The Pine Valley Bulletin

ROY, Mike
Portrayed by
: Nicholas Surovy (1983-84, 1988, 1998); Hugo Napier (1984-85)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1983: Writer Mike Roy was brought in to help Erica Kane write her autobiography, Raising Kane. Though she was an entrepreneur and model, a writer she was not. The two but heads over creative differences; but underneath their conflicts, there was a great sexual tension. Soon, they shared their first kiss.

1984: Mike an Erica’s blossoming relationship was compromised by her need for fame. Raising Kane was rousing success. New Pine Valley business mogul Adam Chandler bought the rights to the book. He was intent on making it a motion picture. Erica pursued the lead role, but Mike wanted to brace her for failure. After all, she was a model, not an actress.
Mike was sent away for a writing assignment in Tibet, his area of focus in college. When he returned from his trip, he found Erica a married woman. She had married Adam to assure her a role in Raising Kane.
Even though she was married to another man, Mike and Erica’s flame still burned brightly. Not soon after Adam’s sudden death, the couple eloped. Their newfound happiness was compromised by his sudden revival. It was all a test to see if Erica had gotten over Erica. Erica realized she would never be happy with Adam and divorced him to be with Mike.

1985: Mike set down his roots in Pine Valley, taking a job in the University’s journalism department. He had gotten word that someone had placed a hit on Brooke English and Mark Dalton. He went to warn them, when he got in the way of the assassins bullet. As he laid dying in an open field, Erica recited their long anticipated marriage vows. Mike was rushed to the hospital, where he was proclaimed dead on arrival.

1998: Mike made a surprise return from the dead. After being shot, he was recruited to be a secret agent. He told Erica he was back in Pine Valley for a secret mission, but his focus was on getting Erica back. The only problem was that Erica was no engaged to marry Jackson Montgomery. Erica begged Mike to leave. Mike agreed to leave Erica forever for one more night together. After their romantic interlude, Mike held up his end of the bargain. Mike called on his partner, Adrian Sword, to complete his mission.