The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Stacy Haiduk (2007, 2007-08)
Family: Ethan Ramsey Cambias (Son)
Marriages: None

2007: Hannah Nichols harbored deep wounds from the death of her lover, and the loss of her son. As a maid at Cambias Mansion, she had fallen in love with Alexander Cambias, II. When Alexander died in a car accident, she learned she was pregnant with his son. Determined to protect him from Alexander Cambias, sr., Hannah put the child up for adoption, a decision she would always regret.
Ethan Ramsey-Cambias died in an explosion at the Mardi Gras Ball. Learning of her son’s passing, Hannah came to Pine Valley from Singapore. There, she came face to face with the late Alexander, now going by Zach Slater. Zach got to share the last years of Ethan’s life with him. At first it seemed as if all Hannah wanted was memories of Ethan. Zach offered her a position at Cambias Industries. She befriended Zach’s wife, and Ethan’s former lover, Kendall Slater. She even had an affair with Kendall’s brother, Josh Madden.
One night, she lured Zach to her hotel room. She revealed her true motives: she wanted another child with Zach. But Zach loved Kendall. Hannah pleaded with Zach for one last chance for happiness. In the morning, Hannah was gone.
Hannah returned to Pine Valley six months later. Zach recognized she had become unhinged. Hannah was secretly working for Adam Chandler. Cambias Enterprises now owned Chandler Industries. Hannah was to act as Adam’s mole within Cambias to win back Chandler Industries. Adam had discovered Hannah had an affair with Alexander, sr. Hannah was still holding out hope for a reunion with Zach. The news would ruin any chances for that.
Hannah began a flirtation with Tad Martin. She was intrigued by Tad’s family; the family Hannah never had, but longed for.

2008: Hannah steals Chandler Industries back from Cambias Industries from Zach while he is preoccupied trying to exonerate Kendall for perjury. Hannah knew she could never be with Zach so long as Kendall was still in the picture. She planned to shoot Kendall but wrongfully injured Ryan Lavery. Realizing she would be implicated for the attempt on Kendall’s life, Hannah again went on the run.
She finds an unknowing accomplice in Sean Montgomery. After seducing the young teen to be her alibi, she again makes a run. She would eventually made her way to a dead end at Miller’s Falls.
Zach tracked her down. Realizing there was nowhere to go, Hannah opened up about her feelings for Zach and her real motivation for letting Ethan go. As Zach approached Hannah to comfort her, they both slipped off the cliff. Zach was able to grab hold of the cliff and Hannah. But Hannah had given up on the situation. She let go of Zach knowing he would have a better chance of survival without her. She fell into icy water bellow, to her death.