The Pine Valley Bulletin

REED, Mimi
Portrayed by
: Shari Headley (1991-95; 2005)
Family: Danielle Frye (Daughter)
Marriages: Derek Frye; Garrett Williams

1991: Police officer Mimi Reed was Lieutenant Derek Frye’s newest partner. The strong willed Mimi constantly found herself at odds with her partner. Their first case together was the poisoning of Palmer Cortlandt. They chased the culprit, Stan Ulatowski, onto a jet plane. Stan jumped out the emergency escape hatch. The cabin began to loose pressure. Mimi took control of the plane. She safely executed an emergency landing.
Mimi and Derek began seeing each other outside of the Police Department. Both knew that fraternization of any type was grounds for dismissal. They kept their blossoming romance a secret. When they were discovered, Mimi took the fall for Derek. She was suspended from the force.

1992: When Mimi returned to the force, she was no longer assigned to be Derek’s partner. One day, she was called to report to a robbery. She saw a man run away. Thinking he was the suspect, Mimi shot him. Mimi found out the man, Tony Keefer, was unarmed. Mimi took a leave of absence from the force
1993: Mimi and Derek’s marriage became estranged as result of his hours on the job. Derek became fixated in his mission to infiltrate Deconstruction. Mimi found comfort in the arms of Lucas Barnes. They had a one-night stand. When Mimi learned she was pregnant, she was unsure whether Derek or Lucas the baby’s father.

1994: Mimi anxiously awaited the birth of her daughter. But the more Lucas wanted to be part of her life, the more Derek began to drift away. On the night Mimi gave birth to Danielle Frye, their arguments became so intense no one noticed when Danielle went missing.
The kidnapper turned out to be Grace Keefer. Grace had been greatly distraught since the death of her son, Tony Keefer. Tony was the unarmed man that Mimi had killed two years prior. Through the ordeal, Mimi and Derek realized how much they loved the baby. Derek proposed to Mimi. He wanted to be a part of Danielle’s life whether or not he proved to be the father. With Terrence’s help, Danielle was safely returned to Mimi’s arms.
After they married, their greatest joy was confirmed when a DNA test proved Derek to be Danielle’s father.

1995: Derek admitted to Mimi that he had an affair with his new partner, Taylor Roxbury Cannon. Mimi filed for divorced and won primary custody of Danielle. Mimi moved Danielle with her to New York.

2005: Mimi returned to Pine Valley to reclaim Danielle. She was now engaged to marry businessman Garret Williams and was promoted to Police Captain. But Danielle was not ready to go home. Mimi attributed Danielle’s strong will to Derek’s bad parenting. But Livia was not going to let Mimi bad mouth Derek to his daughter. She reminded her that Derek stood by her even after her affair with Lucas and cared for Danielle when Mimi could not.
Mimi revealed she had ulterior motives to be in Pine Valley. She was tracking down the crime-lord, the Dragon, who was hunting down Witness Protection Program escapee Julia Keefer.
At her wedding to Garret, Danielle revealed her fiancée was not as he seemed. Garret was making unwanted advances against her. Mimi thought Danielle was acting out. When she was forced to choose between her daughter and her new husband, she chose Garret.
Garret turned out to be the Dragon. Mimi realized how much she had hurt her daughter. After asking for forgiveness, Mimi returned to New York, alone.