The Pine Valley Bulletin

MONTGOMERY, II.; Travis Charles
Portrayed by
: Larkin Malloy (1987-91, 1997, 1998, 2001); Daniel Hugh Kelley (1993-94)
Family: Jackson Montgomery (Brother); Kit Montgomery (Sister); Bianca Montgomery (Daughter); Molly Montgomery (Daughter); Matthew Sean Montgomery (Son)
Marriages: Barbara Montgomery; Erica Kane; Barbara Montgomery

1987: Suave Travis Montgomery was the leading candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate seat when he met Erica Kane. Erica volunteered for his campaign. Soon, they were seeing each other after business hours. His campaign office was a hot bed of sexual tension between his current affair with Erica, and the presence of his ex-wife, campaign director Barbara Montgomery.
Travis was embroiled in a scandal after taking bribes from a crime lord named Mr. Big. Travis agreed to be part of a police sting with Jesse Hubbard. The operation revealed Mr. Big to be none other than respected Pine Valley business owner, Les Baxter.
Travis’ continued relationship to Erica put him in harms way. He was shot in the shoulder during a speech with a bullet meant for Erica. Travis also learned Erica was pregnant with his child. He went to Cobbler’s Island to catch up with Erica. When he arrived, he witnessed Goldie Kane shoot Erica in the abdomen, putting their child’s life on the line. Erica was rushed to the hospital. By her bedside, Travis proposed. They were quickly married in a small ceremony.
Travis’ way ward brother and campaign legal council Jackson Montgomery arrived in the final leg of the senatorial race. Travis won by a small margin. Unfortunately, Jackson’s mismanagement of Travis’ campaign funds lead to another scandal. Travis thought it was best if he conceded his seat.

1988: Travis feared for Erica and his child when Erica fell ill of Toxemia. The condition could cause Erica to have a stroke, killing their child and her. Erica faded in and out of a coma as she went into labor. After hours of complication, Erica gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Bianca Christine Montgomery, named after Travis’ late sister, Christine Montgomery.
Travis loved his daughter and wanted to provide her with all the world could offer her. But, his company was failing as a result of his failed Senatorial campaign. He turned to Barbara to help him hold off a hostile take-over by Adam Chandler. Adam proved a formidable threat when he convinced Jack to help him in the buy out.
Travis plotted an insurance scam to remedy his cash flow problem. He hired Steve Andrews to kidnap him so that Erica could cash in on his life insurance plan. Instead, Steve kidnapped Bianca and used her for ransom. Though Bianca was recovered safely, Erica blamed Travis. Afraid of what Travis may do next, she ran away with Bianca.
Travis tracked Erica and Bianca to Sea City where Erica was working as a waitress. Travis recognized Erica’s new friend Dave Gillis to be none other than Steve. Steve again tried to run off with Bianca. Travis shot Steve to save his daughter. Erica forgave Travis and moved back to Pine Valley.
Travis returned to Sea City to settle Erica’s affairs. On his way home, he was mugged and beaten. When he awoke, he had no memory of who he was.

1989: Travis and Erica’s marriage crumbled as a result of his amnesia. He believed he was still married to Barbara. They began a secret affair.
Travis learned his amnesia was being perpetuated by a malignant brain tumor. Not wanting his family to suffer through his operation, Travis secretly slipped out of town to recover.

1990: Travis and Bianca were on a trip to Disneyworld when she fell deafly ill. After being rushed back to Pine Valley, Bianca was diagnosed with Reyes Syndrome. Erica and Travis watched helplessly as Bianca struggled to survive. When her disease went into remission, the Bianca told them it was because of how happy she was to see her parents together.
Travis proposed to Erica for Bianca’s sake. Travis knew Erica was in love with Jackson now. They put aside their own happiness for Bianca’s.
Barbara frantically turned to Travis. She had kept a secret from him for over a year. Molly Cudahy was his child, and not Tom’s. Molly had just been diagnosed with leukemia. Facing the loss of another child, Travis was ready to do anything to save her. Travis and Barbara needed to conceive another child so that there would be bone marrow match. Travis knew this could mean the end to both of their marriages.
When Erica found out the truth about Travis’ infidelity, she told Tom the truth as well. They remained married in name only for Bianca’s sake. But all was not in vain. Barbara’s unborn child tested as a positive match for Molly.

1991: Travis and Barbara reunited over Molly’s ordeal. Mathew Sean Montgomery’s bone marrow was a perfect match for Molly. After the operation, her leukemia successfully went into remission.
Travis got a frantic call when Erica was admitted to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. Bianca has caught Jack and Erica in bed together. In a rage, she tried burning down her dollhouse, but the flames engulfed her room. When Erica awoke, Travis had startling news: he was suing for divorce and primary custody of their daughter.
After a heated custody battle, Travis came out the victor. He announced his plans to move with Barbara and his children to Seattle. Erica warned Travis that if she ever herd one word about Bianca being unhappy, she would hold Travis’ personally responsible.

1994: Travis returned for Mona's funeral.

1997: Upon learning that Erica was in prison for the kidnapping of Madelyn Grey, Travis sent his ex-wife a very telling letter. Fed up with all her antics in Pine Valley, Travis told Erica that she was never to see Bianca again. When Bianca found out, she ran away from home to be with Erica in prison.
Travis and Barbara arrived in Pine Valley to retrieve Bianca. Travis noticed something was different. Consumed with his disdain for Erica, Travis neglected to see Bianca was sick. She was not eating. Erica and Travis teamed up for an intervention to convince Bianca to seek help. Travis sent Bianca to a clinic that specialized in anorexia. Before leaving town, Erica assured Travis that he would never be able to keep her away from her daughter again.

2000: Travis suffered a massive stroke. He did not recover. Bianca was visiting Erica in Pine Valley when he died.

2001: Travis was among the many former Pine Valley residents that welcomed Gillian Andrassy to Heaven.