The Pine Valley Bulletin

RAMPAL, Marissa
Portrayed b
y: Nicole Orth-Pallavicini (1988); Nancy Addison Altman (1989)
Family: Marissa Rampal (Son)
Marriages: None

1988: Mysterious and alluring former spy Marissa Rampal made her way to Pine Valley on the day of Jeremy Hunter’s marriage to Natalie Marlowe. Marissa had a dark secret from Jeremy’s past. Years ago, she had given birth to Jeremy’s child, David Rampal. Jeremy wanted to be a part of David’s life, but Marissa was not going to make that easy. She wanted Jeremy back as her lover.

1989: With Palmer’s help, Marissa aggressively pursued Jeremy. Marissa also enlisted Jeremy's old friend, Trevor Dillon, to seduce Natalie. Marissa and Natalie got in an altercation at the top of a staircase. Marissa lost her balance and tumbled down to the ground floor. David arrived only to helplessly watch his mother tumble to his death. With her death, Marissa succeeded in breaking up the Hunters.
What looked like an accident was a well planned ploy. Marissa had swallowed a pill of cyanide in the fall to blame Natalie for her fatality.