Portrayed by
: Trent Bushey (1988-91)
Family: Jeremy Hunter (Father); Marissa Rampal (Mother)
Marriages: Lanie Cortlandt

1988: University student David Rampal thought his mother, Marissa Rampal’s, insistence that he transfer to Pine Valley University was for his own betterment. In fact, she had another plan in mind. Pine Valley was now the home of the father he never knew, Jeremy Hunter. Jeremy wanted desperately to be part of David’s life, but he was not ready to open up to his father. Secretly, he hoped that his mother and father would reunite despite the fact that he was now married to another woman, Natalie Hunter.

1989: David accompanied his mother to the Cortlandt Manor as she plotted with Palmer Cortlandt to breakup Natalie and Jeremy. At the stables, David met Lanie Cortlandt. They had a lot in common. Both had grown up in Europe, and had a taste for classical music. Soon, they were happily dating.
One day, David returned home only to see Natalie and Marissa in altercation at the top of the stairs. Marissa loss her balance and tumbled to the floor. When David went to help his mother, he realized she was dead. The incident traumatized David so much, causing him to sink into a deep depression. Not even Lanie or Jeremy could reach out to him.

1990: David was the student representative for Pine Valley University’s fundraising board. There, he met the much older Ceara Connor. Their long hours working together led to a romantic relationship. Jeremy did not trust Ceara. He thought she only wanted David for his money. But, David refused to listen to Jeremy’s warning. Jeremy took matters into his own hands and began seducing Ceara himself.

1991: David and Lanie rekindled their old flame. They married before leaving together for France.