The Pine Valley Bulletin

MONTGOMERY, Reginald "Reggie" Porter
Portrayed by
: Michael B. Jordan (2003-06)
Family: Jackson Montgomery (Adoptive Father); Trey Shepard (Foster Parent); Lily Montgomery (Sister); Greenlee duPres (Sister)
Marriages: None

2003: Streetwise teenager Reggie Porter was admitted to the Front Street Clinic after a gang brawl with another teen named Luis. Afraid that the police were going to take him into custody, Reggie took a woman hostage. That woman was none other than the Chief of Police, Anna Devane.
Family friend Dr. Janelle Anderson was able to talk Reggie down. Janelle pleaded with Dr. David Hayward for leniency for his wife’s attacker. Reggie came from a broken home with an alcoholic mother and more sisters than he could support. Putting him in prison endangered all their lives. David decided to help Reggie and had his attorney brother, Trey Shepherd, take on his case.
Trey reached up to Reggie, but he was still set in his ways. He was caught at the scene of a crime. District Attorney Jackson Montgomery offered Reggie a deal if he incriminated Trey. Reggie had just learned that Trey was responsible for the Linden House arson. When Trey went to prison, Reggie was unsure about his future. He was surprised when Jack was named his new guardian.
Though Reggie did not want to admit it, he enjoyed living with Jack. Reggie almost fell back into his wayward ways when Luis asked for his help to break into the Habitat for Humanity homes and steal appliances. Volunteer Joni Stafford helped Reggie realize he had a second chance as Jack’s foster son. Reggie finally put an end to his life of crime.
Reggie finally admitted his love for Jack as a father when he was admitted to the hospital for complications with a gunshot wound. Reggie became a fixture in the Montgomery family. He became especially protective of his new cousin, Bianca Montgomery, and Jack’s fiancée, Erica Kane. Jack offered to formally adopt Reggie, and he accepted.
Reggie was infuriated when Bianca revealed Michael Cambias had raped Bianca. When Michael was found dead, Reggie was among the list of suspects. Jack worried that he would not be able to protect his new son.

2004: Reggie took in runaway Danielle Frye and hid her at Greenlee’s loft. Little did Reggie know, Danielle was the Police Chief, Derek Frye’s daughter. Dani’s aunt, Livia Cudahy, discovered her one day while visiting Jack’s apartment. Reggie felt betrayed that Dani had not told him that her family lived in Pine Valley.
Reggie got a new sister in Lily Montgomery. It did not come at a better time. Reggie was mourning the loss of Bianca’s baby, Miranda Montgomery. Erica has also fallen off the wagon and into alcoholism. Reggie cared for Lily as Jack staged an intervention to save Erica from her addiction.
Jamie Martin turned to Reggie with his suspicions that JR Chandler was responsible for Babe Chandler’s drug overdose. They confronted JR’s former drug provider, Seth. When the police arrived, they wrongfully accused Jamie and Reggie of trying to buy drugs. It was Dani would convince Derek about their veracity. Reggie found himself spending more and more time with Dani. Soon, they would be a couple.
Reggie was afraid he was going to loose Bianca when she was admitted in a coma to Pine Valley Hospital. Luckily, Erica discovered Miranda was in fact alive. At the hospital, Bianca finally got to hold her daughter in her arms again.

2005: Reggie and Dani’s relationship hit a snag when it came to being intimate. Dani kept Reggie at arms length. Matters worsened when Dani’s mother, Mimi Reed, returned to Pine Valley to claim Dani. Mimi had caught the young couple in an embrace and jumped to the wrong conclusions.
As Dani and Reggie’s relationship strained, Reggie focused on protecting Lily. Lily was in a relationship with the volatile Sam Grey. Sam’s underage drinking upset Lily.
Reggie and the rest of the Kane Montgomerys went to Boca Raton to witness Jack and Erica’s wedding. Reggie finally had the family he had always dreamed of. Reggie even warmed up to Greenlee.
But his happiness was short-lived. Reggie discovered Dani had drunkenly slept with the much older Josh Madden. Reggie ignored Dani’s cries for forgiveness.

2006: Reggie left Pine Valley to attend college out of state. Erica and Jack's marriage beagn to crumble.