The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Denise Vasi (2008-present)
Family: Carmen Morales (Foster-Sister)
Marriages: None

2008: Randi Morgan had to grow up fast. She was a child lost in the foster care system. Upon emancipation, Randi found she had nowhere to go. She fell victim to a pimp, Fletcher. Working as a temp during the day, at night she faced the harsh brutalities of the world of prostitution. After being attacked by her Fletcher, Randi found herself at Pine Valley Hospital under the care of Dr. Frankie Hubbard. Frankie recognized the signs of abuse and reached out to Randi. But Randi did not want to be helped.
Frankie secretly arranged to pay for Randi’s freedom. Only, Fletcher was not as ready to uphold his end of the deal. He continued to terrorize, and even drug Randi. Meanwhile, Randi got a second chance at a career at FUSION thanks to Amanda Dillon. At the launch party for FUSION’s Bella fragrance, Fletcher attacked Randi. Frankie’s former army comrade Taylor Thompson grabbed Fletcher and broke his neck. With Fletcher dead, Randi was seemingly free.
Randi also reconnected with her foster-sister Carmen Morales. Randi had felt abandoned by Carmen after she was emancipated. They slowly began to rebuild their trust in each other. Randi also learned to trust Frankie. She and Frankie began seeing each other. Randi struggled with intimacy because of her years on the street.
Erica Kane recognized something special in Randi. Erica took over FUSION after Kendall Slater was injured in the tornado. Erica went so far as to test Randi as the new face of FUSION. But before the launch of the campaign, an explicit video of Randi made its way online. Erica had to retract her offer to protect the company’s high end brand image.