The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Ellen Wheeler (1987-89, 2000, 2001)
Family: Karen Parker (Sister); Scott Parker Chandler (Son)
Marriages: Fred Parker; Stuart Chandler

1987: Cindy Parker’s life was turned upside down as she sat by her dying husband, Fred Parker’s, bedside. He was a drug addict. His unsafe behavior led him to contract HIV, the disease that would lead to his demise. In turn, he had unknowingly passed the disease on to Cindy. Cindy wondered how she was going to help her son, Scott Parker, cope with the fact that now only did he just loose his father, but that she was going to die too.
Cindy frequented Pine Valley Hospital. There, she would meet some of the most kind and understanding people in her life. Her doctor, Angie Hubbard, invited her to stay at her home as she had become to weak to work. She also met Stuart Chandler, a volunteer in the day care center. Scott loved Stuart, and Cindy could see why. The kindhearted soul helped her mourn the loss of her husband, and gave her the optimism to push on. She had fallen in love with Stuart. Though their relationship faced much scrutiny, Cindy was ready to weather the storm.
Cindy overheard Angie and her husband, Jesse Hubbard, get into a fight. Jesse was afraid that he would contract HIV from living in the same house as Cindy. Angie assured Jesse that the disease could not be passed in the air. Not wanting to the reason for the end of the Hubbard’s marriage, Cindy made plans to move out. After realizing his ignorance, Jesse reached out to Cindy and asked her to stay.
Angie had terrible news for Cindy. She had AIDS.

1988: Cindy became the victim of great discrimination when the nature of her condition became public. One group of vigilantes made it their duty to scare Cindy out of Pine Valley. One day, when she was alone at the Hubbard home, they stormed the front yard. Before Cindy could react, the house was on fire. Cindy was trapped. She was rescued by Skye Chandler, who late fell into a coma as a result of smoke inhalation. Cindy was grateful for Skye in spite of the fact that she too was a member of the vigilante group.
Stuart asked for Cindy’s hand in marriage. They married in a lavish ceremony. Stuart even asked Scott if he could adopt him. But their happy life as a new family was compromised. Cindy’s condition was worsening at a faster pace than Angie had anticipated. Cindy was dying. She needed to put her affairs in order before time ran out.

1989: Cindy lost her valiant battle with AIDS. Before she died, she entrusted Scott’s welfare and future in Stuart’s hands.

2001: Cindy’s spirit was among the many former Pine Valley residents that welcomed Gillian Andrassy to Heaven.