The Pine Valley Bulletin

MONTGOMERY, Christine “Kit” Fisher
Portrayed by
: Paige Rowland (1998-99)
Family: Travis Montgomery (Brother); Jackson Montgomery (Brother)
Marriages: None

1998: Kit Fisher grew up knowing something was not quiet right. She learned that she was rescued as a child in North Caroline with no memory of her past life. Doing her own research, Kit came to believe she was the presumed dead Christine Montgomery. To corroborate her suspisions, she went to Pine Valley in search of Christine’s brother, Jackson Montgomery.
Jackson was not ready to hear what Kit had to say. Christine had presumably died in a boating accident that Jackson had caused. Still traumatized by the ordeal, Jackson refused to see Kit or submit DNA for testing. Her credibility was further compromised by Tad Martin’s claim that she was a con artist. Kit drowned her sorrows at a bar. She awoke the morning after blacking out filled with remorse because at the bar, she was raped.
Kit found an ally in Edmund Grey. Edmund invited her to his home, Wildwind, for Thanksgiving. At the table, Kit starred into the eyes of her rapist: Ryan Lavery.

1999: Ryan was arrested for Kit’s rape. Jackson was the district attorney who would be prosecuting Ryan. As Jackson investigated Kit’s past, he realized Kit was telling the truth about her identity. A DNA test would prove that she was in fact the late Christine.
Braden Lavery revealed that he had sex with Kit that night at the bar. Ryan had taken the fall for Braden. Kit stuck with her claim that she was raped. Jack did his best to indict Braden, but Kit’s credibility made her an unreliable witness. It was only after Dixie Cooney was attacked by Braden was Jackson able to secure an indictment. But, Braden skipped town before he could be arrested.
Kit wanted a clean start. Her newfound brother Travis Montgomery offered to let her stay with him in Seattle until she got back on feat.