The Pine Valley Bulletin

Cynthia Preston

Cynthia Preston PRESTON, Cynthia
Portrayed by
: Jane Elliot (1984-86)
Family: Andrew Preston Cortlandt (Son)
Marriages: Ross Chandler; Palmer Cortlandt

1984: Scheming Cynthia Preston saw dollar signs when she got an invitation to Ross Chandler’s wedding to Ellen Shepherd. Cynthia was determined to win her ex-husband back now that he was a millionaire heir to two estates. But Cynthia’s most hateful comments could not put a damper on the happy day. Luckily, Cynthia’s charming son, Andrew Preston, won over the affection of Ross’ father Palmer Cortlandt. Palmer invited the Prestons to stay at Cortland Manor as his personal guests.
Cynthia became determined to win over Palmer herself. The only thing standing in her way was his ex-wife, Daisy Cortlandt, who too was living in the Manor.

1985-86: Cynthia successfully won over Palmer with the help of Andrew. Cynthia was surprised to see the close bond that had developed between Andrew and Palmer. Daisy tried her best to turn Palmer against Cynthia to no avail. Cynthia and Palmer married in a small ceremony at Cortlandt Manor.
Ross pleaded with Cynthia to leave his father alone. It was evident that much of the passion from their marriage was still very much alive. They had an illicit tryst, promising to never tell their respective spouses. Little did Cynthia know, con man Zach Grayson had spotted the couple in bed together. He had photos evidence that he plAnnd to blackmail Ross and her with. Cynthia begged Ross to do something about it. They decided to hire a hit man. Only, someone had beaten them to the punch. Zach was found dead in his apartment.
Cynthia wanted out of her marriage to Palmer. When she announced her plans to leave Pine Valley, Andrew rebelled. Palmer offered to adopt Andrew so that Cynthia could travel the world with less baggage. She took Palmer up on his offer and made her way out of Pine Valley for good.