hooker.
Benny recovered, but had lost Estelle in the process. He found his solace at the bar. The newly rich and widowed Edna Thornton liked what she saw and began to pursue Benny.

1979: Benny turned to the bottle after Estelle moved to Sea City. Edna continued her pursuit. After too many drinks at the bar, Edna was able to convince Benny to marry her. Though Benny did not love Edna, he grew to care for her daughter Dottie Thornton like she was his own.

1980: Billy Clyde was arrested in Sea City. Estelle had no one else to turn to but Benny. Benny offered Estelle a place to live. Edna knew that Benny still loved Estlle. After a heated argument, Edna left Benny.
Benny had never been happier. Though Estelle was still married to Billy Clyde, neither could deny their feelings for each other. In an embrace, neither noticed recent escapee Billy Clyde had spotted them. He drugged the couple and laid them in a coffin. He was going to bury them alive. Chuck overpowered Billy Clyde. He was taken into custody and put in a maximum-security prison.
Estelle learned she was carrying Billy Clyde’s child. Benny did not care. He proposed to his one true love anyways. He was going to raise Billy Clyde’s child as his own.

1981: Benny worried for his wife when she went into labor. Benny called Donna to the hospital. Estelle had given birth to a healthy baby girl.Benny took the child home. Phoebe came to checkup on Benny and asked what the child’s name would be. He decided to name her Emily Ann Sago in honor of Phoebe, who herself had just lost her daughter, Anne Martin.

1982: Estelle got in a car accident while rushing baby Emily Ann to the hospital. In her dying breath she asked that Benny and Donna raise her daughter. She was to never be told about Billy Clyde or her mother, a prostitute.

1984: Donna’s compromised mental state after the death of her son Johnny Cortlandt forced Benny to intervene. He reminded Donna that she still had another child, Emily Ann, to worry about. Donna moved in with Benny to spend more time with her daughter.

1985: Benny discovered incriminating photos of Ross Chandler and Cynthia Preston in Donna’s closet. He realized that she must be involved in some way with the Zach Grayson murder mystery. Donna began to have flashbacks to the night of Zach’s death. She had taken the photos from Zach that evening. She exonerated Daisy Cortlandt for the murder, and found the true culprit, Marian Colby.
For Emily Ann’s sake, Benny and Donna were set to marry. Nina Cortlandt stormed the chapel holding a gun on Donna. She blamed Donna for all the pain Daisy went through during the trial. Benny and Donna luckily escaped Nina’s breakdown. They still married that day.

1986: Benny realized he had married Donna for all the wrong reasons. He was not in love with her. Benny’s eyes began to wander, and fixated on Nina. Nina professed her love for Benny, which made him reevaluate his actions. Even if he did not love Donna, she was his best friend. Benny broke things off with Nina before things went too far.

1989: Benny fell back into gambling. The addiction strained his already fragile marriage with Donna.

1990: Benny stood aside as he watched Donna and Chuck fall in love again. He too had fallen in love with another women, whom he was convinced gave him good luck at the black jack table. Benny agreed to a quickie divorce so that they could remarry. Not soon after, he left Pine Valley for a new life elsewhere.

1995: Benny made an appearance at the Martin family housewarming.

2005: Benny surprised Brooke at Phoebe’s funeral with a kiss on the lips. A frail Phoebe had been in communication with Benny about her own funeral. She sent him a packet of letters, one for each member of her family and close friends. Even in death, Phoebe had full control of every situation.