The Pine Valley Bulletin

MONTGOMERY, Miranda Mona
Portrayed by
: Unknown (2004); Raymond and Joseph Cartigiano (2004-2005, 2005); Haley Evans (2005, 2006-07, 2007)
Family: Michael Cambias (Father); Bianca Montgomery (Mother); Gabrielle Montgomery (Half-Sister)
Marriages: None

2004: Miranda Montgomery was the result of rape. Michael Cambias tried to claim his revenge against the Kane family by raping Bianca Montgomery. Kendall Hart, Bianca’s sister, was going to pass off Miranda as her own child to protect her form scrutiny. But Kendall’s ruse was revealed. Bianca decided to go through with having Miranda even though her mother, Erica Kane, had not dealt with her own rape.
The night Miranda was born; Bianca was stranded in a cabin. A storm had made it impossible to make it back to the city. Babe Chandler helped Bianca give birth. Babe would give birth to her own son that evening, Adam Chandler, III. Bianca passed out from loosing so much blood during delivery.
The mothers and their children were rescued by Paul Cramer. Paul staged a helicopter crash so that he could kidnap Little Adam and give him to his sister, Kelly Cramer Buchanan, in Llanview. Adam and JR Chandler arrived at the site and threatened to hurt Paul if he did not produce JR and Babe’s son. Paul instead took Miranda and gave her to them. JR and Babe named Miranda Elizabeth “Bess” Chandler. Bianca mourned the loss of her child.
Babe asked Bianca to be Bess’ godmother. Bianca always felt a connection to Bess. When Babe found out Bess was Miranda, she continued the charade, afraid the truth would mean the end of her marriage. That all changed when Babe found Little Adam alive in Llanview.
Babe arranged for Bianca and JR to get a letter telling the truth about Bess. JR read the letter first. He then destroyed Bianca’s. When Babe found out, she arranged for a face to face meeting with Bianca. When JR realized Bianca knew the truth, he refused to give her Miranda. They struggled for Miranda, causing Bianca to fall off a landing and into a coma.
It took Erica and Adam’s intervention to convince JR to give Bianca back her child. Erica lay Miranda in Bianca’s arms. On Christmas Eve, Bianca awoke holding the child she thought she had lost.

2005: Bianca made plans to start a new life in Paris, working at Cambias Headquarters. Ryan had signed over his shares of the Estate to Miranda. Before they left Pine Valley, Maggie arrived on the plane. She admitted she wanted to be with Bianca. They embarked together on their new life.
Miranda attended her grandmother, Erica, and great-uncle, Jack’s, wedding in Florida. She would see them again that Christmas.

2006: On her next visit to Pine Valley, Miranda met her new cousin, Spike Lavery.
Miranda and Bianca’s next trip home became more of a permanent situation. Maggie had cheated on Bianca with another woman. Bianca and Miranda moved in with her grandparents.

2007: Bianca brought Miranda home to Pine Valley after learning Maggie had cheated on her with another woman. Miranda had a strong bond with Maggie, but Bianca felt it best to make a clean a break. While home, Miranda and Little Adam finally celebrated a birthday together.
Miranda became good friends with transgender rock star Zoe Luper. Zoe used Miranda’s affection to grow closer to Bianca. Eventually, Bianca made the decision to return to Paris.
Miranda and Bianca visited Pine Valley for Christmas. Miranda got to meet her new cousin, Ian Slater.

2008: Miranda came back to Pine Valley with Reese Williams, Bianca’s new girlfriend. Bianca had given birth to Gabrielle Montgomery the night a tornado crashed Pine Valley. Gabrielle was biologically Miranda’s uncle Zach’s daughter. Bianca wanted Miranda’s sister to be as closely related to her as possible.
Reese proposed to Bianca. Miranda was about to have a bigger family.